Running Favorites

I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers irishrunnerchick to share some of my running faves.  I loved reading hers and it is always flattering to see yourself tagged for something fun like this.  So thanks and here goes…..

1.  Location:  Trail, Road, or Indoors?

I definitely end up using all of these throughout the year.  But I absolutely love trail running and wish I could do more of it.  Between Chicago and New York City I don’t get a lot of trail running opportunities.  However, when we are in Michigan I love to throw some trails in.  There is a ski resort very close to our house and they have some great cross country trails open to the public in the summer.  One word.  Gorgeous!

2.  Time of Day:  Morning, Noon, or Evening?

I usually prefer to get my runs in during the morning hours, although that is getting harder and harder as I want to sleep more these days.  While I like morning runs, I definitely don’t mind an afternoon workout and sometimes my evening runs are my best or even fastest.  Basically I can run and am happy to run at any hour.  I really do like mixing it up and don’t force myself to stick to one routine.  If I wake up and my body or mind isn’t feeling it, I let myself make an alternate plan.

3.  Weather:  Sunshine, Mild, or Hot?

I love my warm weather.  My ideal temps are in the 50’s to 60’s.  I don’t fair well in hot and humid and have been known to pout and cry my way through runs.  But I do love warmer temps.  When we went to Aruba two winters ago during one of those nasty polar vortexes we were so excited to be running in the warmth again that we managed 70+ miles during our week long stay!


4.  Fuel:  Before, After, and Sometimes during?

If by fuel you mean food, well then yes please!  Just kidding.  I am a pre-run fueler.  I would love to say that for shorter runs I don’t need to eat anything.  However, the truth is that I am a breakfast girl.  I have a bowl of cereal (or two) sans milk for breakfast most days.  I typically run 7-9 miles per workout these days and I think my body responds well to this plan.

For longer runs I like a toasted bagel, scooped out with peanut butter and jelly or chive cream cheese.  I find this is the perfect combination for keeping my stomach happy and I can make it about 20 miles on that alone.  When I do fuel for a longer run I typically use nut butters these days, like Pocket Fuel or Justin’s.  But I also love Jelly Belly’s and Gatorade Chews.

5.  Accessories:  Music, Watch, and more?

While I often forget to accessorize when I go out on the town (not for lack of owning a bazillion accessories).  But when it comes to running I don’t skimp.  I actually wear my RoadID at all times.  I had to be reminded on our wedding day to take it off before the ceremony!  Safety is key for me and instead of worrying about remembering it for each run I just leave it on.

I also always take a Garmin.  I do get fed up a lot during these annoyingly cloudy days when it is chilly and takes forever to connect so I often just run without turning it on.  Sadly I know the mileage down to a tenth of the mile for just about any run.

I do like to run to music so I take my phone as of late and just find a Pandora station.  I save my playlist on my iPod for a really long run or for post baby marathon training!


6.  Rewards:  Food or wine or…..?

All of it, minus the wine right now. But seriously I think about food a lot during runs; especially long runs.  Right after finishing I look forward to a nice tall glass of cold chocolate almond milk.  The thought of that keeps me going for miles on a hot day.  On longer runs I also dream of what we will do for a dinner night out.  I love going out for Mexican but have no self control with tortilla chips on the table so I made queso fundido at home a few weeks ago (recipe coming soon!).

I’m not going to lie.  I also love my wine and beer.  I love a generous pour of white wine or prosecco, or Vueve Cliquot for special occasions.  And I adore a good IPA.  In fact I love, love, love going beer tasting post long runs and trying a flight at new microbreweries.  Baby Dudek has put all of this on hold for a bit but I really don’t miss it.  However, I am definitely looking forward to a post baby imbibe.

This is my absolute favorite beer.  If you end up in Michigan don't forget to grab a Short's.

This is my absolute favorite beer. If you end up in Michigan don’t forget to grab a Short’s.

7.  Type of run: long, short, tempo, speed work……

Hands down I love long runs.  I look forward to them and miss them when I don’t get to go.  In fact, Rock had a 16 miler this past week and I was so jealous!  I really enjoy waking up on a Saturday morning with either a plan in mind, or none and just going for it.  Last spring I woke up one Saturday and needed to clear my head.  I did a loop around Manhattan and came home 20 miles later with a much better mindset.  And then we went out for dinner……

Thanks again irishrunnerchick for the tag.  This was really fun and much easier than me figuring out 7 things you don’t know about me!  I have a few bloggers I want to shout out to and offer up the chance to share their answers.  But please tag yourself and share these too.  I would love to read your responses as well.

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13 thoughts on “Running Favorites

  1. You just made my day!! Thank you so much for the tag, sweet friend! ❤
    We have a lot of the very same answers. Man do I miss temps in the 50's and 60s. I can't wait until it's like that for my early morning runs. That first glass of wine after baby arrives tastes so freaking good! (And my lack of tolerance was positively hilarious too.) I love all your answers!

    • Haha, I love it. Rock and I were just talking about post baby wine last night. We both agreed that it would be so awesome and my tolerance will be interesting. And I am so with you 50’s and 60’s in the am will be just delightful!

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