Friday Running Favorites

Happy Friday!  Last week one of my favorite bloggers Taylor tagged me in her Running Favorites post.  If you haven’t checked out Taylor and Jesse’s blog definitely go take a look.  This couple shares a love of running, fitness, and life.  Taylor also runs in some of the prettiest places ever.  I am always jealous when I see her latest running pics.

Favorite Place To Run:

Since we split our time between Chicago and NYC quite a bit I have to give a little love to both.  When I am in New York I most enjoy running on Randall’s Island but my absolute favorite is running the rail trails just north of the city.  One spring Rock and I trained for a marathon together and we took our long runs to a different location every Saturday to mix up our training a bit.  We had so much fun researching new trails and paths and then often stayed the night in a new town and did it up with dinner and drinks after.  It was by far one of the best and most memorable springs ever.



In Chicago I really enjoy running on the Lakefront Path.  Lake Michigan is incredibly large and crystal clear.  Growing up with Lake Michigan practically at my back door I never realized how unique this was until I started living in different places and saw other “lakes.”  You can’t beat a breeze off of the water in the summer or the chance to jump in after.

I also have to give a shout out to our house in Michigan.  Although this place is hillier than I would like, it does give my legs the hill work I lose out on in flat Chicago.  Running on the rural, wooded roads is so beautiful.  And you can’t beat jumping off the dock and into the lake in your running clothes right after.



Time of Day:

This is one I am not too picky about.  These days I am relishing any extra moments of sleep that I can get.  I most prefer a late morning run after a great bowl of cereal and some coffee.  But I also love an evening run to mix things up a bit.  Sometimes when I am tired in the evening I surprise myself the most with paces that I never would expect.

Ideal Weather:

I love spring.  Right now is my favorite time of the year, followed by summer.  I hate really hot and humid runs.  But I don’t mind a 70 degree sunny one where I feel like my legs might be getting a little color along the way.  I also find rainy runs to be super fun.  They always remind me of being a kid again and jumping in puddles.



I am not a big fueler on the run.  If I am doing a long run I have a bagel (a big one) with cream cheese or peanut butter.  This tends to get me through to about 20 miles.  If I do need fuel I like Gatorade Chews or Pocketfuel nut butters.


Once upon a time I used to love a nice IPA or flight of beers from a local microbrewery.  Oh and once upon a time I could eat a big deli sandwich…..Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant.  But I do miss these two things about post long runs.  One time Rock and I did a 20 miler up in Middletown, NY.  As we were getting started a guy stopped us to chat and mentioned that a local brewery was hidden behind a sporting good store in the parking lot we were standing in.  It was only open on Saturdays and they did free tastings.  Rock swears the thought of free tastings got him through at least the last 5 miles.  That was an awesome way to end a long run!

Margaritas are fuel too right?

Margaritas are fuel too right?

This Friday I tag all of you who wish to participate.  I would love to read about your favorites.  Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Friday Running Favorites

  1. I would LOVE to run in Chicago – given the fact the only home-sick Americans I’ve ever met here in England come from – Chicago!
    My favourite places to run in this country are: central London (you never run out of interesting things to see) and Nottingham (totally beautiful and very “woody”).
    Fave weather running weather does include the rain – you’re all warmed inside and cooled outside! Remember running near the banks of the River Trent with rain dripping off the visor of my baseball cap.
    Thanks for posting!

    • London and Nottingham sound wonderful. I have heard incredible things about both. And so funny to hear that your homesick American friends all come from Chicago. It is a great place for sure!

  2. Margaritas are the perfect way to refuel–salt, hydration, citrus, and carbs. Nothing more needed, right? Well, except for all the other things lol

  3. I’m such an early morning running its crazy. I like to run before I even have breakfast. If I don’t start by 730am I feel like I’m late. I ran the Chicago Marathon last year and it was absolutely gorgeous I loved loved loved it. It may have been my favorite race yet!

  4. I am totally an early morning runner – which younger me would never have believed! I love the quietness and cooler temps and watching the sky turn from dark to pink to blue. After our trip out East I feel as if I have my years quote of microbrewery tasters – well until we visit Colorado in the fall.

  5. Wow! Love the pictures! Such beautiful places to run. I love running here in Utah because of the beauty around but I will have to say that running in Greece and in Spain was wonderful and unforgettable.

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