Do It For Your Legs-A Day Off


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for me.  We got back to New York City, we moved into a cozy (aka tiny) apartment, and we started back into our classes with our students.  I may not have mentioned before but my husband and I run a sports program in NYC.  During the course of most days we teach sports and crafts classes to preschool students and finish the after school hours with lacrosse, football, rollerblading, rollerhockey and various other sports classes.  It is so much fun and also exhausting.

I have the best job ever!

I have the best job ever!

Like most runners, I took on all of this but didn’t really change up my running schedule.  I still did a few two a days and logged A LOT of miles.  They never seem to be that much until I am deep into a long run and start adding up the miles.  “You mean I ran 50 miles last week?!”  Then I realize why I am so tired.  New York is also a walking city.  I love walking.  But when you add all those miles to the running miles, your body is going to start to cry for help.

Lately Tuesday has been my day off from running.  Usually I am all about Sundays off so I can sleep in and laze about and get back to training on Monday.  But right now I am enjoying having the weekends to run and explore the city again.  I am taking my tour guide responsibilities seriously with Flat Stanley and the weekends have been great for this.  So Tuesday it is.

I love doing the Sunday Times Crossword but by the looks of what I got accomplished I would say the running is getting to my head!

I love doing the Sunday Times Crossword but by the looks of what I got accomplished I would say the running is getting to my head!

Over the past week I was having some major cramping in my calves.  I am talking about cramping to the point that I would have stop running a few times and stretch my calves.  This is never a good situation and is always a precursor for foot injuries for me.

So when Tuesday came along, I gladly hung up my running shoes….and went shopping!  Ok not a lot of shopping but I did find two second hand stores on Madison Avenue and I did have to go and “explore.”  In case you were wondering I did bring home a few souvenirs.

I also made sure to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fresh food full of antioxidants.  Fortunately for me salads can be found everywhere around here.  Actually it is easier to find a salad shop than it is to find fast food.  Hello runners heaven!

So what’s the point?  We runners are creatures of habit.  Sometimes it is hard for us to stop, relax, and refuel.  In fact, sometimes I will admit I fear a day off because it might even add a pound or two to the scale (I know, I know…pretty dumb).  But our bodies need some time to recharge, eat some good food and our mind needs that break too.

Stanley has been getting

Stanley has been getting around…

If you can’t completely give it up, get on the bike, go for a swim, do some yoga.  But let your running legs have a day off.  Most of our bosses give us two days off a week from our job.  The least you can do is give your running legs a day off.

When I got back on the road yesterday my legs felt surprisingly like new.  I couldn’t believe what a change a day off made in my routine.  Do it for your legs, trust me they will thank you.

26 thoughts on “Do It For Your Legs-A Day Off

  1. Good advice. Kiddies have a habit of forcing you to take a few of those rejuvinating days off too 😉 Glad to see Stanley is being well looked

  2. I so agree with this post – and for me, I’m realizing this might mean “take a week off”! I think I might have went at it a little too hard and my legs just need to recover!

  3. Sometimes taking that day off is SO hard to do. Even worse *gasp* taking multiple days in a short period.

    But that day or few will almost always be well worth it in the end.

  4. I know what you mean, every time I visit a city like New York where you walk all day, it can really drain the legs. Great job of being able to still get your miles in!!! And I agree, rest days are so important. I never question a scheduled one!

  5. Great advice and I’m so glad you’re feeling refreshed! Rest days used to make me antsy, but now I love them. 🙂

    Your job sounds SO amazing! I wish I was involved with something like that. Kids, sports, and crafts are some of my favorite things!

  6. That’s great advice. I think sometimes I get all excited about running and my legs can’t hold up. I’m much older than you so I have old legs! haha I’m glad Flat Stanley is enjoying NYC! Lucky dude!

  7. I agree with you, it’s great to give your legs a break from running and go for a swim, yoga session, etc. It’s a great feeling to feel fresh after taking a day off!

  8. 1. I am totally jealous of your work!!! Not that I hate working at a bank, but I am soooo tired of working in the corporate environment, not to mention all targets that come with it.
    2. NYC is a perfect place for taking walks. I remember when my hubby and I visited, we walked for 3 days non-stop, when we would get back to our hotel room, we literally couldn’t even stand anymore!!! Great memories!!!
    3. Who’s Stanley? lol!


    • So true. Although one time I actually completed the entire Sunday crossword. I was so proud of it and when I came home from work the next day my husband had framed it. Nothing but nerds in this house 😉

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