A Warm Weather Weekend And Leash Woes

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and hopefully yours was filled with some sunshine like we had here on Saturday.  I know the East Coast has been dealt with a winter weather blow, repeatedly for the past few weeks.  I hope you are all doing okay and are just snuggled up inside.
Chicago was very kind to us this weekend.  We had a 40+ degree day here on Saturday and the sun was out.  I took full advantage and went for a nice long run.  I was able to get 9 miles in, not the super long run I love to do, but long enough to get the endorphins really flowing.  I also got to wear capris, run on pavement and dodge a lot of puddles.  Not bad!
Sunday was drizzly here; the perfect way to spend my day off from running.  I was thrilled to see the rain because it was dwindling down that foot and a half of snow we got last week.  In fact, by evening I saw some grass in people’s yards.
Thank you to everyone for sharing their humorous/horrific treadmill tales with me on Friday.  I am glad you all enjoyed my interesting moments at the gym.  I am almost certain there will be more of those to come.
It did remind me of one more grievance I have had lately and a plea to all dog owners.  Two weeks ago I was up in the suburbs with my husband teaching skating.  I finished work before him and took advantage of the opportunity to change up my daily run and get a few miles somewhere different.  We had recently had one of our first measurable snowfalls and most of it had been shoveled.  Despite an annoying wind coming off of Lake Michigan I was feeling great and opted for 8 miles that afternoon.
With a mile left to go I was on a beautiful residential road and a man ahead of me crossed the street with a dog on a retractable leash.  The dog, as any pup wants to do, decided to linger at a bush.  The owner was interested in his phone and he let the retractable leash open up so that he could walk to the corner of the sidewalk, leaving the dog several feet away on the other side.
I was stuck and despite my best efforts the gentleman was too busy with other distractions and couldn’t hear me.  I could have stopped, but we all know that I am far too stubborn and also just wanted to finish my darn run!  So I swerved around the gentleman and tried to hop around the sidewalk to avoid being clotheslined by the leash.  Unfortunately I landed on a patch of ice.
We all know that I have a serious lack of coordination.  Of course the first thing that landed on the ground was my face.  Yes my face!  And then my shoulder.  I was so furious that when the gentleman ran over I just got up, waved him away and kept running.  I knew I was hurt and I wanted to cry, but I was also so mad.
When I wiped my face there was blood.  I knew my husband would be worried if he saw me coming back crying and bloody and I didn’t want to alarm him or my in-laws.  Fortunately when I got into the driveway and saw myself in a mirror, it was a small cut on my lip and nose.  But boy was I furious.
From one dog owner to another, I beg you…..please skip the retractable leash.  If you want to give your dog some space let them run in the yard or take them to the dog park.  It isn’t always the people you see coming towards you that you need to pay attention to.  Those of us, including walkers and bikers, don’t like dodging your unpredictable dog on a 10 feet leash!
On the flip side, I do have some great news.  Run, don’t walk, to Target.  Most of their winter gear (including running clothes) are 50% off.  This includes hats, gloves, and purses (to store your running gear in of course).  And they also have a new flavor of La Croix.  Go try the pineapple flavor now.  It is my new favorite!  It is also a totally acceptable day time version of a pina colada!
I am by no means compensated or sponsored by Target (not that I would decline).  I am just a frugal shopper and love everything about that store.  Their running gear and accessories are all great!
How was your weekend?  Ever been clotheslined by a leash?

15 thoughts on “A Warm Weather Weekend And Leash Woes

  1. Yikes! I’m so glad you made it out with just a scrape. I had similar woes when I was biking to and from work last summer. Long leashes and wandering children are recipes for disaster on the bike path!

  2. I love around college students and they aren’t the greatest with watching their dogs. However, when I run on the trails, dog walkers are amazing and pause to hold their dogs. I’m sorry about the fall! That sounds rough.

  3. I hate those leashes!! That and dogs off leash when they shouldn’t be. Glad to hear you’re ok but that had to hurt!! There is a path at a local park that I like to run which is also popular with dog owners. Not only do they let the dog cross the path with the whole leash, I have seen numerous dogs walking in the street. There is now ay they pull the dog back in time if a car came speeding around the corner. Dangerous for other people and the dogs too.

  4. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt badly.
    I think retractable leashes should be banned, I had a problem with a dog owner not too long ago.
    I was working out with my beast, he’s always on the leash, I wear a handsfree leash around my waist, it’s about 3ft long, enough for me not to trip on the best and for him to run nicely.
    Anyway, this lady with her yappy dog are on the side of the path, I moved my best to the opposite side, woman let her dog run free and gives it more leash, dog comes towards me, charged at my beast, I grabbed the best tightly close, yappy dog kept charging at Doggy. Yappy dog bit my beast, my beast defended himself, I tried to avoid it because my beast was bigger. Luckily for the little dog it was wearing a coat, my best just shook him twice and threw him away. You would think the woman would take some responsibility, instead she blamed me, for owning a big dog (mind you, Doggy is 40lbs) and not walking him with a muzzle. She was all over my face, it was then when I reached for the gun in my pocket and fired 3 shots (my imaginare gun of course).
    I dropped a couple of F bombs and went my way.
    People don’t realize how dangerous those leashes are, specially at night. The whole point of having your dog on a leash is to have control over it.
    Anyhow, sorry for hijacking your post (and all the typos because I’m not proofreading this) lol

  5. Never been cloths lined people here don’t see the need for leashes at all. One thing that running has done for me is it has taught me to hate dogs and some of the owners. I now carry Bear Pepper Spray for both.

      • I got attacked by the owner of two dogs when I kick at them as they tried to bite me on one of my runs; he felt I was out of line trying to keep his unleashed dog off me. I called Animal Control (this was the 3rd time I was attacked by these dogs) on them but because ‘no blood was drawn’ nothing was done to them except a verbal warning of keep your dogs confined to the property or leashed. Dog’s seem to have more rights then humans here. During the warm months its a weekly occurrence to be charged my dogs; less during the winter (if there is such a thing in San Diego)

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