I Carried A Watermelon

IMG_5054Yesterday when I got ready to go for a run I realized I had forgotten to pack my running waist pack for our trip.  I had wanted to take some pictures along the way but I didn’t want to carry a phone or a camera in my hands for 10 miles.  Rookie mistake!

As I ran I started thinking about some of the funny thing I have carried on my runs. Sometimes I just can’t let life get in the way of a run.  Other times I like to speed up my errand outings and get my workout in at the same time.

We live a few miles from Target and one morning while my husband was away with our car I wanted to start putting wedding pictures in frames.  So I ran to Target, bought some frames and then tucked them in my arm for a run home.  I felt like a villain running away with stolen goods.  I made sure to hold on tightly to the receipt just in case someone called the cops!


Another afternoon I stopped by this awesome store The T-Shirt Deli to get a few custom shirts.  As they were making my new shirts I went out for a run.  This store not only makes the shirts, but then wraps them up like a sandwich in deli packaging along with a bag of chips and a napkin.  When I came to pick them up I decided to finish by running the mile home.  So I finished that run with 2 deli T-shirts, one in each hand.

The sell the shirts out of old deli cases.  Super cool!

They sell the shirts out of old deli cases. Super cool! Check them out at http://www.tshirtdeli.com

I have run to the doctors and picked up medicine and run home with it.  I took cash to the bank to deposit.  There was a sad run home with my tax documents; unfortunately those weren’t lost along the way.  I also once randomly bought a pair of goggles while I was out on a run and wrapped them around my wrist on the way back home.

I had brief ambitions of doing a marathon.  Then I realized how bad my swimming skills are.

I had brief ambitions of doing a triathalon. Then I realized how bad my swimming skills are.

Several times I have run home from Best Buy with a new iPod Shuffle because mine died on my running route.  The week before our marathon I scurried home with a new Garmin watch because I ran with my old one in the rain and it fogged over (Boo!)

I have run with my backpack full of extra clothes for another run after work.  The sack has also been full of ingredients to bake some ridiculous dessert on other occasions.

The list is endless and pretty absurd.  I am sure I am not the only one who has gone out with some pretty bizarre things tucked in their arms or across their back.  Give it some thought and let me know what your best objects carried while running were.


I started to forget what it felt like to sweat!

28 thoughts on “I Carried A Watermelon

  1. While moving from one house to another (only two miles apart) I would frequently run with cleaning supplies from one house to be used at the other lol.

    • We must be related. Made me think of when I helped my husband move a few blocks during our early years dating. We were too cheap to hire a moving van so we moved his mattress by holding it on our heads and walking down the street at night!

  2. I often carry a small backpack when running, while this is generally for a change of clothes at work, but over the years it has included baguettes sticking out of the top, various beach stuff, small tins of paint and a number of items for testing at my local hospital…

  3. This is HILARIOUS!!! I’m sure some people who live around you will have a wrong impression of you one day 🙂 They’ll think that you can’t walk or something :))) Actually, this year I’m planning on running a 10km fun pineapple race. In this race you literally have to carry a pineapple at all times. Thank goodness, you can do it in pairs, so you can have a break while your partner is carrying it.


  4. LOVE the title! I generally do run with my phone in my hand, although when it’s hotter out it fits in my “nerd belt”-aka hydration belt. I had to carry my dog and run when I was a 12 year old and another dog attacked our other dog-that’s as weird as it gets!

  5. FIREWOOD! In the winter, I never come home from a run without a piece of wood for my fireplace. I figure why buy something I’m just going to burn? Luckily, I live in a semi-rural area, and even when I’m not running on trails, there’s always a nice chunk of aged wood lying on the side of the road somewhere. I save money, and if the wood is heavy enough, get a good arm workout, too.

  6. Since I bought a backpack for my dog, I no longer have to carry anything. My dog however, he has to carry everything, from chestnuts to edible mushrooms and berries too, I find all those things when I’m running cross-country.

  7. What a fun post! Can’t think of anything weird that I’ve run with. I have minimized what I bring in runs now, tho. When I first started running a few years ago, I felt like I had to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Haha. I’ve wisened up a bit. 🙂 really the only thing I bring now is my phone because I use that as my RoadID and because most of my runs are so secluded, I’d need a way of calling for help need be.

  8. I love the title to your post! Brought me right back!

    I’ve actually never run with anything that strange. The biggest pain was my full set of keys maybe? I love how dedicated you are that you’ll do runs in between errands, even if you have to carry something!

  9. Your list is hilarious! Do you just carry extra funds just in case you needed to go in and buy a replacement ipod and garmin? :p I used to run into uni with a pack full of books. Always told myself it was a bad idea when the back started to ache, but never learnt! x

    • I do often carry a debit card. But both times I knew on the way for my run that I was going to need a replacement so I had planned the run around buying a replacement.

      Frank Shorter was telling a group of us that he ran as a kid to and from school with his books in his arms. He believes that is why one of his arms has always had a bit of a different swing from the “ideal” form.

  10. Great post! The strangest thing I have run with is a hot pasty on a tray. I baked it for a friend, but was running late to meet my friends from my running club, so I had to run with it to my friend’s house (a couple of miles away) before meeting the others.

    I also went to a big city with my husband as he had to go to a conference. I though there was a tri shop nearby, so I decided to run there. I got hopelessly lost and went the wrong way down the canal, so by the time I got to the shop, I had run 14 miles. I then bought a pair of bike shoes (and an energy gel) before running back carrying the shoebox for six miles.

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