Lovely Weekend Full of Miles and Fun

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  Mine started out with beautiful weather here in Chicago.  Friday was a day off of work for me and it almost hit 80 degrees.  I got a nice run in and all sorts of organizing that needed to be taken care of.


Saturday morning Team Momentum had an 11 mile training run, their furthest yet in preparation for the Chicago 13.1 in less than four weeks!  The weather wasn’t quite what it was on Friday but I woke up to mid 50’s and that meant shorts and a tank for the run.  It was so nice to see a larger group show up for our training session and I am proud to say that everyone did an incredible job.

The weather was wonderful on the way out but as we turned around we were hit with some pretty awful winds off of the lake.  My fingers were numb and I was kind of regretting that tank top.  You know that in between weather where it is just too hard to pinpoint what you should wear?  Nothing like getting that for the second half a of long run.

Despite the wind and slower paces on the way back, everyone continued to rock their runs.  In fact some people were posting PR’s compared to last year.  It is going to be really fun to see how it all works out come race day.  But one thing I know is that this group is going to be half marathon ready!


I do have one minor confession.  I pulled a Salt in the last half mile of our run.  I was chatting with a friend and bringing up random topics as I often do when I am coaching and trying to help others get in those last long miles.  I wasn’t paying attention and somehow rolled off of the sidewalk and took a nice trip.  I was absolutely fine but my hands took the brunt of my fall and so did one of my legs.  It was one of those falls where you know you are going down and it is going to be okay but everything plays out in slo-mo.

Holy embarrassing! My hands got skinned up and later in the day it reminded me of being a little kid and falling at the play ground.  I had a nice case of gravel burn.  Later I confessed to the rest of the team what happened and they asked me how I fell.  All I could say was, “Like a figure skater!”  It was a classic Sarah moment.  In fact the day Rock proposed to me we went out to lunch right before he popped the question.  As we left the restaurant I tripped over an imaginary something and fell to the ground.  I ended up with scraped hands, knees and ankles.  Fortunately the blood didn’t deter him and the day wasn’t lost.  Later he confessed that he thought that might have ruined his big surprise.  All I can say is that Rock knew right from the beginning what he was getting himself into!  I tend to walk into walls, even in my own home.  I am a serious klutz.

Minus the bruised ego and hands, the rest of the weekend was great.  Our new crib arrived and we got it assembled and the baby’s room is coming together.  Can you believe we are at 21 weeks along already?  We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl and we are waiting to find out on the big day.  But I would love to hear your guesses.

Sunday is always the perfect off day for me.  Lots of sleeping in and a cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing to kick off the day.  There was some church in there along with errands  and house cleaning.  And of course, lots of fun time with Louie who continues to grow and run like the wind.


How was your weekend?  Did you manage to stay upright for your long run or races?

A huge good luck to all of the Boston runners including Michelle S., Mother Racer, IrishRunnerChick’s husband, and Wasn’t Just The Wine Talking!

22 thoughts on “Lovely Weekend Full of Miles and Fun

    • I know and I was trying so hard to keep everyone positive. I kept saying things like, “Oh around this corner it shouldn’t be as bad!” The wind was awful but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one in shorts. It started out so great though didn’t it?!

  1. I wore a tank too, on Saturday for my long run. I did wear a thin cover up tho, for the first few miles and I was definitely thankful I did when those winds picked up!!! Crazy we went from 80’s and beautiful back to this dreary weather!

  2. Your pup looks like a sweetheart! I managed to stay upright this weekend, but used to fall all the time on the treadmill. I’d skew too far to one side and lose my footing or hop on not realizing someone had left it on full speed. Running can bring out the klutz.

    • I can’t tell you how many times I have stopped the treadmill and started to walk off and the thing is still flying. I once made an amazing maneuver and slid off instead of flying. Super close encounter. Those machines are dangerous!

  3. Glad you didn’t have any serious injuries! Thankfully (knocks on wood), I’ve never taken a fall during a run, but I regularly trip and almost-fall. I’m not good at picking up my feet, apparently.

  4. Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry you pulled a me and I’m glad you’re okay and that it was a great run otherwise. I think yummy cinnamon rolls can make any situation better.
    No running for me. I’m being as careful as I can right now, but I DID go to an H2Run class that was difficult and didn’t hurt my back. 🙂 I hope you have a great week and Happy Marathon Monday!

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