It Is Days Like Today….

…that I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful running community.


Over the past year I have watched the outpouring of love and support for other runners, victims, and also runners we have lost.  I am so thrilled to see the Boston Marathon being held today and stronger than it has ever been.  It is a thrill to see athletes and families and even victims come back together as a community.

I am sending love and good luck today to the athletes.  A special good luck to my friend Kyle who is running.

A very special good luck goes to Scott Menzies as he runs in honor of his wife who lost her life this past winter while she was training for the Boston Marathon. #megsmiles


If you have a second to read an article check out this memorial that Kel Kelly made in honor of Meg called Meg’s Soles of Love.  Runners from all over the country sent their shoes with messages on them to be part of a memorial near the start of the marathon.  All of the Boston athletes will pass this as they begin their 26.2 mile journey.  How cool is that?!

Soles Of Love


Whether you are running today or cheering on, I am sending a hug and a high five your way.  It is an honor to be a part of the running community.

Don’t forget that you too can run today with the Boston Marathon World Run!



24 thoughts on “It Is Days Like Today….

  1. My heart goes out to Scott this morning. Good luck, and prayers for a safe, strong run in memory of your Dear Wife. Good Luck Kyle!! Godspeed my Friend! 🙂
    My thoughts and prayers are also with all the Runners this morning at Boston! The Loving Hand of God be with you all 🙂 #BostonStrong

  2. Amen–this is the most incredible community, because it far surpasses physical area and territory–running is a state of mind, a mentality of searching for and contributing to something greater than oneself.

    • That sounds like a plan. I would love to! I am actually kicking myself. I realized the other day during a 20 mile run that I should have planned this out and gotten on a train this morning to Boston. I could have been there to watch and then come home tonight. Oh well.

  3. There are very few things as incredibly strong and heart warming as the support runners give to each other. I think that’s why Boston last year was so emotionally impacting for all runners in general. It’s great to see that support going as strong as ever 🙂

  4. I was secretly watching on my computer at work this AM (Go Meb!!). It felt so special and I wasn’t even there! I’ll be participating in the World Run this evening thanks to you 🙂 Actually we’ll be walking because I’m going with my BF, his bro, and his mom who is having knee issues.

  5. As I ran this morning I thought about these things, about last year, and about all of those who had their lives altered forever last year. Marathons are different now, which is a small but permanent reminder …

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