Popsicles Before It’s Too Cold Again

I can’t believe it is almost August!  I love summer and darn it, I wish it would just slow down.  I don’t want it to end.  It doesn’t help that we have had unseasonably cool weather most of the summer too.  Back when that annoying Arctic blast came rolling through here last winter I vowed to enjoy even the worst heat of summer.  Well summer, you aren’t even giving me a chance to go back on my word!

Back in June, practically a distant memory, I picked up a set of popsicle molds.  I had grand ideas about making delicious treats all summer.  But I slacked and hadn’t made a single batch.

Being the running nerd that I am, I spend my early mornings doing planks.  To pass the time I catch up on my Twitter feed and scroll through Facebook.  I noticed several people had pinned various recipes for popsicles from Pinterest to their Facebook page.  My husband was out doing a 16 mile run and I was suddenly inspired to make popsicles as a post long run treat (no he wasn’t gone long enough for them to freeze).


I have the most annoying sweet tooth.  So the first thing I needed these popsicles to be was chocolately and sweet, but also somewhat healthy.  Fortunately I had a 32 ounce container of unsweetened chocolate almond milk in the pantry.  This stuff is so delicious.  It has just 45 calories per cup and twice the calcium of regular milk.  The slightly nutty flavor makes it one of my absolute favorites.  Personally I have always hated the taste of milk.  I am also lactose intolerant so this is the perfect compromise.  It makes for a great post-run recovery drink.  I also love the almond coconut milk version.  The unsweetened version can be found at only 30 calories per serving and the addition of coconut adds an even nuttier flavor.  You could always swap milk versions to suit your mood or palette.

So I set about trying to make fudgesicles. To give them a little more protein and additional flavor I added a few scoops of peanut butter.  I also dropped in a tablespoon of dark baking cocoa and a quick squeeze of honey to give it a touch of added sweetness.  Honey is a great anti-inflammatory.  Not only are all of these ingredients delicious but they are the perfect post-run combination for recovery and fuel.  They are also low enough in calories that they make a guilt free treat.

These work perfectly for me because they are frozen and take awhile to eat.  Sometimes I eat half and put it back in the mold and then stow it in the freezer for later.  I wish I was able to do that with other desserts!



32 ounce box of unsweetened chocolate almond milk

3-4 tablespoons of peanut butter or other nut butter

1 tablespoon dark baking cocoa

1 tablespoon honey


Blend well until frothy.  Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for at least 2-3 hours.  Enjoy.

The popsicles weren’t frozen by the time my husband got back from his run.  But there was too much in the batch to fill all of the molds.  So I put the rest in the fridge and we had “milk shakes” for lunch when he returned.  He was happily surprised by this treat.

I can’t wait to tackle another popsicle recipe again soon.  Now if only the weather would cooperate……..


23 thoughts on “Popsicles Before It’s Too Cold Again

  1. I also have a crazy sweet tooth, and those popsicles look really delicious and also healthy. I like sweet products that take a while to eat too because they seem to fill me up more and I don’t feel like I want more of them or keep eating. Almond milk is pretty much my favorite too.

  2. I am obsessed with making popsicles this summer! I love how you can control the nutrition when you make your own.

  3. YUMMY!!! I have been making popsicles like a fiend lately and next I’m going to try these. That sounds so good! Even on a day like today when it’s almost August and inexplicably 60 degrees outside.

  4. i love popsicle molds! makes me think of being a kid again and making the simple frozen OJ ones and thinking we were amazinggggg haha. i should def get myself some of these.

  5. Awesome! Very cool! I don’t know if you saw my post yesterday, but I wrote how popsicles saved my run the other day. BTW, I went to a homemade popsicle place in North Carolina that was amazing. I had the mango habanero. Oh yes.

  6. That looks fantastic! I have been making all types of smoothies and also my PB & chocolate ‘recovery fudge’ all summer … might have to try a popsicle 🙂

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