C is for Chafing


I have been waiting to post a raving review of Mark Remy’s “C is for Chafing” for a few weeks now, but I got this book for my husband for Christmas and he reads my blog.  So  I finally have the opportunity to tell you about this awesome book.

Mark is the executive editor of my favorite magazine Runner’s World as well as being an accomplished author and fellow blogger (although clearly much more successful!).  I was reading another one of his hilarious articles online when I came across his website and decided to take a look.

There I found it.  The book of all running books for people who prefer a nice easy and amusing read.

It was calling to me, it had me laughing without even reading a single page.  This is an adult version of the old “Dick and Jane” or the first picture book you could read on your own.  Imagine the runner’s version of their very first picture-story book.  Mark covers the ABC’s of running, and you will be laughing your way through this easy read with fun illustrations.  Don’t like to read?  No problem!  The pictures say it all.  The hilarity of it all made me realize it was a must for my husband under our Christmas tree.

I immediately ordered it off of Mark’s website and was prompted to add a personalized message for the inside cover.  I usually am not a huge fan of autographs; I have never understood the need to have a copy of someone’s signature, but this time it called to me.  I left a note to Mark explaining that we are big fans of his writing and to please just leave any message that seemed fitting.


Don't even pretend to not understand this!

Don’t even pretend to not understand this!

Not only did I receive a prompt reply, but he was very friendly, easy to communicate with and got the package out to me immediately.  He did ask me to tell all my friends and I finally am getting the chance to do so.  Hey friends…this book is too funny to pass up!

Not only was I so excited to blog about this super fun book but it was the one gift that I couldn’t wait for my husband to open.  I just knew that this gift was going to take him by complete surprise and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction. Mark also left a pretty witty message inside, and that made the anticipation even more exciting.  He was so shocked when he opened the gift and loved the personalized message.

Look at that happy runner.  It must be the Body Glide.  No, no it's the book.

Look at that happy runner. It must be the Body Glide. No, no it’s the book.

If you know a runner and need a simple and super fun gift for them, this is the way to go.  If you are a runner and want a pretty funny read to lay out on your coffee table, this is the conversation starter you have been looking for.

Let’s face it, every runner understands that “C is for Chafing.”  It is moderately priced around $15.00 including signature and postage.

Now go get the book!  And check out Mark’s website at www.markremy.com.  A big thanks to Mark for helping me nab the top Christmas gift this year.

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