Hey April Fools, You’re Two Weeks Late!

Yesterday I woke up and was scrolling through Facebook over a cup of coffee.  I asked my husband if he knew that it snowed the night before.  He hadn’t and I hadn’t either.  I looked into the courtyard and didn’t see any signs of snow.  Must have happened late at night when all of my wild and fun friends are still out to witness that mess.

And then I stepped outside.  There it was…..snow.  On the cars, scorching the new lilies that finally popped up, and all across the sidewalk.  I uttered a few choice words I am sure.  We left this mess in Chicago!  April must be playing a joke on us.


Whatever the deal was I decided to get on with my run.  I love running up the East River each morning and taking the bridge over to Randall’s Island.  Over there I can run around all of the different paths and cover mile after mile without worrying about the cars or people.  But I was met with a surprise when I hit the bridge in the morning.  It was completely iced over!  I shuffled my way up, pulling myself with the railing as I went.  I then used my skating “skills” to slide down toward the island.  Those of you who know my lack of coordination can imagine what a potentially bad idea this was.

I forgot to take pictures of the ice on the bridge and it was gone when I crossed over on my return home but I did try to take some pictures of the snowy soccer fields on the other side.

Snow covered soccer fields.

Snow covered soccer fields.


By the way it is funny that I love that little island.  It has changed  so much over the years and I just like how nice and quiet it is.  I often feel like I am out of the city for a little while, and it never hurts to run by the FDNY training center when they are out training!  However I mentioned to someone who also runs that they should go check out the island and raved about how much I enjoy it.  They responded by telling me it was amusing to hear my side of the story because he spent years as an EMT and the island is home to both a psychiatric hospital and two homeless shelters and he saw a much different side of that island.  I laughed and said that they were both there but it just keeps everything interesting.  I guess it all depends on perspective!

I had to leave you with a great “only in NYC” picture from the other day.  We were walking home and my husband stopped and said, “Check out that parking job!”

Car2    Car3


Everyone is always fighting for space here!


27 thoughts on “Hey April Fools, You’re Two Weeks Late!

  1. I used to love the story of Randalls–it is such a contradiction! Running there really is a treat, once it opens up. And the Quidditch cup is played there, so there’s that 😀 I lived on the West Side (I went to Columbia for grad school) and I spend much time in Riverside park–notsomuch fun navigating the rise/fall in the ice.
    Some of my favorite memories of parking in NYC are the carsw with all of the bumper bumpers on them–it would get to thepoint where I would want to say, just get a kid-pool tube to fit around it!

  2. Wow thank goodness I don’t live in NY I can’t even parallel park I could never imagine pulling that off in a million years haha

  3. Too bad about the snow, I’m doing my best not to complain about the cooler weather here because at least I’m not still dealing with snow in april. Geez, that parking job was incredible. I know it’s kind of rude to do that but I can’t help but be impressed, I am a horrendous parallel parker!

  4. i know, i couldn’t believe the 32 degree weather and frost yesterday am on the west side (although i didn’t see any actual snow, thank goodness!).

  5. Yikes on the parking job. We just had snow and ice in Minnesota as well. Seems like this is never going to end. There are absolutely no flowers yet. Doesn’t even feel like spring.

    • I am really feeling badly for all of my family and friends in the Midwest. It starts to get depressing. I remember as a kid how great it felt to start to see the grass again! But then to just have it covered up again…give me a break!

  6. Yep, the snow was there and unwelcome! On Monday morning I was in shorts and a t-shirt, Tuesday it was snowing! Ugh!

    And I had someone pull up close to me like that a couple of weeks ago, fortunately I was open on the front side!

    • Shorts, pants, shorts, pants…..so frustrating. If someone pulled up that close to me I would almost not feel badly pulling out a bit aggressively, except I wouldn’t want to mess up my car 🙂

  7. Everybody where I live always claims “only here can you have snow one day and 80 degrees the next!” I think it’s becoming a universal thing though. The opposite temps this year have just been brutal! And on the days that it’s nicer, it’s usually accompanied by 30 MPH winds, so the nice weather is essentially useless. Boo!

  8. Snow is a bit of a shock to the system when your body is not expecting, my last pre London Marathon run was in Reykjavik, -1, sleet in the wind coming from Greenland and a wind chill of -5, it was the first time I had run in any form of snow of 15 months.

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