Let’s Hear It For My Buds!


For years I went around thinking that I suffered from seriously abnormal ears.  I got my first iPod and couldn’t wear the headphones that came with it.  I would shove them in, wiggle them around, press really hard…and plop they would fall out.  I tried ear buds that stuck straight into your ears with foam plugs, only to have them fall at my side.  I was certain that I would live a life of wearing 1990’s style over the head headphones.

I felt like a blast from the past at the gym or on the road.  Am I the only one not wearing ear buds?!  I was stuck to trying style after style of the old school headphones.  Most of them were so annoying.  They would bounce around on my head or eventually one ear would stop working and I had to decide before a run which ear was lucky enough to hear music that day.  I tried the headphones that go around the back of your head and loop over your ears.  That solved the problem of them bouncing on top of my head, only to have them bounce around the back of my head.

A few years ago I was doing a North Face Endurance Challenge and they had a booth for Yurbuds.  I walked past, too shy to tell them about my “problem.”  I figured whatever these were made for, they certainly couldn’t help me with my problem.  After we left the race I had major regrets about not going up to them and asking them about their product.

Finally last spring my throwback headphones went on the fritz again and I stopped into Best Buy.  They were “out of” the headphones I had been using.  Truth be told, I think the salesman had found empathy in my time warp and didn’t have the heart to tell me that they just plain don’t sell them anymore.

I wandered aimlessly through Best Buy and contemplated buying a giant pair of seriously old school giant headphones, knowing full well they wouldn’t make it through a single run.  It was at that point that I sucked it up, spent the $30 and bought my first pair of Yurbuds.  I honestly had no hope for these guys.  My ears certainly weren’t capable of handling these.

And then I did my first run….cue heavens opening up and angelic sounds.  I couldn’t believe it.  Not only did they stay in my ears but the sound quality was amazing and they were so comfortable.  At the end of my run I turned to my husband and announced that my prayers had been answered.

I cannot recommend these headphones more highly.  If you can’t wear ear buds you must try wearing Yurbuds.  They are designed to go onto your ear and then slightly “twist” to lock into position.  Yurbuds are designed by athletes who know all about running and other endurance sports.  They guarantee that these will stay in your ears.


Yurbuds also come in several different styles including specific ones for women, ones with a speaker to use with your phone, and several top of the line versions.  I go with the Ironman version as I think they are very sturdy and the cord seems to last very well.  They also have a new wireless version that is on the higher end of their product line.  No matter what pair you go with you are guaranteed to come away with a very quality product.

As for customer service, you will find nothing better than these guys.  I had a pair that suddenly stopped sounding great.  I contacted them and they immediately set up a way for me to ship my old ones back and in the meantime they sent me a brand new pair.  They were prompt and very helpful.

If you have “weird” ears like me, give these guys a shot.  If you are ready for a new pair of headphones and just want some quality music on your run look no further!

Disclaimer:  I do not work for or receive anything from Yurbuds.  I am simply a changed woman 🙂

Happy running!

26 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For My Buds!

  1. Yes, I love the Yurbuds! I also felt like I had strange ears because before I got a pair of those, my would almost always fall out almost instantaneously while I was running, which was so annoying! But now that I have had the Yurbuds for about a year now, I have had no problems!

  2. Okay, so I AM normal! I swear, I was thinking the same about my ears. Recently, I forgot my Ipod at work and asked my hubby for his earphones so that I could connect them to my phone during the run, and I ended up struggling so much. And the worst thing is that he finds them comfortable and totally loves them. I have to give Yurbuds a try! I’ll hold you accountable though! haha! Just kidding!

    On the second note, I nominated you for Liebster Award. I really enjoy reading your blog because you provide so much great info that helps to improve my runs & I GREATLY appreciate it. Check it out here: http://candiesandcrunches.com/2014/02/10/what-exactly-a-tempo-run-is-liebster-award/ I’m looking forward to reading your answers to my tricky questions haha! Congrats!


  3. Awesome! I am a changed woman, also! Thanks for validating my recent Yurbuds purchase/use! There was nothing like running my first half marathon, only to have my earbuds short out in Mile 4 [I NEVER run without music–interesting!]

  4. Thank you for writing this! I have oddly shaped ear cavities, which I only realized when I tried to wear earplugs for a long highway motorcycle ride. I had to cut the earplug in half to get it to fit properly! Ear buds always fall out of my ears when I’m running, it’s so annoying. I’ll be checking these out for sure!

  5. I can’t stand earbuds that won’t stay in your ears. I’m doing ok with the ones I have now but when they die out I might give these a try.

  6. I must have weird ears too! Those plain round earbuds hurt my ears and didn’t aim the music directly into my ears. My husband got me Skullcandy earphones for Christmas which work pretty well.

  7. I swear, I could have written this! I’m also convinced that the ear shape must be all screwed up – no earbuds work. I tried out Yurbuds at an expo in Virginia Beach a few yrs ago, and I’ve never been the same!

  8. Love my Yurbuds! I had seen them at many a race expo in the past but never wanted to shell out the $$ for them. After suffering through races with regular ear buds that kept falling out of my ears, I finally gave in and bought a pair at REI, figuring I could just return them if they didn’t work for me. You’re right, they have great sound quality and more importantly, don’t fall out of your ears! I only wish I had bought them sooner.

  9. I LOVE Yurbuds! They really do work and I’ve bought three pairs. The first one I bought, my husband “stole” from me because he liked them so much better than the Bose ones he had been using. I had bought that pair before the Inspire for Women line came out so I was okay with him taking them. I bought myself an orange pair of the basic Inspire line. I brought them on vacation with me and thought I lost them so I ended up buying a new pair of the Inspire Talk in aqua. Thankfully, I hadn’t lost my orange ones; they were just buried way down deep in my purse.

    They’re currently on sale right now at BestBuy and you can get a pink pair for $15 plus tax. The aqua ones I bought were $21 plus tax.

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