Deep Thoughts- Runner Style

I used to love the SNL “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey”.  Some of the things he said were just so bizarre and wonderfully funny.  Over the past few days I have heard some pretty silly musings from both my athletes, my husband and myself, and other runners from all over.  They were so great that I had to share a few.  I think these are deep thoughts that any runner could appreciate.




These thoughts all started on the evening of our final group run.  We often stop by a pub as a team after these runs.  Someone mentioned that they recently read, “Never trust a fart after mile 18.”  This lead to a lot of laughs, further discussion and the decision that it would be our motto for the race.

On Monday after the race, one of our athletes posted a helpful recommendation.  “Tip: walking down stairs backwards saves the quads.”  This was quickly followed up by, “I’ve just been scooting down the stairs on my butt.”  This seemed like a good idea until someone pointed out that you have to squat to do that.  I personally love all of the ways I avoid bending over because as I pointed out yesterday my legs and I are having a battle of the wills right now and neither of us is winning.

When I asked a few athletes for their best running thoughts I got these:

♦Don’t ever think someone more fit will help you keep your pace…they will just lead you to where they vomit.

♦ Let’s run a 5K and drink like it’s a marathon.

♦ Just go in knowing it is going to be a hot mess.  Then you will exceed all expectations.

♦ Never trust YOLO.  You will end up running a marathon.

♦ The only thing that sounded good at mile 22 was a cigarette.

♦ The best way to get over a hangover is running.

♦ We talk A LOT about bloody nipples.  Because, why not?!


♦ And one thing that we collectively find annoying is the multitudes of people who ask us how far our marathon is when we tell them we signed up.  For some reason there seem to be a lot of people who think marathon distances vary.

I also came across this video which is a great advertisement about how we all feel the day after a race.  I thought that summed it up perfectly.  Take a look, it is just a short commercial but definitely worth it.

My final deep thought is more of a question.  Can anyone explain to me what the deal is with all of the giant cat signs all over the race course?  Everyone seemed to be holding cat signs and I was left clueless.


Any “deep running thoughts”  you might want to add to the list?

24 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts- Runner Style

  1. “Just go in knowing it is going to be a hot mess. Then you will exceed all expectations.” — this puts into words how I approach almost every race! It’s a good one 🙂

  2. I do so love running for 22 minutes and drinking all day. But I’ve signed up for another one of those damned marathons! I did LOL a few times watching the ad. Good stuff.
    Cheers – Andy

  3. Oh I love the deep thoughts! They totally made my day! “Never trust a fast after mile 18” is a great motto! Haha I get so annoyed at people not understanding different race distances, like you say asking how far my marathons are like the distance varies and on the flip side calling any race I run a marathon, even if it’s just a 1 mile fum run. I’ve always questioned if me being annoyed is rational so it’s a relief to hear it from another runner and know I’m not alone! 😉

  4. I just had someone ask if I was running in the marathon Sunday (Des Moines IMT). When I said I was, they asked “how far is this one?” I looked at them and could tell they were serious. So I smiled and said, this race decided to follow the standard protocol, so it’s 26.2 miles.”

  5. Just playing catch up on blog reading and LOVE the thoughts! I hate to “belittle” (?) the video, but you can see that at Disney World the day after a half too! Maybe we’re just all in worse shape that we scuttle along like that after “only” 13.1! 🙂

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