Thou Shalt Honor the Rest Day and Keep it Lazy

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was so great I had to write about it.  Usually my weekend consists of getting up super early on Saturday for a long run and then napping the rest of the day to recover.  This time around there was a lot less napping and a lot more happening!

Before the weekend even rolled around we started things off on Thursday at a Cubs game.  Nothing says summer like a hot day at Wrigley Field with some peanuts and hot dogs.  It was my second time there and this time was even better because we went with my sister in-law and nephews for their first game ever.  The best part for me was that the boys brought their binoculars and we spent half the time scoping what goodies were being sent into the box suites.  Hello dessert tray!



Somehow during this game I started to feel a cold coming on.  Who gets a cold in the middle of the summer?!  I crossed my fingers that it was just some crazy stuffy nose but by Friday it was clear that this bad boy was going to stick around.  My head still feels a bit in the clouds because of this annoying thing!

Lately every Saturday morning starts off with a super early bang!  By 7:00am we were off with a few dozen runners for a 13 mile run.  The weather was perfect, a little warm but slightly breezy.  It was the furthest distance most of the runners have ever done and I was super proud of them.  In fact, a few ran a half marathon this past winter and crossed the finish line vowing they would never do it again.  How cool is it that I get to torture them with this run as a warm up for what is to come in the next few weeks?!

After our training run the real fun started for us.  We had a quick stop at a friend’s house for her son’s first birthday party.  It was so fun but I am a tad jealous because I think he has way more friends already than I have and he parties with way more style than I do.  Let’s just say I have a lot to learn.

Now I know that I still have to do my Very Inspiring Blogger award.  Part of the reason I keep putting it off is that I am having trouble thinking of 7 things to share with you that you don’t know about me.  As hard of a time as I am having with this I am going to tell you one of my secrets now……

Earlier this summer I confessed to my in-laws that at the age of 33 I had never been to a concert.  Many of them laughed, a few almost fell out of their chairs, and then we decided to blame my husband for this because he wasn’t there.

Well I owe my friend Beccah a huge thanks because she single handedly took care of this situation this summer, not once but twice.  And this second time she did it in an epic way.  Earlier this summer she hooked me up with some tickets to see Darius Rucker and it was a blast.   There was great music and great people.  She could have stopped there and I could happily tell people that I am officially an adult.

But then this weekend she took us to Lollapalooza.  Not only did she take us there but she took us VIP style.  We got to listen to some great music in about the coolest way possible as we hung out in grassy spaces in Adirondack chairs and hammocks.  You know you have found the perfect place to hang out after a 13 mile long run when all food and drink is there for you to help yourself to.  This lazy runner didn’t even have to stand up!  Lounging with a beer and some sliders?  Yes please.



Not the best pic. I like to think he has a real aura about him.

The night finished off with a sweet Outkast concert.  I of course was a running nerd as I made a mental check list of songs to add to my running list…….sigh.

And then Sunday was the ultimate day off.  I slept in, I woke up and ate, I napped, and then I ate some more.  I did go for a walk before dinner but only because I felt a slight twinge of guilt about the massive amount of sushi I planned to consume.  It was delish.

I topped the evening off with a nice yoga session and felt fully rested to start the week back over again.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  What is your ultimate rest day like?

6 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Honor the Rest Day and Keep it Lazy

  1. We had one of those yesterday! Home from the gym by 9:30, showered and in jammies (yes JAMMIES!) by 10:30. A.M. Yup, A.M. The only productive thing I did for the rest of the day was blog, make a salad, and saute up some mushroooms for our homemade pizza. The PERFECT gloomy day. 🙂

  2. Holla for Lolla! I ended up not running on Saturday after we talked because the hammy kept feeling worse (and now the peroneal is being an arse. SUCH IS LIFE–they are all freaking connected) but the hammy is feeling better. Club/box seats are the JAM. And definitely impetus for me to gorge. Good but also bad. Then again, I did eat my weight in chips. Multiple times this weekend. Runger doesn’t really stop when you aren’t running….

  3. never been to a concert?! i’m not sure what my social life would look like for the past 30 years if i said the same! glad you had a blast at Lollapalooza — sounds like an awesome time. a friend went to Coachella this year and i just think those big multi-day fests look fab. my ultimate rest day: BEACH or boat. ’nuff said.

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