1 Runner= 1 Healthy Spouse?

The other day my UPband (review to come soon) gave me one of it’s daily notifications.  It said that when one spouse or partner runs the other one, in general tends to be healthier and more fit.  My husband and I both found this to be quite interesting.

If we were to look at our situation this certainly rings true.  Years ago I took up running after a long hiatus.  Honestly I had the summer to myself and some pounds to shed.  I switched up my diet and started running approximately three miles per day.  Over the next year I stuck to this a few times a week but it wasn’t until the following summer when I packed away the treadmill and made outside running a full time hobby.  It was then that I also started lengthening my runs and 5-6 miles soon because my daily minimum.

That year my husband started joining me for my runs.  He didn’t love it, but he saw how it had changed my fitness levels and he wanted to get some of that good stuff for himself.  At times he would run shorter distances, and definitely had a love/hate relationship with the sport but he soon began to shed some of the weight he had gained in college.

As we both began to see results we started to change up our diets and try all those funky things that runners end up introducing into their lives.  Kale, chia, kefir, almond milk….you get the drift.  Our bodies started to crave these healthy treats.

We also began adding in more strength training to help benefit our running and also to help tone different areas of our bodies.  It was almost as if when one of us started to see changes and results the other became even more motivated to stick with a fitness routine.  These days we have done multiple full and half marathons and run way too many road races to be able to count.  Together we have also coached hundreds of people across the finish lines of 5Ks to full marathons.


So does UPband have a valid point?  Probably but I have to think there are several factors involved:

First I do believe that as one partner sees results it is definitely motivation to join in on the fitness bandwagon.  Peer pressure doesn’t always hurt and in this case I think we all feel a bit of it.  This definitely works well if you can train together.

Second, when people live together they are often forced to join their partner’s healthy routines when it comes to their diets.  In our case, if I want to have a salad for dinner we both end up having a salad because we like to dine together.  I of course know that the wife isn’t always the one in the kitchen doing the cooking, but if the partner who tends to do meal preparations is living a healthy new lifestyle they will likely be making meals fit around that plan.  Lucky for your other half because they will reap the rewards and unlucky for them if they don’t enjoy eating healthy!  I would assume that this would lead to a lot of those fitness changes simply by default.

On top of that, if you see your partner heading to the gym each morning it might also be easier to throw a bag together and get your butt out of bed simply due to guilt.  Again, if it works I say go for it!


However it works I have to say that having a partner in crime can be a great aid.  Years ago my husband and I left behind some pretty unhealthy habits and changed our ways quite a bit.  It wasn’t always easy and I could have quickly turned back to those old habits if I hadn’t had another person to both keep me accountable and not want to let him down.  Anytime you are trying to add healthy changes into your life it will always be easier if your family or partner are there to back you up.  If you have someone who understands what you are trying to do and is there to encourage you or even better, make the changes with you, the odds are in your favor.  Making changes solo can be done but is definitely not easy.

This time of year many of us are looking to add a bit more healthy into our lives or do a bit of damage control around the holidays.  I personally have noticed that I need to make a serious break up with sugar in my life.  It isn’t easy but by telling my husband what my plan is he is game for at least not eating cookies in front of me while I enjoy a pear for dessert!

Do you have a fitness partner?  Who do you look to for support or do you prefer to go it alone?  Did your partner gag when you brought home kefir for the first time like mine did?!


30 thoughts on “1 Runner= 1 Healthy Spouse?

  1. You guys look amazing!!! I love this post!!! It’s truly beautiful!! My husband is my fitness partner, too and we definitely eat very similar now. My husband has gone pretty much vegetarian like me and organic. I’m vegan now, but he’s sticking to a pretty much vegetarian diet (he eats fish). When I first introduced my husband to organic a couple years ago, he was not interested but now he loves it!!! It’s amazing!!! Have a fabulous week!!! XOXO

  2. love this — that you two can share this passion and hold each other accountable and engage in this healthy living and running lifestyle as a team. it’s like the Amazing Race (life goal: to be on that — no, seriously), but in life. 🙂 work with me on that one, mmmmkay? haha but seriously, if i ever feel God leading me to get married (this is a big IF but who knows!!), he’d better be a fitness and healthy living dude as well. he doesn’t have to run with me, but i think it’s important to be with someone who has that passion if it’s such a big part of your life!

    • Oh I truly understand that! I cannot imagine being with someone who didn’t like to be active in some way. Over the years I have gotten so active that I find it hard to sit down and just watch tv. It is really sad. I used to love it. Now I feel guilty. So I guess I also need a patient partner who understand how insane I am. Looks like I lucked out 🙂

  3. Funny, my Lovely Wife and I were both way overweight. I used to tell her that I probably wouldn’t be able to lose weight until she did. It would have been very hard on her for me to lose a lot and her still be overweight. In the end, that is what happened. She can’t run because of her back, but she lost a lot of weight with her pain management doctor and I did also, at the same time. I think two are stronger then one in most everything! Thanks for the great post.

  4. I love this! I need to breakup with sugar too. I know this time of year it isn’t going to happen but come the first of the year I am definitely going to put a big focus on it.

    I hope to find someone who shares my healthy living habits and love for running 🙂

    • I actually can see it in my face that I need to back away from sugar. It looks puffy. Yuck! I’ve been downing lemon water like crazy this week 🙂

      I think that if you stick to your healthy lifestyle you will find that people of the same lifestyles will be the ones drawn to you. It’s a nice thing 🙂

  5. My wife and I never run together. We might (rarely) be at the same event but we run at entirely different speeds and use different methods. We are have no other family in the US so one of us always has to have the kids, so it probably works out better for us to do things independently. It means that we have to coordinate our mornings quite carefully but this makes the runs seem even more special. 🙂

  6. My husband and I met while working at an Outdoor Centre which required us to be active and instructing those activities (x-country skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking). It was just a bonus that we both shared the love for running. I think we motivate each other to be active and are now being more active with our kids too! More family activities – skiing, hiking and supporting each other on our runs!

  7. Loved this post! My husband and I used to work out together but now we do our own things. But he does tend to want to workout more because he knows I am going to hit the gym! And he eats healthfully at dinner at least since I cook. The first time I made quinoa (he pronounced it kweh-no-ah), he was hesitant. But he’s ok eating it now!

    • Love it! Even though you do your own thing now I am sure it helped to get the habit started. Rock felt the same way about quinoa and a lot of other things. His biggest changes have been mushroom and lately tuna. I always teasing him he is growing up.

  8. Definitely agree that having a workout or running partner can make a huge difference especially if it’s your spouse. I always work harder when my husband and I run together, mostly because he has longer legs than me and I have to hurry to keep up! I definitely look to him for support and he does the same to me. It’s a great way to add a new dynamic to a relationship and share new experiences.

  9. Heeeey, just catching up on your blog. Looks like you’ve been doin great! love this post. It’s great that you have a spousal running partner. I’ve seen that go bad a couple times though – when one is faster than the other and the slower wants the faster to stay with them…I’ve seen frustrations. It is muuuch easier running with others though!!! fo shizzle

  10. This is true for me too! My husband randomly signed up for a marathon many years ago. I thought he was crazy and could never imagine doing that. Getting up early to run or go to the gym. Doing crazy long runs. Running up and down mountains. Guess who does ALL of those things now?At some point I was tired of being so unfit compared to him – I was hitting 30 and needed to get in shape. I guess he’s a good influence on me!

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