Show Me Paint The House

Ok, it is a little odd that my last two post titles have been martial arts movie themed.  I know nothing about martial arts.  But I do know a thing or two about house painting, inside and out.  Please don’t mistake that for me claiming to be a good painter, I just have a lot of experience doing this kind of thing and this is why I have been off of the radar the past few days.  I do however always think of Karate Kid anytime I paint, and admittedly secretly try to reenact scenes.

A few years ago my husband and I were lucky enough to find a cute little lake house on a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan, right in the small town I grew up in.  The house was old and dark, but I saw something special in that place.  We spent the first summer there painting all of the dark wood paneling and ripping out lots of shaggy, colorful carpet.  I spent a week sanding a badly damaged floor and then refinishing it.  This actually sounds a lot like what I probably looked like when I picked running back up as an adult.  It took some serious spring cleaning, but I like to think that I have a nice new fresh look to me!

Every year we claim it is the last summer we will have to paint something, but then a few weeks ago our neighbor took a picture of his grandchildren knocking on our front door.  He texted it to us and all I could notice was the badly chipping paint on our house.  That was when we decided it was time for a little paint make over!  So bright and early Saturday morning we met with our running team in Chicago, got our 7 miles in, and then hopped in the car up to Michigan.

Old paint.

Old paint.

New paint.  Ignore that giant hole in the house, there's a new door going in!

New paint. Ignore that giant hole in the house, there’s a new door going in!

After a quick trip on Sunday to the hardware store we were in full painting mode.  We scraped the paint off, and then got busy slathering a nice new color on.  By Monday evening we had most of it done.  At the same time we had a handyman here helping us install a new sliding glass door.  I won’t go into details but there was a gap in our old one and my husband had a few encounters with some little slithery things last summer.  So that was a definite must this year.

As soon as we were done for the day and the handyman had left, we both put on our running clothes and separately took off for a run.  I strongly believe that it is very important to try and find time during just about any busy day for a workout.  I feel so much better and my head seems much clearer too.  Sometimes it means juggling your schedule around a bit or running at really odd hours.  By making this a habit, running becomes a normal part of your life and not just another annoying task.

I am still easing back into running with my still nagging Achilles issues so I left after my husband and planned to take it nice and slow.  Yesterday was his first day of training for the Chicago Marathon.  I had fun watching him run from afar.  The marathon training process is such an exciting one.  I had to document it, of course.

We live in a beautiful, wooded, and remote area.  As I watched him climb one of the many hills around here I had to take a few pictures of him.


And when he arrived home to do his strides I snapped a few more.


My apologies for being off the radar the past few days.  I promise we are almost done painting (yeah, right) and I will be back with some fun posts.  I have a great new product to share with you and some more tips for summer marathon training.

But before I leave you I have to show you what is growing in our yard.  Apparently we can’t get grass to grow there but we have tons of wild strawberries growing instead.  I’ll take it!  Wait til August when our driveway is lined with wild raspberries.  Did I mention how much I love Michigan in the summer?!


Keep running happy!

8 thoughts on “Show Me Paint The House

  1. Boo for stupid achilleses. They are so dumb. I will always be partial to a green lake house (my family’s lake house is green too!). Good luck with the final fixins!

  2. Please come paint my house!!! I’m sorry to hear that your Achilles is still bothering you but that’s awesome that he is training for Chicago! That would be fun to run that race.

  3. Painting sucks! Last weekend my hubby and I were staining our patio. We were almost done when my husband dumped the rest of the paint… only to realize that he didn’t stir it well enough the first time and the color was totally different…. We had to redo the entire thing… It took us 6 hours instead of 2.5-3… Lesson learnt! 😀 xoxo

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful place to live!! Beautiful house! I love the new color!! Gorgeous! I’m soooo happy you’re running again!!! So very happy for ya!! XOXO!!

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