Fed Up!

With winter.  I hate to whine but seriously enough already.  Just a few days ago there was grass peeking out in places.  And then I woke up to yet another new pile of snow.

So I have packed my bags and I am headed to warmer weather for a bit.  I can’t wait to feel the pavement below my feet.

The snow drifts are up to my chest.

The snow drifts are up to my chest.

Gives new meaning to dining al fresco.

Gives new meaning to dining al fresco.

This is what it feels like outside!

This is what it feels like outside!

I can’t even remember what it feels like to actually sweat during a run.  Does anyone else know this feeling lately?

I promise to try and bring warmer weather back with me and more inspired posts.

37 thoughts on “Fed Up!

  1. Come down to FL! I was sweating like crazy on my run this morning!

    Although, it is supposed to cool off over the next few days. Highs only in the low to mid 70s….

  2. For all of the negatives of living in LA (high cost of living, stupid traffic, smog, superficial people) one thing we do have is great weather (it’s never a factor). If I want to see snow, I go visit it. And having lived in Wisconsin for 10 years growing up I think I’ve done my share of winters. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Oh my goodness yes! We can see the grass but temperatures not even reaching 30 I’m so sick of it! I want sunshine and warmth and at least not a big heavy coat

  4. I sympathize with you about the winter thing, though I did manage to go out running last Friday (and broke a good sweat, it was 22 outside and I had like two layers of sweat shirts on). But yeah, I’m so done with this bitter cold… and very minimal snow compared to where I grew up…northern lower MI.

  5. It has been a strange winter….in Southern England we have had the wettest winter since records began coupled with wind speed rarely seen here. I had a midweek of 32 miles all of which were wet, which were part of 10 days running of which 62/72 had rain , much of it torrential. I hope you find somewhere warmer where changes to the Jet Stream aren’t causing havoc.

  6. Me too! I am generally a positive person AND in ‘Blogging 101’ they say to ‘be positive’ or you may scare away any readers…. but as you said, ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I’m also doing a 7 day detox diet, so I am all around cranky lol 😉

  7. I’m two days late to this post … you’re already in FL, and I saw some comments saying it will be sunnier there soon, so yahhh for that!

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