Legend Compression Wear & Special Discount!

A few weeks ago I was asked by Legend Compression Wear to give their products a try.  They were kind enough to not only send me their product but also plenty of information about who they are and what they are trying to achieve.


I am a huge fan of compression gear.   You will notice that I don’t do a lot of reviews and giveaways on my blog.  While I love the opportunity to try new products, I don’t want my readers to feel like I use this place as a chance to get freebies.  I care about my readers and hope you feel that you can come here for trusted advice and occasional amusement.  When I do choose to review products you will see that the opinions are always my own and I review products that I hope you will also find helpful.

As a runner and running coach, I love compression gear.  They can be a useful tool during marathon or any endurance race training cycle.  They can aid in speed up recovery and keep your legs feeling fresh.  They can also be incredibly comforting and assist with minor injuries such as tendinitis.  Compression sleeves and socks can also be super helpful with shin splints and muscle cramping.

I usually wait to wear my compression gear after a run.  As I mentioned before, they do help speed up recovery.  They also can decrease soreness and swelling, and speed up muscle repair.

I also love wearing compression gear in the fall when the weather gets just cool enough that I am not sure whether to wear shorts or tights.  Throw on a set of compression sleeves for just a little bit more coverage.


What I love about Legend Compression Wear:  This gear was created by a medical professional with medical grade material.  We are talking about thoughtfully made and high quality products.  My sleeves fit like a glove with just enough compression to feel amazing after a run but not so tight that I feel like I am being squeezed.  They are thin enough that you can put them on under pants and never be detected.

They offer compression sleeves, socks, and recovery sleeves.  They also have compression socks for golfers and Legend Tuff merino wool socks for hiking and outdoors.


Why you might love Legend Compression Wear:  As an ambassador I am excited to share my Refer a Friend discount with you!  Enjoy $15 off your purchase with this link.  All pink compression is also 25% this month for Breast Cancer Awareness.


My legs felt so great after this weekend’s 10 miler!  Thanks #BeaLEGEND

Do you like to wear compression gear?  Are you a during or after compression fan?

Rocking My Rest Day

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was pretty awesome from start to finish.  Saturday morning we snoozed in a little bit (thanks Mary!).  The weather was perfectly cool and crisp with a gray cloud cover.  I threw on some shorts and a light jacket and got a nice long run in.  It was the perfect finish to a really solid running week.  I finished off at 48 miles for the week and was feeling fantastic.

I wanted that last solid run to get me through the weekend because we quickly headed out to pick up Rock from the airport.  He had been out of town for work and I knew that we would be making the most of our weekend.  Mary got all dolled up to see dad in a frilly pink dress and Uggs.  She loves wandering the airport and saying hello to everyone.  She even ran up to a gentleman once and hugged him.  Between her waves and hello’s, she was quite the hit!




As soon as we hit the car I was ready to kick off my weekend.  We stopped for gas station snacks that we typically save for long road trips.  Diet sodas and chips were consumed on the ride home.  We then had a blast playing in our yard.

After Mary went down, Rock and I settled in and watched 2 episodes of Stranger Things.  I am so totally addicted to and freaked out by this show!  It is incredible.  Rock is a huge Steven King fan and has been really enjoying the similarities and crossover between this show and many books.


Sunday was my day off from running and I took that with one hundred percent seriousness.  After a week of really awesome, healthy eating, we threw caution to the wind and started it off by making biscuits.  One thing I learned to love in NYC is bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.  When I was in college I would get them from a cart on the street corner.  They are one of my favorite splurges.  We also ended up dining on our china because we forgot to turn on the dishwasher the night before and ran out of dishes.  Talk about a fancy breakfast!


We spent the morning out in yard cleaning up leaves and clearing out our barn.  We have a walnut tree in our backyard and the squirrels have been in full destruction mode.  Let me tell you, we are not going to let the squirrels win this battle.  I already woke up one morning to a red squirrel making a home in our garage!!


