Un-Pasta Margherita

Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  While mine was awesome, it was filled with lots of work.  We are wrapping up our final week here in NYC for this fall and Trump Rink, formerly Wollman Rink, in Central Park opened up on Friday.  I spent 10 years as a full time skating coach there and for season 12 I got the chance to come and help out for the first week of lessons before we head back to Chicago.  This is the largest skating program in the country and offers dozens of classes on a daily basis for figure skaters, hockey players, adults, and beginners from ages 2 up to 100.  Did you know they even have a Fit Skate class that caters to runners to help keep them in shape in the off season on the ice?  It was so fun to be back and I still have almost a week left out there on the ice.  Skating is something that has been a part of my life for over 20 years and I truly love sharing this sport with anyone who wants to learn.

Friday night I was craving a home cooked meal and wanted something healthy.  If I told you that our kitchen was tiny it would be an understatement as you can see from the picture below.  That is in fact, not just our kitchen, but also our living room which also serves as the bedroom.  Short term rental apartments don’t come with a lot of space here in NYC.  Irishrunnerchick mentioned that she thought true New Yorkers used their kitchens as shoe storage.  I am however not a true New Yorker, and this Midwestern girl likes to cook and spread out!  But I picked up a delicious spaghetti squash and was determined to do something with it using whatever I had on hand.

That is the whole apartment there. I am literally leaning up against the window to take this picture.

I am not a big pasta eater.  I do not eat a lot of complex carbohydrates and generally just don’t crave pasta.  But I do get a hankering for margherita pizza now and then.  So I decided to combine the two into a super low carb and healthy recipe.  The end result was delicious and very easy.
The basil, tomatoes and cheese....so good!

The basil, tomatoes and cheese….so good!

Un-Pasta Margherita:
1 spaghetti squash
4 on the vine tomatoes or any other type of tomato
1 clove of garlic
Handful of fresh basil
1 medium ball of fresh mozzarella
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Slice spaghetti squash (carefully) down the center lengthwise into two equal halves.  Scoop out the seeds until you are left with just the inner yellow shell.  Bake on a baking sheet for 45-60 minutes at 425° facing down.
While the squash is baking, dice up the tomatoes and put in pan over medium heat with a dash of olive oil and fresh garlic.  Simmer until a nice “sauce” has been made.  Chop up the fresh basil and toss in.  Give it a good stir.
Remove squash from oven when tender and scoop the yellow strands with a spoon or fork and add to the tomato mixture.  Toss until everything is evenly mixed together.  Thinly slice the mozzarella and spread over the pasta mixture and allow to melt for a few minutes.  There will be a lot of “spaghetti” that you can scoop out of both halves.  I saved one half in a container for another time and used the other in my tomato mixture.  If you want to skip the dairy, goat cheese would be a delicious alternative.
Serve and enjoy.  This is as close to a pasta dish as you will get without actually eating pasta.  It is a great light and gluten free option.  It also allows me to get that margherita flavor that I love from the pizza without overdoing it in the calorie department.
A huge congrats to all of the Marine Corps Marathoners for your hard work and awesome finishes this past weekend.  A special shout out goes to hellyontherun.  I have been following her blog through training and can’t wait to read her recap!

8 thoughts on “Un-Pasta Margherita

  1. I think this makes me a bad blogger, but I really would be fine with a kitchen that just has a sink, coffee maker, microwave and fridge! Like a hotel, maybe. There. I want to live in a hotel! I do love your kitchen though, however small, and it looks really nice!

    Plus, you had me at spaghetti squash. 🙂

  2. ahhhhh, this pic of your rental apt is making me so grateful for my NYC apt and i’m never complaining again! 🙂 that squash pizza looks fab — i’ve been meaning to make squash sometime soon. i’m also not into pasta at alllll so this would be perfect. one of my best friends was a professional figure skater in Canada for her whole life until college, and her former ice dancing partner actually made the Olympics this past year! love that sport. so cool that you’re into it!

  3. Nice! I’ve always wanted to make spaghetti squash, but have yet to. Thanks for instruction! Skating for runners? Interesting! I still need to get our boy back on the ice. He did love his hockey class last year, but we haven’t been able to get back. Working on it!

  4. Yum! What a coincidence – I made spaghetti squash for the first time ever just a couple of weeks ago – used it instead of mac in mac and cheese. It was so good! Your kitchen is cute – but I bet you guys are glad to get back to Chicago!

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