A Weekend Of Windy Running

Happy Monday from sunnyish New York City.  I have had a great week here so far and my legs and body are reminding me that this is one active city.  Between running, walking to and from places, and work I have averaged between 17-20 miles most days.  That is one thing I love about this city.  It is nearly impossible to be inactive here.

When we arrived earlier this week the temperatures were rather chilly.  I thought it was a cruel joke because as soon as we left Chicago it warmed up there.  And while we were working outside all day, every day, the temperatures in NYC remained stubbornly chilly.  Fortunately the weather has improved and this past weekend was a beauty.

Saturday was a bright and early one because Rock had to get an 18 mile training run in before some afternoon work.  I decided to get up and do 7 miles myself.  I don’t know how he managed but he pulled off a pretty strong run despite some of the worst winds I have ever experienced.  At one point during my own run I was going past a track meet at Icahn Stadium and the wind was pushing me so hard I had to struggle to stay on the path.  The wind actually kept pushing me to one side and I repeatedly kicked myself in the ankle.  I admittedly shouted a few profanities at the gusts since I was alone on the path and no one could come to take me away to be evaluated!  (I was yards away from a psychiatric hospital so I am sure no one would have even flinched.)

Since Rock was busy working the rest of the day I decided to wander over to our old neighborhood and get a haircut from our neighbor.  After visiting with her and getting the gossip on the hood I did what any wife would do while their husband was at work in NYC, shop!

I wandered down to Midtown and checked out a few maternity stores.  I stopped in Bloomingdales and a few other shops and then ended up at a boutique on the Upper East Side that was going out of business.  Everything was marked 80% off so I had to make some purchases.  It would have been silly not to.

On Sunday the wind was supposed to be much lighter but I personally believe the weather reports were lying.  I saved my “long” run for that day because of the lighter wind and warmer temperatures.  It was perfect training weather in the low 60’s and partly sunny.  I am coaching a group for an upcoming half marathon in mid-May and I want to make sure I am also prepared for the big day.

The run was made much brighter thanks to a return to my old running shoes.  I made the switch a few weeks ago to Brooks.  I so badly wanted to like them and I gave them a good try.  Unfortunately my legs were just not loving what they were doing for me and I missed the support of my old Asics.


Hellooo Lover! Just like Carrie Bradshaw, a new pair of shoes absolutely made my day. Except these were my trusty Kayanos and not Louboutin’s.

I had one of those perfect runs where I felt like I could have kept going for hours, except I ran into Rock and Zach and I had to stop.  Yesterday was Zach’s big 14th birthday so I took a break from my run to say hello to the boys and wish our favorite young runner a special day.

We of course celebrated a lovely Easter too.  I made Rock the perfect Easter basket complete with all of my favorite candies, some fuel for his training and the perfect gift for any male runner, nipple Band-Aids.


I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Did you experience the brutal wind on your runs?

17 thoughts on “A Weekend Of Windy Running

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! How long are you in the city for? If I wasn’t crazy with finals right now I’d take Harry on a trip and come visit you! Also I’ve got to pick your brain soon as I need to formulate a plan for my marathon training.

    • I am only here until Wednesday because I have to get back to train Team Momentum for the half marathon. But after the half I will be here for 3 weeks so maybe we can make something work. Harry could come visit one of our classes 🙂 And you can pick my brain all you want. E-mail me when you are ready and we can even set up a phone call. I will happily make a plan for you if you would like.

      • Sounds good! Let me know a firmer date range for us to come visit and I’ll make it work. This week I’m focusing on finals so maybe we can set up a phone date next week.

  2. High speed winds are the worst!! It was a bit windy down in Nashville this weekend, but nothing too extreme. Although I noticed it tended to get more windy while I was running in shady spots and get still while I was in the sun–not the best combination!! But I always tell myself that running in less-than-deal conditions makes me mentally and physically stronger.

  3. We had that wind this week, too! Man, is that frustrating… It seems like no matter which direction you run it, it always finds you 🙂
    I had a hard time transitioning from Asics to Brooks as well!! I thought I was the only one who didn’t immediately take to them. This was last spring that I tried to switch… I know anymore running shoes aren’t supposed to need “broken in” but I had to put at least 100 miles on the Brooks before I felt good running in them. By that time my Asics had basically disintegrated so I guess that’s a good thing 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in NY! Weather should be a lot nicer today! Happy belated Easter!

    • Funny how that wind chases you regardless of where you head. The Brooks were fine but after the amount of time and mileage I spent in them it became clear that Asics are what work for me and it wasn’t worth risking an injury to make them work. Too bad though. I really wanted to love them!

  4. Nipple bandaids. Such a lovely wife you are. You know how I feel about shoes–I”m always tentative, and I loved my Brooks until they made some major changes that didn’t jive with my feet. I am seriously in love with the Newtons, but I feel like I need a more “normal” shoe for days when i want to give my calves a break. It was fun trying the frees (and I’m wearing them right now) but they will be for brief runs and cross training ONLY

    • The nipple Band-Aids was a funny one. I wish I loved the Brooks but after trying for over a month my body just didn’t like them. I really want to. But they are now my new wandering around shoes. Nothing wrong with that. Those Nikes are pretty sweet!

  5. I love those runs when you feel like you can run forever. 80% off is seriously amazing! I had a very crappy and EXTREMELY windy (by SF standards) run in the middle of the day on Saturday. It was 3 miles of unpleasantness, and I think I was making maybe the worst face ever when I ran into the wind toward the Golden Gate. 🙂

    • Wind faces I am sure are about the worst ever! Isn’t it great when you feel like you could go forever? I wish that for every runner at some point because I think that is when you feel like you have truly found your running groove.

    • I lived here for over 10 years and can tell you that I am very happy to just be visiting. It is a super fun place to visit but it definitely has its drawbacks. I highly recommend coming for a visit and bringing running shoes.

  6. I had some wind here and there, but nothing too crazy. I LOVE runs that feel like you could just keep going and going! And congratulations on your beautiful new shoes! Haha we totally have the same reaction to new running shoes. Most of my girlfriends are all excited about a new pair of boots or heels and I’m like MY NEW HOKA.

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