When Mary went down for her nap it was time for another episode of Stranger Things.  Then we all got busy in the kitchen where Rock made a delicious Italian dinner.  Mary refuses to eat mac and cheese, so I assumed she didn’t like noodles.  But she proved me wrong and had several helpings of spaghetti.  I apparently followed in her footsteps and piled on the pasta.  Carb loading for life?!


Followed dinner up with a little pumpkin carving!

We rounded the evening out with a little football and finished the season of Stranger Things.  I might not be able to sleep for a few weeks.  But it was totally worth it.  If you haven’t watched this yet, I highly recommend.  Very few shows really lure me in, but this was a winner.  Now I can jump into the third season of Transparent, which is my other favorite.

As you know, I am a very active person.  I take my active lifestyle and healthy eating pretty seriously.  But there is also a lot of value in rest days, family days, and days to just enjoy life and food.  Sure it was a day of splurging.  But I knew that by this morning I would be back to my regular breakfast and hitting the pavement.   Enjoying some fun along the way was absolutely worth every moment.


Rest days can be exhausting!

How do you like to spend your days off?  Have you seen Stranger Things?

What’s Next?-Slow Down Partner!

So many races ended this past weekend and others are just around the corner.  More often than not, we get to the end of a training cycle and are so ready to get that race over with and get on with our lives.

Then something funny happens.  We come to the finish and we find ourselves sitting at home on the couch.  For a moment we are relieved.  It’s over.  Mission accomplished!  And then suddenly we start to think, “What next?”


Sure you might have crossed the line and said, “Never again!”  But by the time you get home and enjoy that post race meal and a drink or two, things don’t seem as bad as they did not so long ago.  Hours or even days might pass and many of the crappier memories of race day diminish and we are left thinking about those highs.

This is when I often get e-mails.  Coach, I’ve been searching online and there is a half marathon next weekend.  What do you think about this Turkey Trot?  Do you think I could go ahead and do another marathon next month?

I love the enthusiasm and it’s my job to encourage you to run.  But the first thing you need to do after a race is rest.  You need to recover.  This can take days for some and weeks for others.  If you had injuries during your training, it is imperative that you fully recover before considering the next conquest.

Make sure your body and mind have fully recovered.  Sometimes when we finish training for a race, our heart isn’t in it anymore.  That doesn’t mean you will always feel this way.  Your head just needs a little break from the monotony of training.  Take some time to be lazy.  Try out some new activities.  Go hiking and check out the fall colors.  Try some swimming or biking.  Join a soccer league.  Being active doesn’t always have to include running.


When your body and mind are ready to run again, you will know.  Just make sure you listen carefully and don’t push yourself to get back into it too soon.  Remember that a little time off won’t hurt your running, but coming back too quickly can be the road to injuries and misery.

Enjoy that break and some rest and relaxation!

What is your recovery strategy after a long training session?

Blue Apron For The Win

Happy Monday and congrats to all of the runners who had big races this weekend.  I had a blast tracking so many people at multiple marathons.  You guys are all rockstars!

A few weeks ago I saw a coupon code on Facebook (are you following me @runonhealthy?) for $40 off of your first order on Blue Apron.  I had read a few reviews on various blogs and I did a little Googling to see what other’s had to say.  I couldn’t find a bad review, so I decided to give it a try.

How it works:  I simply signed up online and gave them my credit card info plus my $40 coupon code.  Each week that you choose to use Blue Apron, you pick 3 meals to be delivered to you.  Each meal costs $9.99 per person for a total of $59.94 per week for 3 meals for two adults.  Meals are delivered at your door in an ice packed box every Friday.




Inside the box you will find cards with directions and pictures.  All of the ingredients are also provided except for olive oil, salt, pepper, and water.  Otherwise you receive “knick knack” bags that include all spices and other essentials.


You can skip weeks or put your orders on hold.  You also can earn free meals to share with friends.

What we got:  The first week we received 3 meals and I gave one of my meals to my brother and sister-in-law to try because we had a busy schedule and couldn’t make everything.  We received the Paprika Shrimp and Cheddar Grits, Spicy Hoisin Chicken Stir-Fry and Sloppy Joe’s.  We shared the Sloppy Joe’s and made the other two meals.

