If I Had A Super Power…..

On Monday I went for a nice easy six mile out and back run.  The first three miles were super windy.  It was ticking me off but I kept telling myself to be patient because when I turned to head home it would be at my back.  When I finally did turn around, the wind was somehow still in my face.  In fact, it kept getting worse.  At one point I felt like I was pumping my arms and legs but not going anywhere.  It seriously felt like the wind was chasing me at every turn.

It wasn't as bad as a week ago when the winds forced Lake Michigan to throw itself across Lake Shore Drive!

It wasn’t as bad as a week ago when the winds forced Lake Michigan to throw itself across Lake Shore Drive. Talk about a temper tantrum!

I love running in the rain, tolerate the heat, and handle the snow.  But the wind drives me absolutely nuts.  Speaking of nuts, I sometimes yell at the wind out of frustration during my runs.  I am sure I look (or sound) a bit crazy.

Last night my husband and I headed out for our evening walk.  Like the rest of the Midwest, our weather quickly went from pleasant on Monday to chilly with rain and even snow by Tuesday.  As we began our walk it felt even worse with the added wind at our faces.  I turned to my husband and said, “If I could have any super power I would wish for the power to stop wind.”


My husband laughed at this and called me “Wind Stopper.”

It lead to a long conversation about what super powers we would like to have as runners.  I am not talking about having super speed.  I am happy with my speed and enjoy being able to work at improving that myself.  I am thinking of the powers that could help things we have no control over.  For instance, if I could have a second super power it would be the ability to come home from a run and not be so ravenous that I eat everything in the kitchen before I even have time to realize what damage I have done.  (Side note: I do realize I have control over this to.  But at the time it doesn’t feel like it!)

I feel like I look like Dash when I run!

I feel like I look like Dash when I run!

At other times I would have loved to have had super healing powers to rid myself of the many nagging injuries I have dealt with over the years.

What super powers would you like to have as a runner?  Does the wind make you as angry (or nutty) as me?

24 thoughts on “If I Had A Super Power…..

  1. Wind drives me absolutely NUTS!!! In fact, where I grew up, it’s super windy in the spring and that’s why I never participated in a spring sport in high school. You couldn’t pay me to be outside. I live in the city now and it’s less windy. Thank goodness!!!

  2. I’m sorry that you’re dealing with the wind too, but happy to know I am not the only one who gets a little crazy from it! I have decided that the wind where I live swirls just enough that it is always against me – especially when I am running uphill. That’s life in the Flint Hills I guess.

    • It’s crazy isn’t it? When we were in Aruba last year the wind swirled in every direction. Sometimes my husband will refer to the wind here as Aruba winds and all I can think is, “I wish.” I would take running in the wind if it came along with the weather there 🙂

  3. Oh i hate the wind as well. I was thinking this exact thing this morning. It just makes no sense that it comes from all directions. Completely unfair.
    I think it would be fun to have the super power to propel yourself forward with snot rockets. Now that would be awesome.

  4. I too love the rain. Can tolerate (and prefer) running in baking hot weather. I love hills (as i said in my blog). But like you, I hate wind. Nothing more draining than wind when you’re trying to clock up a good 10km.

  5. Agree 100%! I do not like the wind. Ughh. Today it’s 25 but so windy – my face was not happy walking from my bus stop to work. My super power would to never get injured – that would be so awesome.

  6. Hmmm… my superpower… so many choices but right now I would settle on never ending motivation. That way I would never want to skip a workout.
    Wind sucks, windchill sucks. I want one big snowfall, then -5 and sunshine through January and then I’m ready for spring 🙂 We are in line to receive the winter weather you just had. Wind is blowing like a fiend and snow squalls may be seen tomorrow!

  7. soooo not a fan of running in the wind, i agree. my super runner power would be to immediately blast away any pain or discomfort i felt as soon as it started. 🙂

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