This is a new and exciting adventure for me both online and in life.  My husband and I just moved to Chicago where we will be splitting our time along with our business in New York City.

My life has always involved physical fitness in some form or another.  I spent my life as a nationally competitive figure skater.  This taught me the value of physical fitness, which has stayed with me throughout my life.  Unfortunately, it also brought about some of the negative side effects of the sport manifested in poor body image which stayed with me long into my 20’s and even today I still see it rear its ugliness from time to time.  I spent most of my life looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a much larger version of what likely was on the actual mirror.  I didn’t like what I saw and I spent hours of my day working out and obsessing about what I ate and didn’t eat and on how much fat and how many calories were in each piece of food on my plate.

Enter running into my life.  I had run track in junior high school and despite being somewhat successful at it, I hated it!  It hurt, it made me sick sometimes, and I just didn’t enjoy any part of it.  Of course, I started running as an adult initially to lose weight.  But somewhere during the journey something amazing happened.  It was hard, and it took some really positive self talk out there alone on the road to get me through those first runs.  As I continued, and got better at it, I found myself saying really wonderful things to myself to get through that run; things about how proud I was of each accomplishment, how much I was improving, and how great I was starting to feel.  It didn’t happen over night, but I began to like myself better.

As my running progressed, I started to evaluate why I was doing this in the first place.  The truth was, I was logging all those miles to make up for the food I was eating.  Although all the food was healthy, I realized I was consumed with what I could or couldn’t eat and then would end up eating tons of food because it was all I thought about.  Then I would quickly work out, followed by a repeat of the whole cycle.  Something had to give and I needed to balance the scale of my life, not the one that showed the pounds I carried, but the one that made my life happy in regards to food, and fitness.  There has to be some give and take there somewhere!

I have by no means perfected this (still love nachos and burgers of course), but I like to think that I am getting better.  I love to cook and I love to eat and have found so many ways to create those meals that weren’t so good for me in a way that made them healthy and tasty.

As I continue to travel down this path to healthy and happy I would like to share some of these thoughts and ideas along the way.  I would like to share the lessons I have learned out there on the road, fitness tips I have learned as a trainer and athletic coach for the past 16 years, easy workouts that don’t take up your day, and delicious food for you and your family that tastes amazing!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome! It looks like we started blogs around the same time and with a similar purpose! Good luck and I’m happy to follow your blog to see how you’re doing. Love what you have going on so far!

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