How it went:  The ingredients we received were of excellent quality.  Fresh corn on the cob, beautiful and plentiful shrimp, and perfectly picked produce were stocked in our refrigerator.  I’ve never used tomatillos before and had a blast trying new ingredients and spices.


The directions were spot on and we were both pleasantly surprised by how delicious the meals were.  Both meals took about 20-30 minutes from prep to finish.  The cards we were provided with had excellent directions along with estimated cooking times and calorie content.

I wouldn’t regularly make grits but having made this once, I will absolutely recreate it again.  I love that we received meals and ingredients we typically wouldn’t make or try.  The stir fry was also of restaurant quality and we saved both recipe cards for later.


Shrimp and Cheddar Grits


Spicy Hoisin Stir Fry (you control the spice).

We made a second order:  The first time went so well that I made another order a few weeks later.  This time we received Pork Chops with Spicy Chow Chow, Seared Chicken with Caramelized Vegetables, and Basque-Style Cod.  This time we had three major winners!

I loved the Basque-Style Cod and enjoyed the chance to try freekeh (essentially a young wheat loaded with protein and fiber) for the first time.  The cod was topped with a delicious relish made of chopped parsley, garlic paste, olive oil, and chopped almonds.  The combination of flavors were new for me to use with a fish.  But I will be repeating this one again for sure.


The Seared Chicken may have been my surprise favorite.  I absolutely loved the homemade, simple mashed potatoes topped with caramelized onion and fennel.  This is the perfect simple dinner to make for family and friends on a winter evening.


Seared Chicken with Oven Roasted Tomatoes

I mentioned the spicy sweet potatoes that I loved with the pork chops in an earlier post.  You can find the recipe here.  I have made this quick and delicious side several times and love making extra for adding the leftovers to my salads.

The low down:  For about $60 a week you can receive restaurant quality meals delivered to your door.  I believe that for the price of food and delivery, you receive a great deal.  For the moment I have my orders on hold but will continue to order from time to time.

I was not contacted by Blue Apron.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.  If you would like to try this service out for yourself they are currently offering 3 meals free on your first order.

Have you ever tried Blue Apron or another meal delivery service?  

Obstacles Can Make You Stronger

Ever had a terrible training run?  Of course, who hasn’t?!  It’s part of the game.  I’ve said this many times, running is a beast that can never be tamed.  We can try.  We can wrangle it in and make it our own over time.  It becomes more tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable.  Yet, at some point, the beast jumps back into beast mode just to remind you who is boss.


Here’s the thing; those horrible, terrible, no good, ugly runs can actually make you stronger.

As we wind down to race week for many people (and many others are racing in the near future) I start hearing the rumblings of self doubt and concern.  What about that week that I had to take off because I had the flu or a terrible head cold?  Remember that week that work was crazy and I skipped a few runs?  I tried to fit my 20 miler in, but my stomach cramped up on me and I couldn’t finish.

These things happen.  Perhaps you fought back from injury.  Maybe you were sick for a week and had to make a comeback.  I bet there was a time that a long training run kicked your butt.  Great!

Every single one of those hurdles has made you a better and smarter runner.  Going into race day knowing that you fought through those battles and came out alive is a confidence boosting experience.


The marathon (or any endurance event for that matter) is a rollercoaster of emotions.  There are highs and there are terrible lows.  There are points during the race where you will feel great and there will be times that will make you question your ability to finish.  It is going to happen.  When it does, you can push those feelings of self doubt out of the way.  You can stare at the difficult moment and remind yourself that you have already been here.  You have struggled in the past, and it sucked.  But you got through and now you have the confidence that you can push through again.

Had you not experienced struggles, had you not messed up during training, had you not cried your way through a run, you wouldn’t know what the lows would feel like.  Knowing that it will be hard and that you can push through will get you to the finish.

These lessons go further than just race day.  Every struggle you have throughout your running career is a lesson moving forward.

