Ways To Anger A Runner

I recently mentioned that I like waking up earlier in the morning.  But my husband almost always beats me to the punch.  No matter how early I set an alarm, he finds a way to wake up before me.  As competitive as I am, this is one that I am happy to let him win.

One of the benefits of his waking up earlier is that I often have an e-mail or two waiting from him while I drink my morning coffee.  He always finds good articles and sometimes they are even funny.  Saturday morning I woke up to this in my inbox 8 Ways to Piss Off a Runner.  I found it to be pretty amusing so I wanted to share and see what you think tops your list.

A few of these were my favorites and others I thought were a bit rude or were not even relevant at all.  I have never yelled “track” to someone while I am on the track.  Sure there are definitely things that tick me off on runs but having to yell at someone like that seems a bit too angry New Yorker and not very full of endorphins friendly runner to me.


You know me, I love dogs….as long as I know them and it isn’t a strange one chasing after me.  I have heard some serious horror stories from runners about dogs.  And the clothes line?  I cannot stand and refuse to get Louie one of those retractable leashes.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to maneuver around one of those!

Pre-run Shakedown/Don’t Provoke The Injured


Fortunately I am married to another runner.  We wake up, drink our coffee, eat our breakfast and go on our runs either together or separately.  We respect each other’s morning routines and stay out of each other’s hair.  But put me in a new morning situation when I am away from home and it definitely takes some special patience.

And about being injured…..ask my husband I can turn into a super b#$%@.  I have gotten better but when I am injured and can’t get my runs in I am miserable.  I feel like I am packing on the pounds and I get restless.  See “Cross Training Purgatory.”

Cross Training Purgatory

Like most runners I hate the elliptical and the bike comes in a close second.  But when I am injured I will sit it out or swing my legs around just trying to break a sweat.  My friend Heather put it perfectly though.  No other form of exercise gives you that same burn or similar feeling of satisfaction.  I could spend hours on the elliptical and never feel like I came close to a 5 mile run.

I still remember the two months I was mending a bout of plantar fasciitis.  In fact the other day we were talking about how great the book “Unbroken” was.  I recalled reading it while I cycled for hours at the gym during that frustrating injury.

Ignoring Hunger Priority

OK there is another time that I get b#*@$y.  When I am rungry.  It is a careful balance that I have not yet perfected.  Sometimes when I know there is a big dinner or a splurge coming in the calorie department I will schedule a long run right before.  Problem is, I arrive rungry.  When I have to wait for food or come to find out there is no food….it gets ugly.  I’m sure you understand.


We all know he never ran a marathon.......

We all know he never ran a marathon…….

My whole life has been a search for the perfect jeans.  I am convinced they do not exist.

What are your thoughts?  Since Festivus was just a week ago go ahead and air your running grievances!

40 thoughts on “Ways To Anger A Runner

  1. Some non-runner telling me that running is going to ruin my knees or how bad running is for someone “my age” are ones I run into a lot. I sort of chuckle/swear under my breath, when someone comments on how many pairs of running shoes I have 😉

    • I had this happen at the weekend. They said they get knee problems from running, then webt on to tell me that they rarely run and when they do they go out long and hard. Genius. That’ll help build up thise supporting muscles. You just can’t help some people.

    • Oh I forgot about the knee thing. You are right. Sooo annoying. I had a doctor tell one of my athletes that running is terrible for knees. I so badly wanted to tell them their doctor was a hack! And yes about the many pairs of shoes 🙂

  2. I get rungry too. My wife’s comment at “8 ways to…” was: onky eight? As for jeans, i have runners thighs and have consistently found that a few varieties of Lucky jeans will work really well for me. Flattering on the butt, fit the thighs, not blowing in the wind like sails. 😉

  3. Haha, cross training purgatory…that is way too true. I despise the elliptical – it feels like torture. I can stand the bike, but it’s still hard to tough it out. The max I can usually go for is only 45 minutes. I just get so bored out of my mind. There’s nothing like running!

  4. Bahahahahahaha Love this, love you. A few other ones:
    Just ice it.
    Do you really need those shoes?
    Just eat a cheeseburger (for those of us that have digestive issues)
    I wish I had your metabolism. (well, did you run 20 miles today?); you are so lucky, you can eat whatever you want (as I carefully make sure to get the right nutrients)
    What, you need to go to bed?
    You are so lucky, you can just wear stretchy pants all day (this is a double edged sword)
    So. So many more.

    • Oh I am so with you on these. People always comment that I can eat anything. Um yeah if that was the case jeans would slip onto these thighs! Whether I run 20 miles or not I still have to pay attention to what goes in. And the ice thing….I so want to shout that ice is practically a thing of the past!

  5. Being injured is the pitts – waiting out this hamstring injury is driving me nuts! I walked for 32 minutes on the treadmill without any pain and it was fantastic BUT all I wanted to do was run!
    Jeans – oh man I hate shopping for jeans. And, I’m always rungry 🙂

  6. Hey!! Great post!! Always love reading ’em!! Happy Holidays to ya and I definitely don’t like feeling hungry when I’m working out/going for a run. It can definitely be a miserable feeling, but I usually (*usually* being the key word) do a pretty good job of fueling before (if I feel like hunger might strike). Have a fabulous week!! XOXO

  7. Hahaha….love this post!

    one thing that pisses me off is when I’m running in a race and trying to get my focus but people around me start “chatting”. it’s not talking…it’s not communication…it’s chatter. People trying to talk over one another. can’t stand it and it makes me want to trip them.

  8. Here is one of mine: other runners who have convinced themselves they can’t run with me, no matter how many times I’ve offered, because they think they are “too slow” or “will hold me back”. If I offer to run with you it’s because I want to run with YOU and could care less about any of the other stuff! Geesh!
    Happy New Year!!

    • That is a great one too. I hear that a lot. I think it is good for runners in general to understand that if you want to run together you both find a common pace and that it is okay whatever that pace is. If we want to run together it is for the joy of running!

  9. I love this!!! It is all so true… Especially about the hunger part. I am not the same person when it comes to not being able to eat! The whole track thing… I train with people that will yell track. I do get embaressed but at the same time glad that they said it so I didn’t have to run around them. 🙂

    • Haha, I like having others do the dirty work. We laugh that when I am rungry I get silent and angry. As soon as I eat Rock laughs that I am suddenly chipper and back to my old self. I make no apologies!

  10. Runger is no joke! My pet peeve is groups of people who walk 2, 3 or 4 across the sidewalk and don’t move to single file to let you pass. Sorry to use your sidewalk! And people who don’t clear their sidewalk of snow so it becomes icy. Rant over.

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