Totally Rad Nachos

Got your attention?  Well they are kind of rad, mostly because they are full of radishes!


On Sunday we arrived back to a much warmer version of Chicago than what we left it in.  What a relief.  This was also great because the colder temps had kept me indoors a lot.  I was doing my workouts and running indoors at the gym and I was missing my daily walks (and I think Louie the dog was missing these a lot too).  It was perfect timing because despite the fact that I ran nearly 50 miles during my week in Florida, my diet was less than stellar.

I don’t know about you but whenever I get back from a trip or vacation I always feel like I need a detox, regardless of how I ate or how much exercise I did while I was away.  Anytime I am outside of my normal routine I feel out of whack.  And there was a lot of not so great choices that I opted for when we were out for dinner.  I also am the first to admit that I tend to over eat, especially when I run a lot.

One of my favorite things to snack on is nachos.  When I am in marathon training I love to go out for a burger and nachos.  It is my favorite pre-long run meal.  Again, not stellar but it works and I always say to stick with what works.  The problem is that when I have tortilla chips in the house I tend to loose all self control.  You should see the damage I can do when I sit down at a Mexican restaurant.  I wanted to give into this craving (hello, I’m pregnant and a girl has gotta live!).  But I didn’t want to continue feeling like a complete slug with my eating.  So I decided to revamp the nachos and make something that took care of my craving but also made me feel good.

Side note: at the grocery store when we were checking out, Rock saw that we had all of the ingredients for nachos and quickly pointed out that I forgot the chips.  I picked up the radishes and cucumbers and said I was making them with those instead.  Boy was he disappointed!

These are not going to completely satisfy that need for greasy, oozy nachos.  But they have the crunch and essential ingredients to keep you from feeling like you are missing out.  By the way, we skipped the cucumbers because they weren’t Rock’s fave but he admitted afterwards that these were much better than he expected.  Plus these are super easy to make and also require no baking!


Radishes (and or cucumbers)

Guacamole or a smashed avocado

Plain Greek yogurt

Salsa or pico de gallo

Cheese (I recommend queso fresco or cotija but I just used 1/4 cup of shredded cheese because pregnancy is a major bummer on cheese options)


Thinly slice your radishes or cucumbers to a chip like thickness and spread around a plate or platter.  Place small dollops of guacamole, salsa, and yogurt on top of veggies.  Sprinkle lightly with cheese and serve.  Go ahead and get creative with your toppings!



How do you like your nachos?

13 thoughts on “Totally Rad Nachos

  1. You crack me up…I literally just shouted YES. Because you always have my attention when the word nacho is mentioned. I’ve never heard of radish nachos before! What an interesting idea that I’m going to try out!

  2. mmm lil radish and avocado combo sounds delish! i try to steer clear of nachos, esp now that i’m off chips, but i do love tortilla chips and salsa/guac sooooo much! i’m surprised at how easy it’s been to stay away from them the past few weeks, considering i always want them!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever bought radishes but I’ve gotten plenty in my summer CSA. I like to pickle them. I like my nachos with sweet potatoes. But I don’t really care I’m all about the toppings!

  4. Qdoba… No beans, queso, a scoop of chicken, a scoop of steak, 1 scoop pico, one scoop verde, cheese… Chips on the side. Pure heaven on a plate – in fact, I had that for lunch today when my wife came down to the office.

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