Love It. You Earned It.

And just like that another Monday has come upon us.  I’m not sure about you guys but this past weekend was a whirlwind that went by way too fast!  Saturday morning I started the weekend off by teaching a small group training class.  I love a good morning workout.  Then I took off with one of my Team Momentum runners to help him knock out on his last long run before the Dallas Marathon.  I absolutely love a weekend long run.

Then my husband and I spent the rest of the day at a family wedding.  What is not to love about weddings?  Food, wine, dancing, celebrating a newly married couple……I love it all.  Except I can’t dance.  But it is always a great excuse to throw on a fun dress and attempt to wear heels.


Lately I have been trying out all sorts of new strength training workouts.  With all of the classes I am teaching and the extra personal training I do, I want to get lots of workouts in and see just what these workouts do for your body.  Well, I am pleased to say that they seem to work well.

At the reception on Saturday I caught a glimpse of me in a mirror and noticed that I have recently attained some new found arm muscles.  I am often my toughest critic when it comes to my body so it was nice to have a moment where I could have a few nice thoughts to share with myself.  Earlier that day I had noticed some fun statuses in the Pathetic Runners Group on Facebook.  Several female runners were throwing on high heels and taking pictures of their calves.  It was a celebration of their running muscles.


I have always wanted to have skinny little legs.  But the years of figure skating, hours upon hours of strength training, and my running have just created fit muscular legs.  It is a real pain in the “you know what” when I buy jeans.  Trying pulling skinny jeans over the bulk of these calves!  But the truth is, all of my dedication to running and training has built these “forces.”

While enjoying a drink at the bar with my husband’s cousin she asked me to show her my calves.  I was half embarrassed and half amused.  But imagine my surprise when she started oohing and ahhing over my legs.  As much as I groan about how big those muscles are, she was impressed by them.  And the truth is she isn’t the first.

So why do I spend so much time beating myself up about those muscular legs?  Why do we in general constantly critique our bodies?  Don’t we have enough to stress about?  Odds are that if you are reading this blog you are a runner, are trying to become a runner, or enjoy some sort of active lifestyle.  That means you likely spend a good part of your day doing things to help improve your body inside and out.  I also know that it goes beyond just women.  Men spend just as much time criticizing their bodies and putting in endless hours working to get themselves fit.


We work hard to get these muscles.  Many people can only wish they could run or get outside and be active.  Perhaps we can take a moment every once in awhile and just appreciate those muscles we have spent so much time working on. Those jeans are a pain for me to find not because of my love for cookies (although that doesn’t help) but instead because I log hundreds of miles and spend hours squatting and lunging.


I went on a mission the other day to find gingerbread. And if you look closely that is a tub of icing on the counter that I HAD to add.


Give yourself a break and show yourself some love.  Throw some heels on and take a few moments to admire those runner legs you earned.

25 thoughts on “Love It. You Earned It.

  1. i can relate to this post HUNDO P and have had a similar journey with my (very muscular) legs. i used to hate them in high school and college, and then something happened in the past few years where they’ve become these dynamo muscular beasts and i fell in love with them and consider them one of my fave parts of my body now. it’s actually such a compliment to me, too, to have ppl comment on my calves, and to feel so strong when i run…and those two things far outweigh the ability to wear any pair of skinny jeans or slim-cut boots. nice post, and glad you had fun at the wedding and have some new killa arms to showcase! i’m still working on those. they fall back burner to my legs. 🙂

  2. This is such a great perspective to have! I think the same thing sometimes but then I have to remind myself how much work I put into my running and what my legs can do for me. My legs are my foundation and I should be proud of them!!! It is certainly a pain to try to fit into “normal-sized” clothes…but I really just think that manufacturers need to start making an athletic size since there are so many of us now who don’t fit the mold. By the way, your legs and arms look fantastic and I’m glad you are proud of your work! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I agree that we need to stress less about this and even finding clothes. I have learned that some jeans just don’t fit but when you find a pair that does, go ahead and buy two!

  3. I am petite, but I have always felt the same way as you and can relate about the legs! I actually didn’t love my legs until I became a runner. It was then that I realized that all of that muscle can be used to my advantage!

  4. Just so you know, men have problems with ‘runners legs’ too. I have a small waist and long legs that have runners/skaters thighs… Getting jeans with a 28 waist and legs of 32 is nigh on impossible. And when you find them getting them on over thighs is ‘difficult’; I actually have one pair that I’ve split at the inseam from my thigh flexing. Whoops. But would I trade them for standard fit? Not on your life! These legs have POWER! I’ve worn heels before and they do flatter my calves… Rocky Horror Picture Show. ‘Nuff said.

    • Thank you for sharing this. I definitely never want to discount the fact that men have the same issues. In fact I know that many male runners also scrutinize their bodies as well. Totally normal but should be noted as well. I almost feel like the whole world secretly can’t fit into jeans. I bet those calves in heels were killer!

  5. Love this post! The sooner we accept that we have the body we have rather than the mental model assembled from magazine pages and TV images the sooner we can be happy with our beautiful bodies.

    You have runner’s (and skater’s) legs … and since runner’s legs are beautiful legs … you have beautiful legs. I fail to see the problem.

    I have big thighs – which remain large even as I am the thinnest and lightest in my life. I will never wear ‘skinny’ jeans (at my age I wouldn’t anyway, but you get what I mean) … and for years my thighs bothered me … but not any more. They are powerhouses that get me through 50+ mile weeks for nearly 3 years straight. 🙂

  6. Love this, what a great reminder! I think we are always so quick to point out things that we don’t like about our body’s rather than point out what is great about our bodies. I guess that is human nature, but posts like this remind you to appreciate what you have. Thanks 🙂

  7. You are so beautiful and so toned… Legs and arms!!!! You look great in that dress by the way. I find myself thinking that way too. I will watch a runner in front of me and think, wow, they have nice calves. 🙂 I know I lack in that department (especially with my right leg)… It has a huge scar-indention on it so the muscle is lacking any type of look there. 🙂 I love gingerbread cookies!!!

    • I also have some very large scars from a surgery 20 years ago. Someone finally asked me about it and said they had wondered about them for a full year. I told him to go ahead and ask, I am proud of my “battle wounds.” The funny part is that one goes right down the side of my leg and I tan very easily but that obviously doesn’t. I have so many people come and tell me I have a run in my nylons, regardless of what I am wearing (workout clothes, shorts, etc.). I seriously cannot get enough gingerbread.

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