Boston Marathon World Run

I came across an interesting tweet on my Twitter feed yesterday and quickly scribbled down a note to check it out later.  When I finally sat down and did a google search I was so glad I took the time.


The Boston Marathon is coming up next Monday and I truly believe that day a year ago really impacted all of us in some way or another.  I had a friend who was running the race and when I got the CNN alert on my phone I was pretty scared wondering where he might be and also knowing that his family and children were there spectating.

There are so many reasons why that day impacted me.  I know you have all heard the stories and I am not going to go into my own personal feelings, but it definitely hit me deeply.  I have mentioned before that I came across the FDNY running with flags the following day along the East River and it brought tears to my eyes as I was training for a marathon at the time myself.

Weeks later I crossed the finish line of that marathon and heard over the loud speakers that I had qualified for Boston!  I couldn’t believe it.  I hadn’t gone into my training thinking that was a feasible goal nor did I have any idea what my time was as I approached the finish line.  But I knew for sure that I was going to register for Boston.

I registered for Boston and so did A LOT of other runners.  After they changed the qualifying times to handle the massive registration numbers I ended up missing the mark by 43 seconds.  Ouch!  But I walked away ok with that because I hadn’t set out trying to get into Boston and I was still proud of my accomplishment.  I was still a Boston Qualifier.  I also read that day on that someone missed the mark by 1 second.  Serious ouch.

So when I read about the Boston Marathon World Run I was thrilled.  This is a special event that you can register for online.  It doesn’t cost you a cent.  You can print an e-bib, receive an e-medal and even an e-certificate if you wish.  You also don’t have to run a full marathon.

All you do is register along with thousands of other runners from around the world and pledge to run on April 21st.  This is a global celebration for everything I love to live by…running, fitness, and sportsmanship.  Celebrate your ability and love for running and honor those who are running or can no longer run.

It doesn’t matter how far you go.  Take some pics.  Share them online.  Join in on the tribute that will be happening all around the world.  I certainly will be!



Check them out at Boston Marathon World Run

In keeping with the theme there was a great article in the Chicago Sun-Times the other day about a group of Chicago area runners who will be wearing yellow and blue to show support and solidarity for the Boston runners and victims this coming weekend.  I just love the idea of runners everywhere coming together in so many different ways to show their support.  Check out the article for more information.  This is a bit of a shameless plug.  The article was written by my brother in-law who happens to be the real writer in the family.

Chicago Runners to Pay Tribute to Boston Bombing Victims

Do you have any plans for the Boston Marathon weekend?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Happy running!






18 thoughts on “Boston Marathon World Run

  1. The support and solidarity in the running community is heart warming. To think that a year later people still care and that people still feel something about what happened, puts a tear in my eye. 99% of America lives far away from Boston but they have all come together to support us. We are greatful.

  2. I don’t even know if I’ll get to watch the marathon on TV, not sure it’ll be playing here. I don’t have anything special marathon related for this weekend, but will definitely be thinking of everyone who’s running it.

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