When you deal with injuries, you learn when you can push yourself and when you must sit back.  You learn that it will get better and you also learn how to take care of yourself.  You become a smarter runner and you learn your limits.

When you have a bad race, you learn from your mistakes.  Maybe you didn’t fuel properly or were dehydrated.  Perhaps you need to prepare a bit more or get more rest.


The blisters, the scrapes, the stomach cramps, they are all lessons for us.  Be confident in your abilities and be proud of pushing through.  Wash away those words of self doubt and remind yourself that you can, you have, and you will!

Some Non-Running Related Faves

Happy Monday.  Hopefully you were all able to enjoy some great fall weather like we had in Michigan this weekend.  The air has become cool and crisp.  It was fantastic and I even enjoyed a easy paced 11 miler on Saturday.

We have been in our new place for a little over a month and a lot has changed in that time.  First, we managed to paint just about every single space inside.  Let me be the first to say that painting is no easy task.  Beyond just the physical labor, picking a color can be very difficult.  Heck, we knew we wanted to go with a gray.  But I pondered which gray for weeks before finally picking one (and then questioning it the entire time we painted).


Did you know that grays can appear blue, green, or white?  Every room looks a bit different.



Two things really helped me with this process.  The HGTV magazine is one of my favorite subscriptions.  I get awesome ideas from their pages and had fun chalk painting furniture and trying out decorating inspiration all summer.


The other thing that really helped was a suggestion by my sister-in-law to check out Houzz.com.  If you haven’t visited this website, go there immediately (after you finish reading this, of course).  Not only can you purchase great furniture and other products from this site, but you can search photos of decorating ideas.  For example you can type in: “dining room in Gray Mist by Benjamin Moore” and dozens of pictures will show up.  You can save pictures to an idea book and come back later to continue with your decorating inspiration.

Although I have yet to make a purchase, I have zeroed in on several great furniture pieces on Wayfair.com.  The prices are amazing, most items ship for free, and arrive within days.  Reviews of products are pretty great, but if you see something you like, you often have to act quickly.  Every time I ponder a piece of furniture, it is gone by the time I go to grab it!  You seriously can’t beat a couch for under $400!!

Another site that is similar to Wayfair.com is Hayneedle.com.  The prices are fantastic and they have a little bit of everything.  I’m seriously contemplating a gym grade treadmill that is for sale at 60% off.  (Don’t you go and buy that up from underneath me!)


We are loving hanging outdoors.  My brother showed up yesterday with a delivery of fresh pumpkins from a farm.  What a treat!

One final site that I recently found is The Skimm.  Sign up and receive a newsletter each day that is a quick sampling of the news.  Ever hear about something that is going on and think, “I have no idea what they are talking about?!”  This daily e-mail leaves you informed from both sides of an issue.  A quick skim of the news and you are good to go for the day.

These are just a few of my favorite spots to read, shop,and dream about future purchases.  I love that they offer so many options and ideas and it is fun to plan and scheme while you wait and contemplate.  Disclosure:  I have not been compensated or contacted by any of these sites.  These are my own opinions (but I would of course love a little love from them….wink, wink).


This was the magical view Mary and I found on our long run together last weekend.  

What are your favorite home/decorating sites?  Have you ever had so much difficulty with one shade of a color?

Leftover Salads & Recipe

Well this week definitely got away from me!  I have several posts ready to go, but I was having such a fun fall week with my family that I opted to put them on hold.

However, over the past few days I have been cooking a bit more and this left me inspired.  The crisp, cool weather that has rolled in has me wanting to spend more time in our new kitchen.  I don’t know about you, but we had a dark and wet mid-week that called for cooler weather meals.

Almost all Americans do not eat enough vegetables and fruit each day.  This is no exaggeration.  All of us are missing the mark when it comes to our daily requirements!

I’m a salad girl.  I love salads and typically order a salad (or at least look at the salad menu first) when we go out to eat.  Beyond believing they are delicious, they are a wonderful way to feel full and enjoy a decent sized meal without the guilt.  One thing I love about salads is that you can load up on just about as much greens and other veggies as you want and still consume far fewer calories of other meal options.  As a runner, I am always hungry.  If I feel like I ate a tiny meal, odds are I will be back in the kitchen searching for snacks to compensate.


