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I have a confession.  When I do my long runs, 15 miles and over, on hot days I crave Diet Coke near the end.  Not only do I crave Diet Coke but it has to be from the fountain machine at McDonalds!  Here’s the kicker; I don’t really like Diet Coke and I never go to McDonalds.  So I honestly have no idea why that is the one thing my body screams for on a 20 miler.  I wish I could say that I am dying for a bowl of fruit or be like my brother in-law who carefully picks out a whole watermelon to go home and consume.  Nope, soda.

I do know though that getting the proper fuel within the “muscle recovery window” of 30-60 minutes after a hard workout is key.  By getting your post run fuel in during this time frame you help your body promote muscle synthesis and build back up your lost glycogen stores.  These are especially important during marathon training.

Lately before I head out for my early morning run I whip up a recovery “shake” and then stash it in the fridge.  I have to admit that during some of our hotter morning runs I have thought about that shake for the last few miles and it has been really great to look forward to.  I also have a tendency to finish runs and get ravenous.  It is not uncommon for me to come home from a run, take a shower, and then basically eat us out of house and home.  This recovery shake works perfectly to fill my tummy just enough that I don’t end up consuming twice the calories I just burnt.

A few years ago there was a lot of research showing that chocolate milk is the prefect recovery drink for after a long run.  The reason for this is that it is high in carbohydrates and protein which are both needed to replace glycogen and promote protein synthesis.  The ideal combination is believed to be a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.  Chocolate milk seems to fit into this ideal.  It also helps replace fluid lost from sweat and is high in calcium.

Unfortunately for this girl, I am lactose intolerant.  But over the years there have been a surge of other options in the milk department.  For awhile I was in love with soy milk but the research is still rather iffy and I feel better if both my husband and I avoid it.  I absolutely love almond milk.  I like it plain, flavored with vanilla, and can drink it by the glassful in it’s chocolate form.  The slightly nutty flavor tastes way better to me than regular old cow’s milk.  It also has half the calorie content of milk which helps me from breaking the bank after my run.


While it might not contain the same perfect combination that cow’s milk has, it still contains a good bit of protein.  It seems that while the 4:1 ratio is still the ideal, research shows that getting 15-25 grams of protein after a hard workout is just as good.  As long as you get enough protein in during your recovery window, the carbohydrate rules relax a bit.

Don't get me wrong.  I love these guys.  Who wouldn't love a face like that?!

Don’t get me wrong. I love these guys. Who wouldn’t love a face like that?!

While I use almond milk as the base of my recovery shake I also add in coconut milk yogurt, mostly because it is delicious.  However coconut milk yogurt is also high in magnesium and can help aid in muscle function.  It is also high in Vitamin D which helps our bodies absorb calcium better.


I also throw in a banana to give the drink a more shake-like consistency.  It doesn’t hurt that bananas are high in potassium and magnesium and are full of fast acting carbohydrates.  Bananas are full of fructose which quickly converts over to energy that your body can readily use.  They are also great for helping to stave off post run cramps.

I sometimes but not always throw in a scoop (or two) of peanut butter.  Sometimes a girl just wants that chocolate peanut butter flavor.  While peanut butter is rather high in calories, it isn’t going to kill you after a hard work out.  Plus peanut butter or any other nut butter has around 6 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of protein in two tablespoons.  This works in that carbohydrate to protein ratio you are looking for to boost your recovery.


Post Run Recovery Shake:

1-32 ounce box of unsweetened chocolate almond milk

1-6 ounce container of dairy free vanilla coconut milk yogurt

1 banana

1-2 optional tablespoons of peanut butter

When I get home from my run I pull the shake out of the refrigerator and put it back in the blender for a quick spin to make it nice and frothy.  A glass of this tastes so good after a run and seems so indulgent.  The entire shake has around 440 calories if you don’t add in the peanut butter and can easily hold 4+ servings.  And although it is great to look forward to after a workout, it is just as delicious as a breakfast drink or a treat during the day.  Toss in a scoop of cocoa for a little extra flavor or a squeeze of honey to give it some added sweetness.  Just beware that the almond milk does settle over time so if you keep it in the fridge you will want to give it a whirl in the blender before consuming again.

Happy recovery!

26 thoughts on “Recovery Shake

  1. So funny! I haven’t had a DC in three years, but when I was pregnant with my 2nd it was my biggest craving by far. And ALWAYS had to be fountain coke from McDonalds!

  2. I don’t know what it is about McDonald’s, but both their Diet Coke and their Coke are the best I’ve ever tasted. Thanks for this shake recipe! It sounds delicious, and much more healthy than what I usually consume after a run… 🙂

  3. That looks delicious! I am a big fan of recovery shakes and protein shakes. I love doing a chocolate protein powder mixed with almond milk and also coffee, it’s like a frappucino!

  4. I have no food issues, but totally love almond milk for my recovery shakes … they get too heavy with regular 2% milk … and love the chocolate-peanut butter – frozen banana – almond milk blend …

  5. That looks delicious except for the bananas (yuck!). I am the worst about post-run “runger” and have definitely eaten way too much after running. I have heard about chocolate milk and beer before, but I usually go for the beer if I can :P. I also read recently that gummy bears are a good post run food too!

  6. Laughed when I read your post. I drink way too much diet coke, but the time I crave it most is during my long runs… and only a fountain drink (no cans/bottles) will calm the beast. So after my long run I stop at the AM/PM near my running spot and treat myself to a big ole fountain DC (it’s like crack).

    • Ha, I can’t imagine not having a Coke ever! There was a time in my life when I lived for Diet Cokes. Probably a great thing that you never had one 🙂 I understand the problem with solid food post hard efforts.

  7. Post run shakes are the best especially on hot days. I crave them during the summer. I love chocolate almond milk definitely thickens up your shake. Frozen bananas are great too!

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