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I’m back, I’m done painting and even better I’m running!  I feel so happy lately, and a little exhausted from our mad painting scramble earlier this week.

Old pic.  But this is what I look like when I run lately, all smiles!

Old pic. But this is what I look like when I run lately, all smiles!

My Achilles is not 100% but it is so much better and the key was getting back into the proper shoes for me and heat therapy.  What a world of difference those two things made.  Now that I am back, and starting to add in some more mileage, I am definitely feeling the effects of the heat and humidity.

I am a big fan of hydration.  I drink a lot of water each day.  When it gets warm out and you are sweating more, and especially if you are marathon training, it isn’t just about hydrating but how you do it and what you are hydrating with.  Before and during my runs I stick to plain water.  But after my runs I make sure to get some electrolytes back into my system.

All of that salt that you lose on your sweaty runs means that your body is losing a lot of electrolytes.  Those electrolytes are the ions that make your muscles function properly.  When you lose those ions during exercise, you cannot expect your body to work as effectively.  Making sure that you quickly replace electrolytes will help to keep you one smooth running machine.  It even goes beyond the muscular level.  Electrolytes help to keep your heart and kidneys working properly, as well maintaining your glycogen levels.   With all of these essential things, you can see why runners need to be on top of this.

Years ago I started using Nuun tablets after long hot runs to help get my electrolyte levels back where they should be.  These tablets are easy to pop into water, give it a nice fizzy substance, and taste pretty good too.  I also love that they are so low in calories that it almost doesn’t count.  I don’t know about you but it drives me nuts to think about running and burning all those calories just to down them all back in some sugary sports drink.  And if Kara Goucher thinks they are worth using in her training, I’m pretty sure they are great for me.

I reached out to Nuun a little while ago and asked them if they would share a few samples with our MDA Team Momentum charity team.  Not only did they respond right away but they generously sent us a bunch of sample tablets so that all of our marathoners could give them a try.  They also asked me if I would try out a new product they have, Nuun Energy.  I of course said yes!


Nuun Energy is the same awesome tablet as before but has some added caffeine and B Vitamins.  There is no added sugar and only 8 calories per serving.  I am not a fan of energy drinks.  I never have been and I think they can be really bad for you.  I am however a big fan of coffee and if it was healthy, I would drink it all day.  For me it isn’t just about the caffeine, but I just love the aroma and flavor.  I don’t think you should rely soley on caffeine to keep you functioning but there is nothing wrong with a little pick me up from time to time.

Having the option of a low calorie drink with some added vitamins and a bit of caffeine was appealing to me.  So Saturday morning after we finished an early morning training run in Chicago, we hopped in the car for a 5 1/2 hour drive to our house in Northern Michigan.  I pulled out the Nuun Energy and my husband and I both gave it a shot.  We needed the hydration and a little energy sounded like the perfect thing for our long drive.

Let me tell you, this stuff is the real deal.  It wasn’t a crazy boost of caffeine, but just enough to keep us going for the afternoon.  It was the perfect thing for a post early morning run and delicious as usual.  We both had the cherry limeade flavor and agreed that it was great.  With just a touch of caffeine you won’t experience any jitters or other side effects.  In fact, it was just the right amount for a slight needed boost.

With any Nuun product you can expect quality ingredients, no added sugar and no high fructose corn syrup.  The thing I despise about most energy drinks is that they are loaded with sugars and other substances that completely go against everything you just did while exercising and a healthy living in general.  Getting out there and exercising is the first step.  Putting good things back into your body to refuel is the next and arguably most important part.


Take a look at Nuun Energy online or contact your local ambassador for more information.  Right now through June 29th they have free shipping on all orders.  So you don’t even need to move to get started on your hydration plan!

Are you a fan of Nuun?  What other electrolyte replacements do you like?  A special thanks to Nuun for sharing with our team!

27 thoughts on “Nuun Energy

  1. Love the post! NUUN is on my list of things to buy this weekend. I am in marathon training and was wondering if the product worked as it says. I stay hydrated and only drink water at this point. The energy nuun may work for me but do you drink this product during your runs or just after? I need a marathon coach so thanks for being here! 🙂 I love all your posts, btw

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for the info. I read and article earlier in the week that said drinking caffeine before a workout triples the metabolism for a while after the workout. For one who has to keep track of my weight, the Nunn Energy sounds like a good solution.

  3. I love nuun! Just discovered it this year but am so glad I did. As a diabetic runner, it’s important for me to get electrolytes but also closely control my blood sugar and most sports drinks are no good. But nuun doesn’t affect my sugar at all, the the slight fizz is a nice touch!

  4. I love Nuun! I take it with me on long runs when it’s hot so I can replace electrolytes on the go. I’ve never tried the energy, but it sounds like it might be a good pick-me-up on long run mornings. I’ve got the Tri-Berry flavor right now, and it’s delicious!

  5. So happy that you are back at it! And bravo for getting everything back on track. I too right now am feeling a bit run down from too much awesome in my life sans break. I wish I liked Nuun. I tried. I really did. But the little fizz was neither fizzy enough to be carbonated like or not fizzy enough to chug. Le sigh.

  6. Glad that your happily running again! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Nuun, I’ll have to give it a shot.

  7. Welcome back and hooray for happy running! 🙂
    I’ve heard so much about Nuun and yet have never tried it yet. I just added it to the list of things to get when I hit up the running store on Saturday. Cool review!

  8. I love Nuun! It is so tasty and I love that it doesn’t give you all the unnecessary things you need like gatorade does! I just can’t seem to find those pesky tablets anywhere !

  9. Great info! I’ll be definitely looking into it as I gradually increase the distance. I’ve been drinking Powerade after my runs, but the amount of sugar is too high. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  10. I love Nuun! I won some at a post-race raffle last summer and since then have used it on all my long runs. But stay away from Grape flavor – OMG it’s so gross. Nice to see you back running!

  11. Nuun is fabulous!!! I absolutely love Nuun energy!! I just bought 3 new tubes yesterday!! They are fabulous!! My husband loves it, too!! It definitely keep us going on our long adventures!! XOXO!!

  12. Nunn gave out sample tablets of Nunn Energy a few months ago at a Fleet Feet Sports event in Chicago. I loved it and I got the Nunn Energy water bottle too 🙂

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