Rain, Sun, And Oh Heck Why Not A 5k?

Happy Monday.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was full of rain, productivity, some sunshine and an impromptu race.

Saturday was a chilly, rainy and windy one here in Chicago.  We canceled our team training run because no one wants to run in 30 degrees with rain and 20 mph winds.  I think everyone was unanimously thrilled to think about sleeping in during a rainy day.  For me, I didn’t know what to do with myself having a full Saturday off of work.  So I decided to tackle our home and do some serious spring cleaning.  I am pretty certain I hit just about every nook and cranny of our place and it felt so good when it was done.  I have mentioned before but I have a sick fondness for cleaning.

I also enjoyed a little sleep in time.  Some people have been asking if I have “pregnancy brain” yet and I think this picture says it all……



Since I didn’t get a run in on Saturday and the forecast for Sunday looked fantastic I got talked into registering for a 5k.  It didn’t take much arm twisting because the race literally started blocks from our place.  The Ravenswood Run is a neighborhood 5k that twists and turns through Ravenswood and Lincoln Square.  The race hosts 4,000 participants and benefits the Ravenswood Community Food Services Pantry for the local All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

Packet pickup was held at local Fleet Feet locations which made this a breeze.  And with that small race fee I ended up with a great pink Mizuno technical shirt.  I am always thrilled when this is the case because I certainly do not need another cotton race shirt.  I don’t know about you guys, but they just end up tucked away in closets or up at our lake house for inevitable painting projects.  On the other hand, a good technical shirt can come in handy for the one thing I do on the daily, run!

Sunday I woke up bright and early to sunny skies and chilly 30 something temps.  But with a light breeze and no clouds, I couldn’t complain.  The race started at 8:00am and fellow Team Momentum member Kim met me at our place at 7:40.  There is nothing like wandering over to the start, picking a corral and hopping in with just a few minutes to go.  No worries about parking or port-a-potties.  Perfect!

Kim was the reason I got talked into doing this race.  As of Sunday I was 22 weeks pregnant and not looking to run any more races for awhile (except a half that I am coaching in 3 weeks!).  But she has been working really hard and her pace has improved a lot lately and she was looking for a PR.  Knowing how hard she has been working I was happy to join her and be her pacer.


Not the best pics but this is the local church benefiting from the run. They host a wonderful food pantry for the needy.


What I loved about this race was the casual neighborhood feel.  We popped into the 9:00min/mile pace corral without any problems.  Stood on the street with neighbors cheering us on and after a lovely National Anthem we were off with 4,000 other racers.  And for a race of 4,000 can I say how awesome it was that most everyone picked their appropriate corral and that made life much easier!

I’m happy to say that Kim killed it and bested her PR by 31 seconds.  That is a lot for a 5k!  Afterward we were met with tables full of food and drinks and for $10 we could have had a lovely pancake breakfast hosted by the Episcopal church.  Instead we grabbed Louie and I headed back to watch the kids races.  What a blast!  Louie loves kids and running so he was in his element.


The rest of the day ended with a nap, followed by mass and some lovely walks in the sunshine.  Not a bad end to the weekend.

Congrats to Lauren for finishing her marathon, Miles for his marathon, and Sara for completing her half.  And a big congrats to Team Momentum members who finished the Nashville Half and Crazy Legs in Madison, WI.  Great work everyone!

How was your weekend?  Any races?

15 thoughts on “Rain, Sun, And Oh Heck Why Not A 5k?

  1. Thanks for the shout out! And congrats to your friend for a PR. It seems like it was a weekend full of races for people. I am excited for racing season after this past weekend 🙂 Still pretty sore though

    • I am so excited for you. That’s the best kind of sore! Race season is always great. It means warm weather, leaves on the trees and lots of sweat. It’s a good time to be a coach!

  2. Everyone did a great job with their runs this weekend! And I think you are onto something more than you know with the coffee/cereal idea. LIke when I did protein milk in my cereal (chocolate protein, btw. amazing).

  3. I am so impressed by you! Not only are you amazing and are running while pregnant, you do so in 30 degree weather! Glad to hear you are still feeling good, despite a little prego brain 🙂

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