I hear from a lot of clients who believe salads are boring or they all taste the same.  I want to change your opinion about that belief.

The other thing I often hear is that meal prep is difficult and time consuming.  When we feel like we are pressed for time, we tend to reach for what is readily available.  Salads can easily be made ahead of time.  I like to buy my groceries on the weekend.  I buy a box or bag of my favorite greens and a carton of grape/Roma tomatoes.  I also buy a red onion, radishes, and a cucumber.   I might also grab an avocado, can of black beans, and a can of garbanzo beans.

When I get home I clean the tomatoes and then chop the onions, radishes, and cucumber.  You can then put the veggies in separate ziplock bags, or you can divvy out 5 lunch containers with all of your salad fixings.

I like a little protein on my salads.  I usually sprinkle some parmesan and Romano cheese or feta on top.  I am also in love with the Starkist Ready To Eat Deli Style Tuna packages.  At only 100 calories, it tastes sinful but is great option for a lean protein packed with Omega-3’s.


Here’s where I like to make every salad a little different.  Most nights we tend to make a protein with a few vegetables for sides.  Once we are done with the meal, I like to take the remaining vegetables and add them to the next day’s salad.  This changes up the flavors because I prefer to season my vegetables with herbs instead of salt.  It also cuts down on the boredom of having the same salad each day.  You can also mix it up by adding the leftover protein to your salad.


I also tried a few orders from Blue Apron recently (my review will be coming soon).  One of those meals was pretty good but the side, in my opinion, stole the show.  There was even some leftover and I couldn’t wait to reuse it.


These sweet potatoes are a new favorite in our house.  

A delicious recipe to add to your dinner and leftover salad:  I wanted to share that delicious side I had from Blue Apron.  This is super fast and adds a delicious twist to your average sweet potato.  I like to make a big serving of this because it also tastes delicious, cold on top of your salad the next day.

Tangy Diced Sweet Potatoes


2 large sweet potatoes

1 tablespoon mayonaise

1 tablespoon spicy brown mustard

1 sprig parsley (chopped)


Dice your sweet potatoes.  Boil a large pot of water and add potatoes.  Boil potatoes for 10 minutes or until softened.  Drain and then return to pot.  Add in the mayo and mustard and stir to mix.  Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

What is your favorite topping for a salad?  I would love to address healthier ways to dress your salad.  How do you like to dress yours?  Share your favorites and I might give you a shout out in an upcoming post!

Keeping Our Youth Active And Healthy

As part of my ACE Health Coach certification, I am responsible for taking continuing education classes.  Since I work a lot with youth in various programs, I have focused a large part of my studies on youth fitness.  September happens to be National Childhood Obesity Awareness month and this gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss keeping our youth active and healthy.


Our lives have become incredibly convenient in recent years.  Technology allows us to work from home, enjoy fun games on computers and the television, and we can even purchase basic essentials from the touch of a screen.  Very few children or adults walk or ride their bikes to work or school.

At the same time, budget cuts in schools have eliminated recess sessions and physical education classes.  Large amounts of homework and busy schedules have children doing fewer and fewer extracurricular activities.  This means both children and adults are spending far more time sitting down.

Type 2 diabetes was once considered “adult onset” diabetes.  However, youth and adolescents are being diagnosed with this metabolic disease.  Unfortunately, children and youth who struggle with weight and obesity issues, tend to continue to struggle with these same issues throughout adulthood.

Research has shown that children need about 60 minutes of activity per day.  However, this amount can be accumulated over the course of 24 hours, making it an easily attainable number.  Quick walks, bike rides, playing catch with friends, or jumping rope are just a few simple ways to get in a few minutes of activity at times.

