Just Get Out The Door!

The other day I wrote about how awesome it feels to come back from an injury.  Every run feels exciting and even the crappiest of weather is fantastic.

But the truth is not all of us are coming back from an injury (although from the comments I received you would certainly think it seems to be the case!).  Not all of us are just plain happy to be able to run again.  For most of us, running is a part of our lives, and hopefully a healthy habit.  Some of us have learned to love it, others have learned to tolerate it.  I know that for me, I tolerated it for a long time until I realized what a wonderful thing it was for me both mentally and physically.

Despite the fact that I love running, the truth is that I don’t always have that burning desire every day to go get a few miles in.  I typically run six days a week and take a nice and much needed rest day.  Some weeks I run five days and others might be less.  But running is a not only a passion for me but a part of my lifestyle.  I am a runner and much like other things in my life, I don’t always LIKE it.


I’m sure you can understand that feeling.  Just like our partners or children, nieces or nephews, our jobs, or even dessert…I love them all but at times, I don’t always like them.  Seriously!  My husband is my best friend and my business partner, my running partner, and pretty much my life.  I love him more than anything, but at times I don’t always “like” him or necessarily what he is doing every single second.  And that is ok.  If I was crazy about him every moment of the day it would be super annoying for him and everyone else around us.

This is how my love for running is.  I love running.  I love how it makes me feel after I get a workout in.  I love how it made my legs look so toned and my abs have definition to them.  I love how sometimes my head is spinning with what seems like a million thoughts or concerns and a run helps me sort out my problems.


But some days when I wake up, it takes me forever to get my butt out the door.  I take my sweet time and contemplate reasons to avoid doing it all together.  I whine about how I am lacking the motivation.  Sometimes I even take a nap, or heck I might even eat a cookie instead!

I learned something a long time ago about those sorts of days.  When I was young and figure skating I had those days from time to time.  I loved skating so much that I missed it on Sundays (my day off) enough to pick out an outfit for the next day and lay it out.  It was my life.  I moved away from home in high school and spent my time at a training center for figure skating.  I lived among skaters 24/7 and breathed everything about the sport.  Despite my passion, I had those days where I just wasn’t feeling it.   I used to feel really guilty about this.  How could I go from loving skating to dreading it some days?

I learned a great lesson from having those feelings.  Some of the best sessions I have ever had on the ice were on the days I just wasn’t feeling it.  Once I got my butt on the ice and started doing my routine, things just fell into place.  Half the battle, or maybe even 75% of the battle, was just getting my skates on.


The same thing holds true to running.  Some days I just wake up and am not feeling it.  Once I finally put my shoes on and get out the door, it feels so much better.  In fact, some of my best runs come surprisingly from the ones that start with me dreading them in the first place.  My body knows what to do once I get out there and as soon as I turn the autopilot on everything else falls into place.  Whatever that funk was that was clouding my mind, the running clears it away and I feel so much better.  I might not even know this before I start, but the run was what I actually needed to get me going, lift my spirits, or just wipe the slate clean.

So if you are feeling like you are in this same unmotivated running funk, that is ok.  It is normal.  Just lace your shoes up.  Tell yourself you are just going to go run a few blocks and odds are you will come back a few miles later sweaty and refreshed.  Seriously, just get out the door!


29 thoughts on “Just Get Out The Door!

  1. I love running and it is a big part of my life. But there are many days that I don’t want to get up and run… Once I’m out there, I am so glad I made the decision to do it! (Like right now… I am dragging this morning. ;))

  2. My running club had our Walk2Run graduation 5K Tuesday night. Like we often do, we had a beer and pizza party afterwards. As I sat with various groups of newly minted runners I told them that half the battle was just getting your gear on.
    Tell your self you are only going to do a 1 mile jog. That’s it. Nice and easy. I told them that 99% of the time, once you get out there that half mile out turns into a 1 mile out or a full 5K out and back.
    Happy 4th – Andy

  3. I took a page out of Prairie Princess Runner’s diary – move for 15 minutes minimum. If it still isn’t working for you, then it’s okay to throw in the towel. I had one of those runs last week where EVERYTHING wa going wrong, but I stuck it out for a measly 2 miles before turning back to home. And I was totally okay with it because I knew it was only one of thousands of days of running I still have in me. 🙂

    • I completely agree. So much about life is like this. Especially the dishes! If you just plain get them done and over with as soon as a meal is over they are easier to clean. It is also so much easier mentally just to get it over with than to say you will do it and let it sit there. Let’s not even go into how it would drive me batty to see them sitting there and making a mess!

  4. Totally, 100% agree. It’s tough for me on morning runs when I have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. I’d so much rather sleep in, even if that means only an hour longer because of my kids, it’s an hour I get to lay in bed. But once I get out the door and breathe in the air, I’m awake and loving that I’m out there.
    Thanks for the pick-me up reminder 🙂

    • How awesome are you to get up and run at 4:30?! You are awesome. Not going to lie, I only do that on Saturdays. But yes that fresh air and the way it feels to get going are all so worth it!

  5. Solid point! I usually run before work, so there are definitely days where the alarm goes off at 5:30AM and I’m muttering every curse word I know.. but by the time its over and I’m on the train, it’s like those feelings didn’t matter, and my temporary hatred for running is long gone.

  6. once i scaled back my running to 4ish days a week, i found myself enjoying it so much more because i was much happier with a) the other workouts i do on the non-running days and feeling that burn and sweat from those, challenging myself in an entirely diff (and sometimes even harder) way, and b) my runs just felt GOOD and enjoyable and i’d run on the days i wanted to, and not because i felt like i HAD to.

  7. I do have those days when I don’t feel like running. I wake up at 5 am beat the heat. Sure, I want to stay in bed but I know that I wouldn’t want to run at all once it gets hot!

    • Yes heat makes the whole motivation thing even harder. It’s a do it now or never thing. I guess it can also be good for making you just do it and not make excuses for later.

  8. This needed to be retweeted. Fantastic post! I love running so much, but I definitely have the days where it’s near impossible to drag myself out the door. That’s when I have to remind myself over and over how great I’m going to feel after I’m done. And then I’m never sorry I went. 🙂

  9. Absolutely agree – there are days I dawdle too much or as I am leaving the driveway it is all I can do to not just turn around and go back!

    Similarly even though I am totally in love with my wife, and we are having such a blast together … you better believe that during 22 years of marriage there are ups and downs.

    That is why I always say that life is like a marathon, full of ups and downs, good and bad moments, and it is up to us to sort it all out and realize that where we are now doesn’t determine where we will be tomorrow or next year.

  10. I love running, but I do agree that sometimes I over think my runs beforehand; therefore, may not be feeling my runs as much as I want to. Once I hit the road, I feel so much better, though!!!

  11. I’m with you! Some days I just don’t want to, but I’m always glad after I do. I have a friend here who is elite – his dad is not, but has still run every day the past 5 years. He challenges us ‘younger folks’ to do the same. Trying to make it as much of a habit as possible!

  12. Thanks so much – I needed this. I have been in a funk for a while and have tried just getting out the door. It worked last Monday but the rest of the week was a wash. Starting again this week; aiming for 3 days, but would really love 4. I do enjoy it and I certainly don’t want to waste all of my hard work by gaining back the weight I lost since I started. Here’s to new goals (and getting my butt out of bed, my shoes on, and my feet out the door)!

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