More Cold And Spins!

Happy Monday!  I don’t know about you guys but that was fast.  I had a great weekend and even enjoyed an outdoor run.

Friday Rock did something really awesome and showed up after work with Red Velvet Oreos.  My only complaint is, I don’t understand why these are limited edition.  I used to love Oreos as a kid and don’t care for them very much as an adult.  But this pregnant lady thought these were a major hit.  Hello cream cheese frosting!


Saturday MDA Team Momentum had it’s first group training run for the Michelob Ultra Chicago Spring 13.1.  Did I mention that we were chosen as the official charity for this race?  This is pretty huge because Team Momentum just turned one year old just a few months ago.

The weather in Chicago has been just brutal lately.  It is getting a bit depressing.  But the weather/running gods were shining on us on Saturday and the temps went from zero to 20 something for the few short hours we needed.  We got our run in and then Sunday the temps dipped back into awful degrees.  It was fun to be coaching runners again after a winter break.

Afterward those who braved the temps came over to our place for a post run breakfast.  I wanted to make something warm for everyone but when you are up at 6 and out the door it is hard to have a hot breakfast ready.  If only we had a personal chef to prepare pancakes to be ready as we walked in the door…..But I tried out a slow cooker breakfast recipe and it was a huge hit.  In fact, I am going to share the recipe tomorrow but I didn’t get a picture because I thought there would be tons of left overs and it disappeared quickly.  So you will just have to trust me, and a team of hungry runners, on that one.

By late afternoon it was nearly 30ºF out, so Louie and I did some strolling. It felt so nice out.  How sad is it when 30’s feel like spring?  But come Sunday morning those temps were a thing of the past and we were back into the single digits.


We also consumed a lot of Oreos. Correction: I consumed a lot of Oreos.

After sleeping in and eating lots of leftover Blueberry Buckle I was ready to crawl back into bed and take a nap.  Fortunately my friend Michelle invited me to try Flywheel.  This was my second ever spin class and slightly intimidating.  But it was just the kick in the pants I needed.  I got a great sweat and my quads were wrecked, a tough feat for this runner.  I will share a review soon.  I do think spinning is a great way to cross train and a fun way to mix up your training program.

How was your weekend?

Did you know that the Michelob Ultra Chicago Spring 13.1 has a pancake breakfast and beer garden at the finish?  We still have spots on our team and plenty of time to train!

24 thoughts on “More Cold And Spins!

  1. The weather in St. Louis has been depressing, too, for this transplanted Florida girl. Warmed up to 42 by midafternoon here, everything started melting, and I was able to put in 8 miles outside. It felt good to cover some actual ground. 7 weeks to the Go! St. Louis half.

  2. It is completely acceptable for you to eat all those Oreos. Maybe the baby likes them. 🙂 (I know I do, I LOVE red velvet anything!) 30 degrees is a heatwave! After spin yesterday I almost wanted to throw on some shorts. Too bad it’s more of the same now. Oh and yay spin!!! I am totally in agreement about it being a great crosstrain and I’m hoping it will teach me to turn my legs over faster. I’m so glad you’re loving it and so inspired that you’re so active during your pregnancy!

    • Thanks. I am certainly trying. I find that the exercise helps with the nausea and also to combat all of the overeating I tend to do (also happens when not pregnant). The spinning is fine and nice to have something new to try and get into.

  3. That is awesome about being the official charity! And, by the way, I don’t know how you handle the cold. I hate running in 100 degree heat, but 20 degrees is hard for me also. My body just seems to use a lot more energy to keep warm then during warmer weather. Anyway, at least I’m not sub-zero! Enjoy the cookies. They look great!

  4. If I lived in Chicago I’d join 😉 I was never a fan of Oreos but you’re making those Red Velvet ones sound so good! Although I’ve been trying to get on back on track with healthy eating so maybe I should pass 😉

  5. i’m running the Mic Ultra 13.1 in Queens in March! i did it a few years ago and thought i’d get back at it this year…except i’m doing way more “fun life stuff” on the weekends lately and not so much training. whoops. so we’ll see how that pans out. a lil calming down for the next few weeks is certainly in order. 🙂 some girlfriends were discussing those RV Oreos at the gym last week…i am probably the only female in the world who can’t stand anything red velvet, but glad you’re enjoying them!

  6. Congrats on getting outside- I’m so jealous! It’s been SO cold in Cleveland and I stayed inside for all of my workouts sadly. Though I did get outside for a nice walk which helped with the stir-craziness!

    And YES I am not a fan of Oreos but really liked the Red Velvet ones too! Where did you find them? I’ve only seen them at Target and ended up using them all up to make a puppy chow. I need more!

  7. Blueberry buckle and red velvet oreos. AWESOME. I’ll have to look at the date for the 13.1–it’s usually the weekend of Ragnar. Congrats to the Team on being the official charity! That is so freaking exciting!

  8. Fab post! 🙂 great that you were able to get out despite the weather. I have to say… So incredibly jealous of your Oreos! Wales doesn’t really have the biggest supply.. Especially not these awesome ones! Well deserved munch after your run 🙂

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