It is important to keep in mind that children generally don’t like doing sustained bouts of exercise like adults.  It can feel difficult and boring; both of which will deter youth from continuing.  Instead, we should focus on finding activities that children enjoy and allow frequent rests and hydration breaks.  Keep in mind that children have much shorter attention spans and prefer quick bouts of activity followed by rest.  Therefore, if you do want to introduce running to your little ones, you might have more success aiming for an initial run/walk plan.


Jump ropes, hula hoops, and balls are excellent items to introduce to children for activity time.

When children find activities that they enjoy and feel good about, they are much more likely to continue.  Even better, if children learn to enjoy physical activities, odds are in their favor that they will continue to be active adults.

Aim for variety.  Avoid focusing on specializing on one specific sport at an early age.  Allow children to try many different sports and activities and give them the chance to excel at each.  Unlike adults who tend to specialize in one general area, children are capable of being great at several different types of activities.  Where we might be great long distance runners, children are able to excel in both long distance and strength training, etc.

Adults are great role models.   When we make active lifestyles a priority, it teaches our children a lesson.  If we act like exercise or eating well are punishment, children will perceive this the same way.  Instead, when we find activities that we enjoy and make them a part of our lives, our children see that this is as normal.  Family support and leading by example are great ways to show our youth that being active and healthy can be fun.

How do you like to lead by example?  What kinds of activities do you like to do on your own or with children?

Boston Bound and Thanks Team!

Friday morning I was standing in line at the bank and happened to peek at my phone and began unconsciously fist pumping.  I stopped myself as soon as I noticed, but I got the e-mail I had been waiting for.  I’m in in for the 2017 Boston Marathon!

I qualified back in May and was somewhat certain that my time would most likely be a guaranteed spot, but it was so nice to see that confirmation e-mail right there in my inbox.  I of course took a screen shot.


The room is booked and plans have tentatively been made.  I spent a lot of Friday thinking about the process of getting this far, 13 months after having our little girl.

It takes a village to be a runner.  It takes a small city to be a mother runner.  It amazes me that for a solo sport, just how much support we require.  I hesitate to even type out this list of thank you’s, because I will most definitely miss someone very important.  If I miss you, please know you weren’t forgotten.  I am so incredibly grateful for every single person who helped me in the past year and at any point during my running.

Before I even get started, I have to say thank you to my husband.  Strike that, I need to shout THANK YOU! to my husband.  There aren’t enough words to explain how grateful I am for this man.  He’s an incredible father and partner.  He will go out of his way to help out with our daughter and to make room for me to get in a run.  Sometimes he amazes me with how well thought out in advance his plans are, so that I can train around our schedules.

Our entire family has also been an awesome support.  I cannot imagine doing all of these crazy things and not having their backing and help.  My mother-in-law  and father-in-law are always so gracious to let us set up shop at their house.  My mother-in-law took care of Mary during a busy Thanksgiving morning so that we could get in a quick turkey trot.  We all know just how hectic holidays can be and carrying around an infant doesn’t make anything easier!

My mom and dad are always offering to watch our daughter during vacation,  training sessions, and even for an entire race weekend.  Whether it be for a 16 mile training run the morning of my brother’s wedding, 18 miles during our spring break in Florida, or for the entire weekend of a race, they never hesitate when we ask for some assistance.  And then they still call to offer and come over so that we can go for a rare run together, just because.

Our wonderful friend Tatiana not only watched Mary every Friday this spring so that I could get my long training runs in, but she also gave up a weekend to come watch our little girl during our race in the Poconos.  We had a blast and I am so glad she was with us.   Having her there with our friends Chantelle and Mike made the weekend even more special.

My awesome friends Amy and Kim in Chicago have always been in love with both our dog and daughter and have helped us out numerous times when we’ve need to fit in long runs, get a dog out for a walk, or watch a little girl when we were in a pinch. Thanks girls.  I miss you both!

Thanks to Stephanie for helping me with parenting questions and sending me delicious and healthy treats.  Just the other day I opened the front door and found a surprise package of That’s It bars.  This girl gets me and I adore her.  Let’s not forget the day she drove all over finding random boxes for our move and then driving out of her way to get them to me.  I had the best 1/2 hour sweating it out in the summer heat, catching up in a parking lot with her!


