Wanna Get Some Pizza?

Am I the only person that when I decide to eat healthy or get into training, suddenly decides to crave crap food that I never want at any other time?! Seriously, it is so frustrating.

One thing that I rarely crave, but really enjoy when I have it is pizza. I eat it only every few months and when I do I hold out for the good stuff, namely Lou Malnati’s extra crispy thin crust with black olives. Mmmm, see I could go for some right now!

I typically avoid pizza because it is chock full of unnecessary carbs (unless you are running an ultra tomorrow) and laden in grease and other unhealthy ingredients. But sometimes a girl has gotta have her pizza.


The other day I decided I wanted to go ahead and have some but on my own terms. I went grocery shopping while my husband was at work. I then took off for a run and when I got home my husband had a big smile on his face, “I see ingredients for pizza. Is that for dinner?” Apparently he lives a deprived life.

So we set out to make a “healthier” version of a pizza. The best part was, it was so easy and absolutely delicious. We both agreed that this such a great meal and would be a perfect idea for a dinner party. You could prep them ahead of time and then throw them in the oven. Slice them up into small squares and people will go crazy for them.

The secret to my pizza is to buy the tube of Pillsbury pizza dough. They do make a reduced fat version, but if you have been reading my journey with this blog, I feel like it is ok to skip that sometimes to avoid the other additives. You can certainly make your own dough or buy real pizza dough in bags at many grocery stores. This dough however has a nice light sweet flavor that gives it almost a bruschetta taste. It transforms the crust in a way that despite not being your favorite takeout will leave you happy.

pizza2 (2)

I used Patsy’s puttanesca sauce because I love the flavor of the olives and capers but you can easily use pizza sauce or even fresh or canned tomatoes.  We also used goat cheese to eliminate the lactose but you can use any cheese.  The goat cheese gave it a great salty flavor and you really didn’t have to use as much as other cheeses may require.  I love olives on my pizza so we added a nice mix.  Don’t be afraid to generously top with chopped basil.


Tube of Pillsbury Pizza Dough (or other pizza dough)

Jar of your favorite pizza sauce, tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes.

Goat cheese or any other cheese



Heat oven to 400º.  Grease a baking sheet.  I actually spread a thin layer of coconut oil because we didn’t have any cooking spray on hand.  Roll out the dough and spread evenly.  Pinch the ends to make a “crust.”  Bake for approximately 6-8 minutes until it is just a bit crispy.

pizza1 (1)pizza2 (1)

Pull pizza back out and add a thin layer of sauce and then cheese and toppings.  Bake again for approximately 8-10 minutes or until crust is nice and crispy and golden brown.  If you like your crust a little crispier pull it out of the oven and place on a wire rack and then back for 2-3 more minutes.

What is your favorite topping for pizza?  Are you like me and can eat a full pie on your own (and then whine about it)?


38 thoughts on “Wanna Get Some Pizza?

  1. Have you ever grilled pizza? It adds a completely different flavor that is amazing! I go for cheese-less, whole wheat pizzas that are loaded with veggies!

  2. If I decide I want to start eating healthier, I immediately start craving fried chicken or something. It’s so weird. Pizza is a standing craving of mine! I could eat it everyday.

  3. Haha I read your post title and I actually said “YES” out loud. There is a coal fired pizza place near my work that has the most insane white pizza. I want it right now.

    That pizza looks delicious! I like making my own at home too. With shrimp and peppers. Is that weird?

  4. Thin crust pizza, light to no cheese, is my jam. I used to love me some deep dish, but not so much any more. Also, cheese and my stomach aren’t alllllways the best of friends 😀

  5. This is the STORY OF MY LIFE! It isn’t until I say ‘okay I REALLY need to get back on track’ that my brain tells me ‘but don’t you want that burger from Bad Apple? What about those pizza boats?’

    It’s a struggle.

  6. We don’t make it often, but love making homemade pizza. And we make our own dough – which is amazingly easy and I find it better than any pre-fab stuff. We also make a ‘sauce’ with roasted garlic and fire-roasted tomatoes that is excellent. I have to confess to loving cheese on mine … also broccoli, sometimes grilled chicken if we have leftovers. The boys like pepperoni, I could do without. But yeah, love pizza:)

  7. There are a couple of real good gluten-free crusts out there too, for those that are so inclined. I’m a lot like you, don’t eat pizza that often, but when I do I’ll eat the whole thing if I’m not careful!

  8. I’ve never made my own pizza but I eat it like whoa. At least once a week and I devour a medium by myself. I’m a plain pepperoni type of gal–oh, and I never feel guilty lol!

    Yours looks delish! I’d dominate it for sure 🙂

  9. We went through a year or two making that exact pizza. Soooo good. We’d also make it into calzones by closing it up on the ends. I totally forgot about that! Sounds like a good meal for a Friday night. 🙂

  10. Mmmmmm I could eat pizza every day! Boyfriend and I do this same thing- except we get whole wheat dough from Whole Foods instead of Pillsbury! I couldn’t even tell the difference between whole wheat vs. not.

  11. I love making homemade pizza but I’ve gotten kind of lazy lately and get the frozen ones instead (Trader Joe’s has delicious frozen pizzas). This post makes me want to get back into making my own, it’s really not that inconvenient when you can get the dough pre-made. My favorite toppings are either pineapple and ham or bacon and banana peppers.

  12. Oh every time I think about cutting sweets out I buy a packet the next day – justifying it on the fact I run and gym it and I’m in alright shape. Gotta love pizza though! Cheese, Tomato, Peppers, Onions!

  13. Pizza mmmmm. One recommendation I would make is to get some large plain tiles to put in the bottom of your oven then cook the pizza directly on them once the oven is at temp. It makes the base far better. Especially that using tin foil.

  14. Oh I love me some pizza. Love it. I remember after running the New Orleans RnR half we went into a bar and a husband and wife each had a large pizza in front of them. They told us it was their reward, hahaha! Worst experience was after a half that I pr’d, I went to a pub after, the guy next to me at the bar told me about this ‘amazing’ pizza place down the street that reminded him of NYC. I went there. It was such a let down. Oh well, you knever know.

  15. Yes please! I will get random pizza cravings every now and then. Lately, we’ve been putting our pizza stone on the grill. I love fresh mozzarella, good salami, olives and artichoke hearts. And I could destroy a whole pie – isn’t that the suggested serving size?

  16. OMG! You reminded me of this AH-mazing Italian pizza place in Montreal called Focolaio. They have over 60 types of pizza there, and it is SO GOOD! If ever you are here, make sure to stop by! It’s downtown too 😀 xoxo ❤

  17. Yum! Looks delicious! We are big into making our own pizzas as well. We do not make our own dough but do make our own sauce which means there’s plenty to make more than one pizza and have leftovers for lunch the next day. I love green peppers and onions on mine!

  18. mmmm pizza. Sicilian is my favorite – extra cheese please! Sometimes when we make our own I throw a bunch of peppers and onions – makes me feel like I at least TRIED to eat healthier!

  19. I love spinach and feta, such a perfect combination. We often make a homemade pizza crust which is whole wheat and thin from the Looneyspoons cookbooks and is yum. I make a double batch and freeze the other for another dinner down the road 🙂

  20. OMG I never thought about using Pillsbury dough! I typically use the whole wheat dough from Trader Joe’s. I crave pizza all the time- but very specific pizzas. I want thin crust, lots of sauce, a tiny bit of cheese, fresh basil, and fresh arugula on top! Aw man, now I want pizza 😉

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