Our Team Is Expanding

I am excited to share that our running team/family is expanding.  It has been incredibly hard to keep this secret for the past few months from my friends, extended family, and readers.  I also have been avoiding the camera and posting pics of me on here.
While I am beyond thrilled to be able to share this I also wanted to acknowledge how hard it can be for some people to read this.  I know this from personal experience.  I cannot begin to tell you how hard it was at times to read some of my favorite blogs or run into some of my closest friends and hear their exciting news, only because it was something I too was desperately hoping for.  Although I was so very excited for them, it was difficult as we patiently waited and prayed for a family of our own.
This wasn’t the easiest path I have ever been on.  There have been ups and downs along the way.  I hope that this post can serve as a glimmer of hope for anyone reading this who is hoping to find the same in their life.  I can most definitely say that I am one lucky woman to be with my best friend and husband on this journey.  He is the most positive and caring person I have ever met. He is certainly my Rock!
On our end all is going well minus a few weeks when this salad eating runner couldn’t stand to think of eating vegetables.  Bagels and bread took over my life for awhile.  But things have settled down and I am enjoying the wait to see where this journey takes me.  In the meantime I have been able to stick with my running for now and that has been wonderful as always!  I have been given the go ahead to continue running as usual but just at a lower intensity.
Yesterday I also took full advantage of Fat Tuesday and as you can see I laid into some paczkis.  This also happened to occur in the car, because there wasn’t time to wait until we got home.  Our car has also become junk food central.  Yes that is a tub of chocolate frosting that hangs out in the car these days….because you just never know what you will need to put it on (thus the stockpile of animal crackers, Teddy Grahams and Nilla Wafers).  It’s going to be a long 9 months!  Thank goodness for stretchy yoga pants!

84 thoughts on “Our Team Is Expanding

  1. Congrats!! Is this your first? I ran through half of my first pregnancy, but I was sidelined in the middle due to some issues that eventually resolved, but I couldn’t get back in to it. I kept active though. Just remember that you can do what you want to if you listen to your body -which you’re great at already!

  2. How AWESOME!!! Congratulations to you both Sarah!! I’m very happy and excited for you!!! :)))
    And, I have to say, I’m LOVING to pics of the junk food, LOL!! It does my heart GOOD! #KindredSpirits!! And I’m not even pregnant! Hahaha!
    Prayers for a smooth journey and a healthy Little One!! :)))

    • Thanks. I know I just posted about how terrible America’s sugar addiction is and how I was going to nix it. But hey, I’m blaming this one on the baby (take one for the team, right?!). I try to keep it balanced but the junk food in the car is pretty hilarious.

    • Thanks 🙂 I actually stopped the ACV for awhile and will pick it back up when the time is right. I did see however, that many women use it to improve fertility and as a healthy detox during pregnancy. You are onto something with that stuff!

  3. Congrats on your new little running buddy!!! I am actually exactly 12.5 weeks along too! Can’t wait to see how your workouts progress during pregnancy. I know running has definitely helped me with nausea. And what is it with junk food and pregnancy? All I want is cheeseburgers and french fries …

    • So glad I hear I am not alone. And I was just saying last night that running has made me actually feel better. And I’ve been sticking with strength training to avoid the excess that my excessive bad eating might bring 😉

  4. Congratulations! That’s such exciting news. I hope you get to experience many wonderful moments on your journey the next few months 🙂

  5. Congratulations! This is so exciting and the best is yet to come 🙂 You are really sweet to acknowledge those who have a hard time reading this news. Through our journey to starting a family, I learned and became a believer that things happen for a reason….even if you never know the reason. Enjoy eating all the junk food….it will definitely make a good first impression on the baby!

    • Thank you so much. And you are so right that things do happen for a reason. We had some highs followed by lows and it can be disheartening. But looking back I know that we are on the path we should be on and it happens for a reason and when the time is right. However, it isn’t always easy at the time to believe that. Patience and working as a team is the key I think.

  6. Okay I just freaked the heck out right at my desk. Your comment on my blog today takes on a whole new meaning now! CONGRATULATIONS, LOVELY!! I’m so thrilled for you guys! You are going to be the most fantastic mommy. ❤ Let me know if you ever need any help with anything! (I know I'm far away, but I love talking about babies!) So much love to you and your family!!!

  7. Oh my god!!! I am so totally, over the top excited for you. So many congratulations… I’m glad you’re still able to run and can’t wait to hear (and see) how the next few months go for you. Hugs x

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  9. Congratulations!!! That is such exciting and wonderful news. Those cravings are the weirdest, I know for a while all I wanted was bagels, Shamrock shakes, and gingerbread men cookies. Enjoy this time, your life is about to change in a wonderful way!

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