Simple Hydration Solution


Today’s post comes with a thank you to Laura who often leaves great comments on my daily posts.  Yesterday she mentioned wanting to find a hydration solution and it reminded me that I never posted about the perfect stocking stuffer I found for my husband this winter.

Last March my husband and I started our marathon training.  We were 16 miles into an 18 mile long run when we were both really dehydrated and spotted a water fountain.  As if we were lost in the desert and seeing delusions of an oasis, my husband pressed down on the fountain only to find that it was turned off.  It had been a very chilly winter in NYC and the water fountains stayed turned off until mid April!  There is nothing more frustrating to a runner than spending mile after mile miserable with dehydration and being turned down just when you think you have found some water.  It felt like every time we passed a water fountain last spring it was laughing at us and mocking.

That being said, we have tried several hydration systems and none of them really work for us.  Neither of us were interested in wearing belts with the strapped in water bottles around the waist.  I looked into the wrist straps that hold a refillable water bottle but the added weight is just annoying.  No one wants to go for a 20 mile long run hanging onto an empty plastic bottle.  I even tried buying a 12 ounce water bottle from a vendor and running with it but it was frustrating to deal with the added weight and as I consumed the water, the leftovers were driving me nuts to carry as they sloshed around.

Bottom line, when it comes to hydration on the go, less is definitely more.

While at my local running store looking for small gifts I came across the Salomon 8 ounce soft flask.  This is exactly what we have been looking for.  This little flask is made of a soft material that is both PVC and BPA free.  It will fill up with 8 ounces of water and conforms to your hand.  Once it is empty you can roll it up and slide it in a pocket.  It is small enough to fit inside a running pack without even noticing the extra bulk or weight.  Drink up when you are thirsty and then easily stow it until you get to a sink or fountain for a refill.



There is also an optional thin elastic strap that you can buy and slide on your hand like a wrist warmer.  The bottle then slides in and conforms to your hand so that you won’t feel like you are carrying a bulky water bottle around.  The back side of the strap is made of terry cloth so that you can wipe your forehead if you get too sweaty.  It is also machine washable.

I did not purchase the wrist strap for my husband so I can not give you a good review of it.  However, the hydrapack flask itself fills easily, is comfortable in your hands, and fits perfectly in a SPIbelt without taking up all of the room inside.  I also really love that Salomon took the time to make a product that is chemical free.  If I am out trying to stay fit and healthy during my runs, it is reassuring the know that the water I am drinking isn’t doing me any harm.  The flasks also come in smaller and larger sizes.  The 8 ounce option should be enough to get you through about 30 minutes during your long runs before you need to get a refill.

Hopefully, like me you will find this to be the perfect solution to your long run hydration problems.

Happy running!

23 thoughts on “Simple Hydration Solution

  1. Interesting. Never seen that before. Check out the Orange Mud HydraQuiver. That’s my favorite. Fits nice on your back, but high up so it’s not like a back pack. Bottle is easy to get to and holds 22oz. Fits a ton of stuff too. And it’s made in the USA…

  2. that’s a great idea!! I have an arm band that has a small water bottle. Usually in the summer I hate it because it leaves me sweaty and itchy.

  3. I used to worry about carrying a water bottle, but the group I run with now knows where every water fountain, spigot, or other option in town is located and we loop near one every few miles. In fact, some of our routes are “let’s regroup at the water” now!

  4. This is my preferred method as well. I also carry cash on long runs just in case. I am fortunate that I can go quite awhile without needing water. I’ve actually done half marathons without water breaks.

  5. I don’t normally drink water on my runs because I don’t like carrying anything, especially a bulky water bottle. I thought it wasn’t a big deal because my runs are usually pretty short but I’m starting to notice that I’m really thirsty when I get home! Too bad there aren’t any drinking fountains along my running routes. This is a pretty neat hydration system, I’ve never seen anything like it!

  6. Chemical free? It is definately made of chemicals. Anyhow, I find bladders difficult to keep hygienic. You need to get disinfectant tablets from camping stores. Getting them dry between runs can be difficult too depending how regularly you need to use them.

  7. My favorite thing has been the hydration camelbak. It’s perfect, and it has a ton of hiding places for other stuff so you don’t have to worry about extra belts or where you’re gonna put your iPhone or anything. Have you tried that?

  8. that’s sounds really convenient. I rarely bring water with me on runs because of how annoying I find it to carry a water bottle but I’ll probably have to start doing so one day if I want to go farther distances. great suggestion!

  9. Saw “Simple Hydration” in your headline on Twitter and stopped to check it out. I thought you might be posting about the Simple Hydration Water Bottle. While it is a bottle it hooks to your waistband, race belt, shirt or even a jog bra. Therefore, you don’t need to hold a bottle or carry a bulky belt. The bottle is designed to contour to your body so you don’t feel or notice it once you get going. Let me know if you want to try it and I’ll happily send you one. Have a super week.

    Here’s our site: We were just featured in the January Issue of Runner’s World in the “Get Your Kicks” artcile. Plus we’ve gotten great reviews by Coach Jenny of RW, New York Daily News, Trail Run Magazine and many others.

  10. I recently discovered these, too. I haven’t tried stashing them in my SPI belt yet, but they fit great in the back pockets of my Brooks Utopia top — easy access without having to stop. Easy to drink every drop out of these and they weigh practically nothing when empty.

  11. I recently discovered these, too. Haven’t tried stashing them in my SPI Belt yet, but they fit great in the back pockets of my Brooks Utopia pullover — easy zipper-less access so I don’t have to stop. Easy to drink every drop of water from these and they weigh next to nothing when empty.

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