When Running Meets Funny (Or Embarassing)

What I may have in endurance I certainly lack in the coordination department.  It humors my family and my friends.  Sometimes I walk down a hallway and I hear my husband ask, “Did you just run into the wall?”  Yes, yes I ran into the wall.  My friends laugh because I can be walking down the street and randomly roll my ankle and fall over.

As a matter of fact the day my husband took me on a trip to propose to me, we started our day out with a lovely lunch in a small town in Northern Michigan.  As we left and walked toward the car I rolled my ankle, fell to the ground and cut both of my legs and hands.  Later he confessed that when I went down he was a bit ticked because he had big plans for the day and he didn’t want me hurt and not be able to follow through.  At least he knew what he was getting himself into.

Look who forgot about her scraped knees!

Look who forgot about her scraped knees!

The first time I met his family I was walking with a future brother-in-law to be and chatting.  I looked behind me to check something out and landed right into a garbage can.  It wasn’t just any garbage can either.  It was the type that is mounted to the ground and to make it look nice and fancy it had tiny pebbles all along the outside.  Not only did I fall half way into the garbage but I left with both of my legs bruised as well as my ego.

Yep, that looks familiar.

Yep, that looks familiar.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that this lack of coordination also carries into my running.  Luckily the only ankle rolling I have done thus far was during a race down a mountain.  But I have had my share of bizarre collisions.

The first collision occurred one beautiful afternoon when my husband took me for our first run along the Chicago Lakefront Trail.  He patiently ran all the way down to the Shedd Aquarium with me and as we headed back we passed the Chicago Yacht Club.  I was running and enjoying the view when next thing I felt was a thump on my forehead.  I had passed a couple and the gentleman was pointing something out to his companion.  As he stuck his arm out, my forehead made direct contact with the back of his hand.  I kept running and looked back and the poor guy looked absolutely baffled.  When I caught back up to my husband all I could say was, “That guy just hit me!”  After some explaining all he could say was that I probably deserved it.  Just kidding!

So beautiful it's distracting!

So beautiful it’s distracting!

I’ve mentioned before that a pigeon flew right into my head during a run along the East River.  I like to think that somehow this is a sign of good luck.  It still ranks as one of the more disgusting things that has happened to me.

Last year during a Saturday long run we decided it would be wise to cut across Manhattan from the West Side along 14th Street.  This sounded like a great idea until we remembered halfway in that it was one of the busiest streets in the city.  As I tried to keep up my pace weaving in and out of people I tripped in a hole and was thrown into a pole.  Trying to steady myself and not fall into a crowd, I took the brunt of the fall with my hip into the pole and the rest with my hands as they scraped along the sidewalk.  Nothing is more embarrassing than watching a crowd gasp in slow motion during your own collision.  My husband somehow missed this and when he turned around I was picking myself up off the ground.  “What happened?” he asked.  “Nothing,” I replied and told him to keep going.  I wanted out of that situation as fast as possible.

14th street

Just as I remember it!

Looking back on these memories is hilarious now but some of them have left me with bruises, both physically and egotistically.  As a kid I remember looking at my bruised legs and wondering if I would ever have a point in my life where I wasn’t banged up somewhere.  As you can see this pattern started early on in my life.  People who have just met me find it amazing that I was a figure skater.  But most of these times I serve as a great source of amusement to those around me.  Heck, as I read this I find that I even amuse myself.  I am looking forward to whatever new bumps and collisions my running might lead me to.

50 thoughts on “When Running Meets Funny (Or Embarassing)

  1. Haha – this is hilarous! I’m super clumsy and have the most seemingly impossible/unlikely “luck” too! I can’t say I’ve ever collided with a bird (nuts!) But I have had an acorn fall and hit me square in the forehead hard enough to leave a bloody welt! I totally appreciate and relate to the self – deprecation! Being able to laugh at yourself is a great quality! 🙂

  2. I promise, I’m not laughing at you…I’m laughing WITH you! I can trip over my own feet, and have done so many times. I’ve become so accustomed to walking into things that I don’t even realize I’ve done it until a bruise pops up the next day. Clutzes unite!!! 🙂

  3. Hahahah! I apologize but you made me laugh real hard! My hubby is a big klatz too 🙂 He can do absolutely nothing about it :))) Btw, the day he proposed to me, we also went to a little town north of Montreal: Montremblant. We took a ride to the top of the mountain and walked on a deck to see the view. I kid you not, the view was identical ❤ xoxo

  4. Haha this totally made me laugh out loud. I’m the clumsy person of the family as well. I fall down steps all the time. You’re not alone! 🙂

  5. Haha I am the exact same way! I am so clumsy and always get hurt in the strangest ways! For example I chipped my tooth on a tickle me elmo that was thrown (yes it is my chances that the eye of this thing happened to make contact with my my front tooth) and then there was the time I sprained my elbow in a dunk tank, no idea how that happened lol

  6. I was cracking up ready this post! haha I have a few clumsy falls myself. I’m bruised all the time especially my legs. I think it’s cool you are able to poke some fun at it.

  7. Hahahahaha …. like others, I apologize for laughing. Knowing you are alright today makes it possible to laugh at 🙂 (And … when you talked about falling into the pole I TOTALLY started to laugh … you tell a great story!)

    I think we all have our clumsy moments … just some have more than others heh. I totally fell the first time I tried my clipless pedals on my bike … at a stop light ….and ALL the people in the cars were watching as I slowly tipped sideways with my feet stuck to the pedals.

    And … I click on the first attached photo … HIGH-5 for bloody knee shots! I have 3 of those of my wife!

      • Yeah … you know its funny as one can actually see and hear their wife laughing as the fall is happening!

        By the way, I passed along your blog to a friend who started running .. they said they liked the 5K / 10K / half marathon articles 🙂

  8. I think this is why I run slower than I probably could – because of my past history I have a massive fear of falling. Happy yo hear none of your collisions or falls have been of a serious nature.

  9. LOL is it mean that you had me laughing this whole post? 😉 I’m only laughing because I’m super clumsy myself. My mom gets mad at me if she catches me walking around the house in socks (no grip = I WILL fall). My boyfriend also always asks me where I got “that bruise” or “that cut” and I’m like, “Huh, I am definitely just noticing that for the first time right now, I have no idea where it came from.” I’m also no longer allowed to cut bagels…

  10. Wow! You have had some rough falls/hits. I fell in a pot hole this winter, then slipped on some ice, and was then honked at as I stumbled all over the road. (It was a road in a park!) That is about the worse I have had. Oh, and I fell down the stairs this week at work.

  11. Love this post! I’m a clutz, too. I skinned both knees by tripping on a nearly flat sidewalk seam on a run near my house, right before a hiking trip. Here’s to fast healing and laughing these things off. 🙂

  12. When I was running in Dallas last year, I saw this mockingbird overhead. He looked all peaceful and happy, and flew across the street at the same time that I ran across. Suddenly, as I hit the sidewalk, he disappeared from my view. I figured he’d landed in the tree. But as I crossed the intersection at the corner just a few yards down, I saw his shadow, and it looked like he was right above me. And then I felt the claws and beak attack my head! Over and over. Man did it hurt! Needless to say, I had quite the motivation to really pick up the speed about then.

    And I don’t run with bobby-pins in my hair any more. 😉

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