So Much Stuff To Love

I love spring.  It makes me so happy to see green growing on the ground and trees again.  The warmer weather brightens my mood.  Even my allergies can’t get me down….too much.

Lately there are several things that I have been absolutely loving.  So instead of running advice today I am just going to share with you a few of the things I am digging as of late:

Flipbelt:  Surprisingly most of this list is not running related but this is a recent find for me.  After using the SPIbelt for as long as I can remember I decided to make a switch.  Over the winter I was at the gym for quite awhile and didn’t need a place to stash my phone.  While we were in Florida I put my phone in my SPIbelt and couldn’t figure out what the random bruises were on my waist.  I’m not sure if it was because of my growing belly or because I hadn’t used one in awhile but it lead me to take a look at the Flipbelt.

I am a new convert.  This sits perfect under my growing belly and holds a lot of crapola.  I can easily fit my phone, keys and cash/credit cards (all essentials for longer runs).  These days safety is an even bigger concern for me so I love having all of this safely right up against me.  The belt doesn’t bounce around at all and would be perfect for anyone needing to carry plenty of fuel.


Polar Seltzer Water:  Whenever I come to NYC I get so excited about drinking Polar Water.  I love sparkling water and during my pregnancy I have been addicted to it.  LaCroix is my usual go to, but on the East Coast you can find Polar just about anywhere.  What I love about this brand is their vast array of flavors with zero calories, sweeteners, or anything else.  My all time favorite is Orange Vanilla because it tastes like a creamsicle.  But they also carry fun seasonal flavors like cucumber watermelon and chocolate mint.  And yes, chocolate mint is awesome and not weird at all!

Last spring when we were here I would go for super long runs every Saturday morning and time my runs out to end in front of the grocery store that carried the biggest selection of water.  I would even run back and forth on the block to get my mile in because I craved this water so badly.  I would leave carrying at least 6 one liter bottles at a time.


The Snoogle:  I am now at the point in my pregnancy where I am not supposed to sleep on my back any more.  Talk about making a lady go crazy!  But I discovered this amazing body pillow and life has gotten much better.  This pillow has a unique shape that allows you to fit your head and neck in one end and wrap your legs around the bottom.  Tired of sleeping on one side?  Roll over and the pillow basically holds you like a set of warm arms.  You can also bend and fold it into all sorts of shapes for comfy lounging.  I read a review online that recommended you not share this with your partner because they might end up stealing it from you!


Cadbury Mini Eggs:  These things make wish we had Easter all year long.  My husband knows how much I love these and kept buying bags for the car (remember our car snacks?).  I read on another blog that someone referred to these as M&M’s on drugs and I cannot think of a better description for them.  They have a nice crisp outer shell and then a ton of smooth delicious chocolate inside.  I’m not sure what I am going to do for the next 11 months when we run out of our stash.


What are you recent faves that you can’t get enough of?

40 thoughts on “So Much Stuff To Love

  1. I seriously thinking about getting a flip belt for the summer. I’m running further and further away from what I know. Its nice to take enough money and all the little things that I can’t fit in my phone arm band. Mini eggs are the best! I could just eat them by the bucket!

    • I actually really like the Flipbelt, way more than I expected I would. It is very comfortable and doesn’t bounce around. After years of loving the SPIbelt, I find this even more comfortable and even carries much more. Imagine how many eggs you could fit in there 😉

  2. Polar Seltzer is da bomb. And I want a snoogle for myself right now. Screw waiting until I am preggo. Who knows when that will be! And dark chocolate multigrain cheerios are seriously taking over my life. I kid you not.

  3. I have a FlipBelt. Do you actually flip it over after putting your stuff in? I like it but find it cumbersome when I need to grab my phone.

  4. I just ordered a flipbelt and I’m SO excited for it!! I typically rely on pockets and my sports bra to hold things (and I use an ipod shuffle for music) and I feel like I’ll fall so in love with the flipbelt that I’ll wonder how I lived without it so long!!

  5. I’ve been curious about Flipbelt for a very long time and I think you just sold me. I love my SPI Belt, but it really doesn’t hold enough, especially after I got a new phone which is ginormous. And OMG SNOOGLE. BEST PREGNANT LADY INVENTION EVER!!!

  6. First, CONGRATS MAMA!!! I just had my first daughter 3 months ago! I’m not getting back into working out and I’m a beginning runner! It’s a workout baby and I can do together and I LOVE IT!! 😊

    Second, I’ve just started seeing this flip belts! I’m thinking of getting one for my first 5k in May! My question is… I have an iPhone 6 plus (you know… The HUGE ONE!), I’m wondering will it fit in the flip belt?! Thank you!

    I just LOVE reading your blog! 😊

  7. First off, I love the flipbelt…have had won for a few years and LOVE it!. Second – I may have bought the largest bag of mini eggs a few weeks ago and am almost out of them….sure hoping to find some on sale soon 😉

  8. i drink sooooo much club soda!! obsessed with Pellegrino’s grapefruit. i think we discussed this in our comments before. 🙂 funny you mentioned the running belts, b/c just this morning i took out my SPIbelt for the first time this season b/c i decided i’d run home from work and leave my purse here, so i have my blue camo SPI with me today! haven’t tried a Flipbelt but it looks cool — glad it’s working for you. things i’m loving lately include my new sneaks & running tights and the advent of PATIO SEASON IN NYC! HOPEFULLY!

    • Oooh I almost added dry shampoo. Shawna posted about it and I gave it a try. It is so perfect for us athletes. Otherwise I want to wash my hair at least once a day. And I need to try Daiya. I have heard great things about it.

      • Jesse and I are currently obsessed with not washing our hair (even though his hair texture is way better suited to dirty hair) and we have four different kinds on rotation. Daiya is surprisingly good; we use it for vegan pizza and nachos (I’m vegetarian save for a couple types of fish and Jesse’s lactose intolerant) and it’s majorly clutch! Let me know if you try it. 🙂

  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about the snoogle! I am not pregnant but still really want to try it! I also am a flipbelt convert and I love mine. I actually use it for things besides running too. I will wear it when I walk my dog and don’t have enough pockets. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine!

    • I am so glad you guys told me you use the Flipbelt for other things. Somehow I wouldn’t have thought of it and it is sooo smart! What a great idea. The Snoogle is awesome and not just meant for pregnant ladies. I sleep so much better with it but it would be so awesome while watching TV and as my friends would call it, a “boyfriend pillow.”

  10. I have a SpiBelt but don’t love it. I definitely have chafing if I wear it certain ways. I got a new running vest though which is awesome but I’ll have to see if vests are allowed at my next marathon. Luckily I forgot all about mini-eggs until I visited a friend’s house for Easter and I just couldn’t control myself – they are so damn tasty.

    • I know, those eggs, what is it?! I liked the SPIbelt but once I tried the Flip it was like a completely different world. I am really happy with it and would definitely recommend it.

  11. I LOVE the flipbelt. I got one kind of recently because I was tired of trying to fit my phone and other things in the tiny little water bottle pockets. I was skeptical at first because I’ve used other belts and they never stay put on me. But the flipbelt fits everything and doesn’t budge! It truly is wonderful!

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