Sweet Home Chicago

Ahhh, I am back in Chicago.  Despite the fact that it is May I was still surprised when the plane was landing and I looked outside the window to see green grass.  It was a looonnng winter!  In fact, my family and friends in Michigan got snow again earlier this week.  So imagine my surprise when I got off the plane and was hit with 70ºF.  Today is supposed to go over 80ºF.

It made me want to go for a run…oh but wait I am supposed to be mending.  Dummy here didn’t heed her own advice and went for a 4 mile run two days ago.  Guess who woke up with a stiff foot the following morning?  In my defense, the pain was almost completely gone.  But that was a pretty rookie mistake on my part.  Whenever you have a bout of mild tendonitis it is better to be safer than sorry and wait it out.

But I pulled the compression sleeves on, rested my legs for the most part and ate lots and lots of healthy food.

I also reintroduced myself to the foam roller all afternoon.  Thanks to Laura for sharing all of her lessons from being injured and getting back to fighting form the right way, I knew just what to do to get out those bumps and bruises.  I spent a painful time rolling around on the floor, and was pleasantly surprised to feel some relief from my foam rolling session.  I get lazy and tend not to  take care of my muscles after I abuse them.  But the foam roller is a great way to break down all those kinks and tears that build up along your muscles.  It’s just another one of those “hurts so good” moments.


I also swung over to a new grocery store that opened up just a few blocks from our apartment.  I am a bit of a foodie so you can imagine how excited I was to walk in to see a coffee bar, piano player at the wine bar, sushi bar, BBQ joint, oyster bar and way too much more.  I ended up going to the grocery store twice yesterday.  One trip was for groceries and I returned later for dinner.  Grocery shopping makes me happy!  I stocked up on lots of bright red and green fruits and vegetables to pack in the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help get me back healthy and fully healed.

Ok, ok I also got some dessert!

Ok, ok I also got some dessert! Notice how I didn’t even have time to take it out of the container before I dug in?

Speaking of which, I recently saw this award and am pretty sure it was meant for me!

Speaking of which, I recently saw this award and am pretty sure it was meant for me!

I even picked up a fresh turmeric and lemon elixir.  It takes some time to get used to it, but turmeric is quite the powerful spice.  This is full of strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, making it a natural healer.  It can even improve your brain and heart function and is used for some cancer treatments.  This spice gives curry its color and has a pretty strong flavor.  Try mixing it with a spoonful of honey and a touch of cinnamon and throw it back like cough syrup.


Thanks again for all of the well wishes.  I am feeling much better and am happy to be in Chicago for awhile and sleep in my own bed and wander around in some warm weather.

If you are interested or even contemplating running a marathon in the near future I will be at Wholefoods in Lakeview this evening at 6pm along with the Team Momentum members.  They will be hosting a social to share all of the exciting information about our endurance program.  If you aren’t ready to commit to a full marathon we still have spots for the awesome Boston 13.1.  We also have spots for the Marine Corps marathon that sold out in minutes.  Come check it out and get some great info and then you can pick up some delicious food for dinner afterwards!

Team Momentum

Happy running.

28 thoughts on “Sweet Home Chicago

  1. WELCOME BACK! And this 70/80s? Yeah, that’s new.
    I love the foam roller. It is basically how I start all of my days. Old lady here at the tender age of 26.

  2. I think that pigging out award applies for most runners :). Those cupcakes look delicious and I probably would’ve dug into them too. Good luck with your recovery!

  3. How do you feel about your trigger point roller? I have a regular 36″ foam roller and a hard plastic travel roller and I’m thinking about getting a trigger roller. A couple people have mentioned it’s better than a traditional roller but I’ve also been told that they feel the same.

    • Great question. I actually think this type of roller is beneficial for a few different reasons. One it is a bit harder so it gives a much more intense dig into the muscles. The trigger points is very helpful and I was using different spots for different areas on my legs. Also because of its density it is great for other uses. I use this to do planks and so does my husband. It is definitely a lot more durable as well. Hope those help. As a side note, I left my Stick up at our summer house or I would be using that. I find that the trigger roller mimics The Stick much closer than a traditional foam roller.

      • Thanks for your explanation! How do you get planks with it? I have a tiger tail stick and my shins are so tender that just touching it with the stick hurts 😦

      • Do planks with your forearms resting on the roller. You have to work to balance and it works your core like nothing else! I think I posted a picture of me doing them on a post I did about planks.

  4. Do compression sleeves really make a difference? I’ve been contemplating getting some but don’t want to spend that kind of money if they’re not worth it. Any brand recommendations?

    • Yes they really do work. I also asked a DPT and he said they absolutely are beneficial. They help remove swelling and allow the area to heal faster. I use the CEP brand but also see that Target now carries a line. They are definitely worth the investment.

  5. 1. i have the exact same bright pink CEP calf sleeves. 2. i totally need to foam roll my hips and legs way more than i do also. 3. that grocery store sounds amaze and i would want to do two-a-days there also! 4. yayyy for the warm weather! we’re so ready for it in NYC also (although i’m in San Antonio this week and it’s nice and warm here!).

  6. I’m spending a pretty morning doing some long-overdue blog reading. Love your blog and the helpful info you include. You are absolutely right, pain in one place (i.e. foot, for example) can often be the result of an issue higher up, as I’m finally learning. I will definitely be implementing downward dog. I’m also following your moves vicariously, one of my sons lives in Brooklyn and one in Chicago. I love running the path by the lake in Chitown. Happy Trails!

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