UP24 by Jawbone-My Review

Today I wanted to share a review of a product I have been using for several months now.  This review is completely my own.  I was not asked or compensated by Jawbone.  I was given the UP24 as a birthday gift and haven’t taken it off since.

The UP24 is a small, lightweight band that fits on your wrist.  It snaps into place and is barely noticeable when you wear it.Jawbone2

The UP band measures your steps taken per day as well as calories burnt.  You can also log your daily workouts to help accurately reflect your activities for the day.  While I do not use this function, the UP band also allows you to add in what foods and liquids you consume during the day so that you can see calories in versus calories out.

My favorite feature of this particular model is its Bluetooth capability that sends info directly to your phone.  Without having to press a button or plug anything in you can check your phone and see your stats as they update throughout the day.

You can set goals for your steps, water consumption and other factors and add information as you go through your daily activities and meals.  For example, I set a daily goal of 20,000 steps and my phone notifies me of my progress each day and lets me know when I have hit or exceeded this goal.  I also get fun notifications when I reach 3, 5 and 10 day streaks along with other milestones such as 1,000,000 steps logged.


One of my recent daily logs.

UP also allows you to join teams with other members and friends so that you can share your progress and encourage each other.  You can invite friends to join or choose to keep your information to yourself.  My husband and I are on the same team which can be both humorous and slightly competitive (of course I want to get more steps in than him!).

My take:  I think this is a fantastic tool for anyone who feels like they could use a little help honing in on their fitness or weight loss routine.  While it might not measure calories perfectly it does provide some really helpful insight into just how many (or how few) calories you are actually burning throughout the day.  Being able to see the numbers from each workout can be very enlightening as I think many people far overestimate the amount of calories they burn (especially if you follow what the cardio machines read).  It helps provide a realistic picture of what you are burning versus taking in on a daily basis.  Having the option to set goals can also give you an extra incentive to get those extra steps in each day.

I did have a few times that my UP band fizzled out on me or wasn’t loading data but I had excellent customer service over the phone and even on Twitter.   One time my band was replaced within days and the other time the issue was quickly resolved with a little assistance.

The Jawbone UP24 can be found online or in stores for about $129.99.  In my opinion this is a great tool for helping monitor your fitness activities.

Do you use a fitness tracker?

34 thoughts on “UP24 by Jawbone-My Review

  1. I recently bought a Fitbit Flex (because it was on sale and tax free) and am enjoying it. It actually makes me think about moving more and getting more steps in. It’s funny because my day job is to help people get more active and I do a lot of work around Active Transportation etc. I’m now parking my car further away or walking and extra block to get more steps in. It’s also fun to see on those days when I am running how many steps I am actually taking.
    I think there is a lot to know when using one and that each person’s usage is different. The key piece is that people need to move more!

  2. I received one of these last year for Christmas and wore it religiously until it suddenly stopped working after about 2 months. Per the Jawbone warranty, they sent me another one, but that one too had the same problem after two months of use, so I gave up on it. I know at least one other person who had the same issues as I did, and Jawbone did replace them under the warranty, so it must be a known issue.

    It was fun while it lasted though.

    • I think it does happen but they are great about replacing them. So while it is frustrating I appreciate that they are understanding and take care of it right away. Sorry to hear about yours.

  3. I have an UP24 too – I was lucky to get it on a blog event I went to. I really like it too, it’s surprisingly clever, even getting the mileage pretty much spot on on runs that I’ve done. I also like the reminders and silent alarm.

    Have you seen the UP3? It’s even smarter with bio-impedence to measure heart rate, skin electro-activity, etc.

    If you want to be team mates feel free to add me (though my sedentary day job makes me a less challenging contender haha!)

  4. Jack This is Sara Dudek’s Blog, Rock’s wife Her review of the UP band Did you get any word when the UP3 was coming out

    • I agree. I wouln’t have gotten this on my own but have enjoyed having it. A student gave it to Rock and I and we enjoy seeing our activities along with theirs. They are always joking about how we are constantly doing some activity.

  5. i know very little about these fitness bracelet thingies, so i’m always glad to read someone else’s review. thx for sharing this. i like how you can set your own goals, and i’m a big fan of lots of bracelets on my wrist, so those are the plus sides for me. 🙂 i prob wouldn’t buy myself one but i can see how they can be helpful for people, especially those starting out with a new fitness routine and wanting to change their habits and hold themselves accountable.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I have been wanting to try one of these fitness trackers for a while I was just so overwhelmed with all the choices. 🙂 This looks like a great option!

  7. I’ve heard good things about the Jawbone. I haven’t tried it myself but I do recommed a fitness tracker to clients. It’s a great eye opener for people to learn more about their bodies and take steps to becoming healthier!

  8. I use an old FitBit, the One I think? It clips onto my bra, which I like because i don’t often wear stuff on my wrists. But it easily slides out of its little holder and I’m constantly afraid I’m going to lose it!

  9. Sounds good! My friend who is a fitness fanatic has one so I imagine they must be alright! I’ve recently started using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone which I find really useful. You long your food intake and your workout details and it helps you know how many calories your taking in/burning. But I have to input my exercise manually, and I don’t factor in my general day-to-day walking around whike I’m at work and at home etc, so don’t know how accurate I’m being. Therefore a pedometer would be great for that. I think I’d be a bit overwhelmed if I had the My Fitness Pal app AND a jawbone on the go simultaneously but maybe I could use the pedometer feature to complement the app? Or do you feel the jawbone is more a standalone entity? Thanks for the review!

    • The Jawbone can actually do all of this for you. You can log you food online through Jawbone. It works as a pedometer and will track every single step you take. Together it will show how your calories balance out. You can then log in any activity from a run, to cross training, weight lifting, even ice skating. It really does take care of everything and seems to offer more and more each day.

  10. Great review! It makes me want to get one and compare it to my fitbit. I love them for getting people active, but I dont like people (clients) to obsess over their numbers. That goes with heart rate monitors too. Being more mindful of how much or how intense your exercise is, is more important than seeing it on a screen. With that said, Im all or them!

  11. I do have a fitness tracker. It’s an Orbit and I have a love/hate relationship with it. It has some bugs that are annoying, but I love that it has a digital display so if I want to see where I am for the day I don’t have to break out my phone. I’ve heard such good things about Jawbone though and I actually got Mr. Salt one for Christmas! (His is the kind that clips on.) He really likes it!

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