Awesome girlfriends are so important in our lives.  These ladies are the best!


A huge shout out to Brian Hock of Simple Hydration for bringing me onto his Running Team.  I have had such a wonderful time being a part of this incredibly supportive group.  Having their help and following their progress as they run some of the most impressive races around has been so inspirational.  If you are still looking for a hydration system, I highly recommend checking these water bottles out!



I could never forget the awesome support of my readers/followers.  Thanks for bearing with me, asking questions, and helping keep this blog going.  Your stories, comments, and questions fuel my runs and my drive to become a better runner and coach.  Thanks for sticking with me!  It truly takes an amazing team to keep running.

Who is on your running team?  Isn’t it awesome to sit back and think about just how many people make this sport a reality?


Dealing With Minor Foot Issues

We runners are notorious for having ugly feet.  The stereotype is real for a reason.  Sometimes even getting a basic pedicure can be quite the embarrassment.

There are a few things you can do to ward off minor issues like blisters and bruised/lost toe nails:


Get yourself fitted for the appropriate shoe for you.  Everyone’s feet are different and our running styles are unique too.  From narrow to wide feet, flat or high arches, to supinating or pronating; each of these are factors that make a customized shoe choice very important.

You can go into almost any local running store and they will be happy to find the right fit for you.  Shoes not only vary in size, but also in how they help work through your gait, and assist with minor variances in how you run.  Your fitting will also take into consideration how many miles you typically put in, the terrain you will be running on, and other variables.

When we have a shoe that is too big or too wide, our feet can move ever so slightly and cause blisters or pound on our toe nails.  If you consider how much time you spend in your shoes, you will quickly see how important it is to have the appropriate pair.

You might recall that two years ago I switched to a neutral from a stabilizing shoe.  The end result was a rough case of Achilles tendinitis that lasted months.  It wasn’t pretty and I have since learned that cute shoes are not an important factor in the decision making process.

Skip the cotton socks.  100% cotton can be a recipe for disaster.  Cotton doesn’t wick, and when you sweat, the moisture gets locked in there.  The end results is an environment for blisters to pop up.

Keeping your feet dry is the first step to avoiding blisters in the first place.  Find a sock made with sweat wicking material.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on socks.  I get my favorites from Costco for about $10 for 6 pairs.

Keep your shoes dry in between workouts.  As mentioned above, a moist environment is grounds for major foot pain.  If you sweat a lot or run in the rain, make sure you air those shoes out before your next run.  Take the insert out and leave your shoes in a cool and dry area.  You can also ball up some old newspaper and stuff it inside.  This will help pull any excess moisture out.

Side note:  This will also help avoid getting majorly funky smelling shoes.  Although this is likely inevitable if you run hundreds of miles in your shoes, it can help keep them fresh as long as possible.


Trim those toes!  A quick weekly trim of the nails will help avoid pounding your toes against the front of your shoes, which often causes bruised and blackened nails.  Take care of your feet and trim the nails as short as you possibly can.

Sometimes despite every best effort, blisters and ugly toes just happen.  There isn’t always anything you can do to avoid these minor pitfalls.  I’ve gone out for a run and come back to find the most random of blisters.  During my last marathon training session, I managed to lose 3 toe nails (although I blame the hot and humid course at Grandma’s Marathon for at least 2 of those!).

The good news is that you can continue to run through both of these issues.  It is up to you whether you hold onto that blister or not.  I am not a doctor or medical professional and I cannot give you advice on that matter.  But I will suggest that regardless of how you handle your blister, that you keep it clean and sterilized.  A little peroxide, a good air dry, followed by a bandaid will have you back out on the road.

As for missing toe nails.  They can certainly hurt during the bruising process.  The good news is that once the nail is ready to go, it looks far worse than it actually is.  At that point, you will find that it has healed up underneath and ready to go.

Bottom line is, take care of your feet.  Find proper gear and keep them clean and healthy.

How do you deal with these common issues?