Kyle-Boston Finisher Guest Post

Not long ago many of you read the guest post from my friend Kyle who was about to run his second Boston Marathon last week.  Some of you may recall that he had a really rough go of it in 2013 and suffered some major stomach problems which lead to a less than stellar finish (by Kyle’s standards) and he returned to his family only to find out about the tragic bombings.  The whole experience left a pretty sour taste in Kyle’s mouth and if you asked me, he seemed to be out for revenge this year.

A lot of readers were really struck by the note Kyle’s daughter wrote to him last year after the race:


And revenge he got!  Kyle and his family drove from Northern Michigan to Boston two weekends ago so that he could toe the line and reclaim the finish he was looking for the year before:


“Boston 2014 was a race I will never forget. After what happened in 2013 the security was in full force. I had to go through security three times before finally getting to the starting line. Especially the spectators near the finish line had to go through the same security checks.

As always Boston was an amazing day full of excitement and energy. The elite field is like that of the runners you would see at the Olympics. The camaraderie of the athletes and spectators are just so full of passion for the sport. Being able to start with them and be a part of it was overwhelming.

The weather was perfect. Being from Michigan it was a little warm for me after running 187 consecutive days below 60.  When we started the race it was already 55 degrees. I don’t think I was the only one who made the mistake and didn’t use sunscreen before the race.

I really enjoyed having my name on my arms so the spectators could yell for me. Once you pass the screech tunnel it’s hard to tell what they were yelling. High fives can be found everywhere along the course.

I really enjoyed having my friends there running and also representing Michigan.”


This is a shot a lot of us runners can secretly envy.  How awesome!

Kyle finished this year’s marathon in 2:44:35 and finished 560th out of 32,000 runners.  On top of that he beat his time from last year by 35 minutes!  He was the top finisher from northern Michigan.  You can read a local article about him here: Kiel records top Boston time out of area runners .

As his friend I can say that he is rather modest.  I follow his work on Facebook and the guy is pretty amazing.  He works full time, is a full time parent and still finds time to run ultras and other endurance runs just about every weekend.  In fact he was back at it last week, helping his daughter run a local road race.  He really does do a great job of balancing life and showing his family that you can live a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle.  He is a great example for the running community.  I am pretty certain that everyone who knows Kyle will tell you that he is a genuinely great guy.  I myself am pretty proud of him as I am sure many others are too.  Congrats on the well earned finish Kyle!

Back here in NYC, I might have to start working on my swimming skills (which are pretty terrible by the way).  We have had nonstop rain for over 48 hours and it is getting old.  Remember that tiny studio I told you we are subletting?  It is feeling pretty small.  But on the bright side I did get to try out my new rain hat when I went out to run errands yesterday.

Just picking up some supplies for our ark!

Just picking up some supplies for our ark!

I went for a run Tuesday evening just as the rain was starting to set in and I was reminded of just how beautiful running in NYC can be sometimes.  Central Park is a pretty special place.


A little run by the boat pond.


Then a stop by Bethesda Fountain.


 Topped off with some quick hill work up Cat Hill.

Happy running!




12 thoughts on “Kyle-Boston Finisher Guest Post

  1. i agree that Central Park is a special place, and your pics are great. i haven’t run there in a while (except for during the NY Half in March) and need to get back to it and leave my comfort zone of the Hudson River path for a bit.
    so inspired by your friend Kyle — he totally crushed that race, and must be so thrilled especially after last year. always encouraging to hear other runners’ amazing successes and inspirational stories.

    • I actually love running the Hudson River path. I go that way to get my long runs in. Central Park is kind of a beast to run with all of the hills, but if you are looking for a good workout or challenge it is perfect. Thanks for the kind words about Kyle. He is definitely an inspiration for a lot of us 🙂

  2. Wow! Such an uplifting story. You are right about every runner’s dream is for that Boston finish line. Sorry for all the rain you are getting. I particularly like running in that 🙂 Running in NYC is on my runner’s bucket list. I envy you get to do that. Great post!

  3. Wow! What a great race for him. I hope it made up a little for last year.

    Running in Central Park is on my bucket list. I’ve only been to NYC once and the park was covered in snow – but also I hadn’t taken up running yet!

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