Remember When I Said Running Teaches You Patience?

Well yesterday was a true testament to that and so many other things!  It was an adventure to say the least. Saturday morning we packed it up bright and early and hit the road for New York City where we will be living and working for a few weeks.

First of all I have to apologize to my poor husband.  I am a horrible car riding mate.  I get in the car and no matter what I do or how much coffee I drink I cannot stay awake.  I sleep like a log on road trips…and probably snore too.

We stayed over in a cute little college town in Pennsylvania Saturday night and then finished the rest of our trip yesterday.  Traffic was so light and despite a lot of rain during the drive, it went really well.

Stanley GW

We checked into a hotel room that we planned to stay at until we could get into the apartment we would be subletting on the first of the month.  Once everything was settled I took off to go for a run over to Randall’s Island to visit my favorite running paths.  We are watching Flat Stanley for a young friend of ours and I even packed him for the run. My darn GPS refused to start up.  I stood on the sidewalk for 10 minutes waiting for it to connect and at just the time about when I was ready to throw it on the ground and have a temper tantrum, my phone rang.  It was my husband.  When I answered all he said was that our apartment we had rented had suddenly fallen through.

What?!  We had these arrangements set for over a month now.  Everything seemed so perfect.  The apartment was literally across the street from our hotel, making unpacking pretty effortless. I ran around the block, considered running up the 15 flights of stairs to our hotel room and then decided to wait for an elevator.  I flew through the room and immediately began to search Craigslist.  In minutes I had placed several phone calls and we were out the door and looking at apartments. I became one of those annoying New Yorkers who e-mails people with her head down as I walked.  I never do that, but I was on damage control.  All I can say is thank goodness for how crazy housing is here in NYC, people are always coming and going and looking for a renter.

We checked out some duds, we made more calls, and by late afternoon I walked back into our hotel room and received a text that we had an apartment.  So fingers crossed by the end of today we will have a place to live for the next few weeks. What an adventure.


After all of that, I was frozen and drenched from the rain (because I went out searching for apartments without an umbrella or a raincoat).  My run to Randall’s Island was out for the day but I happily sweated it out on the treadmill at the gym in our hotel. I am always so grateful for the ability to run during stressful situations.  It not only has taught me to be patient and keep my cool, fortunately it also has helped me to distress and sweat off  all the calamity at the end of the day.

A special congrats today to Laura who tackled an incredibly difficult race this weekend.  She is one tough runner.  That girl amazes me!

20 thoughts on “Remember When I Said Running Teaches You Patience?

  1. Excellent damage control efforts. I do hope Flat Stanley behaves himself on your trip, he looks like he could be a bit of a rascal 😉

  2. I love that you said “what an adventure!” That is such a positive attitude and I’m not sure I would have had it! Hopefully everything does work out (it will, just maybe not how you imagined it)! Running is my #1 stress reliever too! Always!

  3. OMG!! Crossing my fingers that this new place works out! But how fun to work in NY for a few weeks! I’m a horrible car buddy too. It’s usually the return leg though. Now Kyle asks that I nap at the very start (or in the AM), so I’m awake to keep him awake during the dark hours.

  4. Wow! I wish I had that kind of willpower and demand! That is so great you got every figured out I bet it feels great!

  5. I’m the same with long journeys! Well any journey longer than 30 minutes! It’s the only time my body relaxes as it can’t do anything but sit! Enjoy New York for the few weeks you’re there!

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