Mother’s Day and Some Cupping

Well today’s subject line is a mixed bag, but so was my week.


First of all Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, mother-in-laws and moms to be.  I am a really lucky girl. I have an amazing mom and I was blessed this year to gain an awesome mother-in-law.  Both are fantastic ladies and have a lot of love.  I can’t tell you how lucky I feel.

This week for our craft project the kids made personalized flower pots for mom.  They were so awesome!

This week for our craft project the kids made personalized flower pots for mom. They were so awesome!

On another note, I have received a lot of love from readers asking about and sending well wishes my way for my foot.  I wish I could tell you that I am up and running again, but as with any injury, it is all about patience.  Things are slowly getting better and I definitely feel on the mend.  However, my flight on Wednesday left my leg a bit swollen and that caused some limping (flying always leaves me feeling like a bloated balloon).  The compensation from limping had me waking up on Thursday with some muscle strains in my shin and extensor tendons.  Good grief.  Can a girl get a break?!

Lucky for me I had just made an appointment for acupuncture upon my arrival and my acupuncturist is amazing.  If you haven’t ever tried acupuncture, I highly recommend it.  It is something newish to me and I have found the results for various ailments to be quite incredible.  As a side note I have found that it has had the biggest impact on my sleep patterns and internal temperatures.  I have always felt cold all of my life.  I could walk around most days in sweat pants and a sweatshirt and still want to cover up in a blanket.  I now go about the house, even in the winter with just pants and a t-shirt.  My sleep has become much deeper and easier to drift off without tossing and turning around.

My acupuncturist did a nice treatment to help ease the pain in my foot and followed it up with some cupping.  I had never experienced cupping before but I would definitely do it again.  She was able to treat the tendonitis that was forming in my shins and making it difficult for me to walk.

The cups are heated with a substance that helps pull the oxygen out and then is suctioned to the skin.  The suctioning helps open the pores of your skin to allow blood to flow to the area and stimulate healing.  Sounds a little funny but there is a lot of evidence that this works.  My leg did feel sore after the treatment but when I woke up the following morning the pain in my shins was gone!


Looks like it hurt but I really couldn't feel it.  Small price to pay.

Looks like it hurt but I really couldn’t feel it. Small price to pay.

So now I am left to deal with the tight Achilles and the extensor tendonitis.  Extensor tendonitis occurs on the top of your feet and may penetrate down into your toes.  If you lift your toes up and down and feel pain or tension this could likely be from extensor tendonitis.  You can also rub your fingers along the area and find it tender to the touch.  I have had this a few times and I have always been able to find an area where there is swelling or a small lump where the tendons are most inflamed.

If you are dealing with this pain in the foot there are a few things you can do.  Rest is of course the most important plan of attack.  Ice it with plain old pieces of ice, frozen water in a Dixie cup or in a recycled yogurt cup (thanks Denny for the great idea) for 5 minutes at a time.  Avoid using ice packs or frozen vegetables as this really doesn’t penetrate deep enough into the inflammation.  Try some cross friction massage after you ice the area. You can do this by applying some pressure and massaging  the foot going against the grain of the tendons.  The best way I can put this is to think about how you would cut a steak against the grain…sorry!

Keep ice in Dixie cups in your freezer and tear off the cup for an easy way to apply to injuries.

Keep ice in Dixie cups in your freezer and tear off the cup for an easy way to apply to injuries.

Perfect for a night out on the town ;)

Perfect for a night out on the town 😉

Try to keep your feet out of shoes that cover the painful area for awhile, such as your running sneakers.  I recommend a pair of Crocs.  Besides being incredibly sexy, they are nice and soft and keep the painful area from rubbing or chaffing against anything that might create further pain or inflammation.

I hope you all have a very special Sunday and Mother’s Day.  Happy running!

19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Some Cupping

  1. I haven’t seen my acupuncturist for far too long – I usually get cupping on my back for a shoulder injury (kids love the ladybug effect)… but didn’t think about moving it down to the leg. I’ve been battling high hamstring tendon issues solo for weeks, time to make an appointment and seek out purple spots! Good luck on the recovery!

  2. I’ve never tried cupping or acupuncture but I’d really like to. I must admit I can be a bit of a skeptic about those things but I try not to put something down before I’ve tried it and I’ve heard many ppl say good things about acupuncture. I’m a rough sleeper so maybe it would help.

    • The actual process is so amazing too. I really look forward to it. It doesn’t hurt and once the needles are in they turn the lights off and leave you to relax. I often meditate but sometimes drift off. Give it a try. It is my weekly treat.

  3. I’ve never actually worn a pair of Crocs… Everyone tells me they’re amazingly comfortable. Sending lots of get better vibes to you and your foot xx

  4. I’m thinking about you and glad you had a great Mother’s Day! Your positive attitude is wonderful and you give absolutely fantastic advice!! Thanks for sharing your journey!!! You’re a tough woman!!

  5. I am so sad to hear that your foot is still bothering you! That always stinks. I love that you had your kids make the flower pots for their moms. That is so cute and I love when my kids bring home gifts like that. You guys are amazing!!!

  6. That area of my foot has been an issue since my last marathon. Thanks! This has been really helpful. I’m glad I kept it “unread” until I had time to read it!!!

  7. Sorry your still having some injury issues 😦 but glad acupuncture and cupping works for you! I’ve heard great things about cupping- I know some Olympic swimmers use it too! LOL my mom has those same crocs and tried to get me to buy some. She made me wear her Dansko clogs when I was having issues with the ball of my foot too haha. So hideous but so comfortable.

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