Baby It’s Cold Outside (And Really Snowy)

Those are some fabulous lashes!  (I can't believe I'm doing selfies)

Those are some fabulous lashes! (I can’t believe I’m doing selfies)

Happy New Year!

Yesterday I decided to begin my year of counting miles and was met with quite a surprise when I opened the door, a lot of snow and more of it coming down!  There were at least six inches on the ground.  I groaned and then set off, determined that I could do this.

To say that the run was a struggle was a bit of an understatement.  Most of the sidewalks were not cleaned off or hadn’t been shoveled for at least a few hours.  I should have known things were going to get worse when 2 miles into my 7 mile run my ipod died.  That’s when I also hit the first city owned park and realized their employees had the day off.  How did I know?  All sidewalks had not been shoveled since the snow storm set in the day before.  I’d love to say that I proudly set about as a trailblazer, but it was done begrudgingly.

I ran a good mile on snow covered sidewalks and suddenly I came across 3 blocks of hard packed ground where there had a been a lot of foot traffic.  I thought maybe I had finally reached the point where the rest of my run would be a breeze and then I saw McDonalds.  The heavy foot traffic was to get fast food.  Just like that, the snow covered trek started up again.  I will admit that I was amused for a good mile or so, only in America!

An hour into my run I pulled out my phone and called my husband, “Don’t worry about me, I am fine but I have a mile or so to go and I can only run 12 minute miles.”  Quite a way to teach a girl who likes to run fast how to slow down.

Always a pretty sight upon my return home.

Always a pretty sight upon my return home.

Having spent 10 years teaching skating at an outdoor ice rink I have learned a lot about being outside for a long time in the cold and inclement weather.  I don’t like it but I have learned to tolerate it.  Below are a few ideas I have come up with over the years that might help make the nasty weather a tad less awful.

•Hand warmers and toe warmers can be totally awesome.  I spent the past few years tucking hand warmers inside my skates on top of my toes.  Yesterday I put toe warmers on top of my socks and that worked really well.  Don’t put them under your feet, the cold from the ground negates any heat to your feet.

•Smart wool socks are the best at keeping you warm and wicking the sweat.  They make socks for skiing and snowboarding that come with some extra compression around the arches of your feet.  If you are planning a long run this is an added bonus.  They also stay up which is important to me; if I am going to wear long socks for extra warmth it drives me nuts when they fall down.


•Lululemon dog walker pants and winter mittens are hands down #1.  I know, they are pricey and they don’t like us girls that have legs that rub together.  However, I will say anything I have purchased from them for running has been worth the investment.  These pants have an outer layer to keep the wind from getting to you and inside they have a form fitting tight.  Warmest thin pants you can get.  Sorry gents they don’t make them for you, I’ve looked.  The cotton mittens are super thin and the warmest ever.  If I try running in them above 30 degrees my hands sweat.


I pulled the left side up to show you the under layer tight.

•Columbia Omni Heat wool hats and mittens do the trick on any cold run.  They are thin and washable.  Throw some hand warmers in there if it is super cold.


Those are the Lululemon mittens I love, hanging out next to a Columbia Omni Heat hat. Don’t believe the rumors, they get along well!

•Finally, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to stay super warm.  All of my cold weather running jackets are from Old Navy.  They make some great fleece jackets that are thin and work perfectly with an Under Armour cold gear shirt underneath.  I get so many compliments on these jackets and last year I found them on sale for $10 so I bought one in each color!

Check out for some perfectly priced, thin Heattech clothing.  They use this awesome heat technology to provide long underwear quality for a below budget price.  I have their long underwear tights, pants, and shirts as well as a body warmer and long socks that stay up when you run.  It is so thin and so budget friendly you have to try it to believe it.

Stay warm and happy running!

A quick shout out to for her delicious recipe for cauliflower pizza.  My husband hates cauliflower but I made this the other night anyway.  He loved it.  I loved it.  It was a total hit and a delicious way to enjoy pizza minus all the carbs and calories.  Check it out.

So good.  I spread pesto on the crust and added just a touch of cheese and olives.

So good. I spread pesto on the crust and added just a touch of cheese and olives.

7 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside (And Really Snowy)

    • I saw the high here on Monday is -5. I don’t really love winter. Fingers crossed for your race. Looking forward to hearing all about it. I have been tempted to do that one too!

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! So glad you loved the pizza! And I no longer get to complain about running in the dark haha. From now on (for me)- If there’s no snow or freezing temps, there’s no complaining 😉

  2. I love my ibex gear. That stuff keeps me toasty when it’s too cold to be out running (but I still am…). And layers. Lots and lots of layers. Who cares if I look like a marshmallow…

  3. My paces lows way down when I’m running on snow or ice – I’m so afraid of slipping! Sounds you still had a a great run – can’t wait until I can run outside again (-30 is way too much for me)!

  4. ROCK ON GIRL!! I love running in the snow, and I would rather run in not shoveled side walks than shoveled sometimes. My shoveled walks yesterday were full of ice. Not fun.

  5. Great tips for running in the cold, even though it doesn’t sound like you were meant to that day 🙂 I need to get myself some wool socks! And I totally agree about Lululemon running gear- worth the investment.

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