Stupid Things I Have Done On The Run

Even running coaches make mistakes.  The other day I was in a cab as we passed by the Williamsburg Bridge.  I had a little chuckle remembering some fun running memories and a giant mistake I made there once.  It got me thinking about a few of the dumber moments I have had running.  It is only fair to share some of my less than stellar moments.

The time I dragged Rock down to run across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We ran all the way down Manhattan from East Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge.  We had a lovely run across….although it looked different than I pictured.  As we came down off of the bridge I saw a sign and realized we were in Williamsburg.  That meant only one thing.  We ran across the Williamsburg Bridge and not the Brooklyn Bridge.

And this is why Rock hates when I navigate on road trips.  That isn’t entirely true.  But when I navigate in mountainous areas we always end up going up the side of a mountain and taking a scary route that involves switch backs.  Sorry Rock!  On the bright side, when we finally did get across the correct bridge we decided to take a break and sit down for some delicious pizza.  That almost made it worth the trek.

Bridge1 Bridge2

They don’t look like each other at all!

The time I ran face first into a post.  A few years ago we had a 16 mile training run to take care of.  We ran down the West Side of Manhattan and decided it would be bright to run across 14th Street to get back over the to the East Side.  If you have ever been in Manhattan you will know that this is a very busy street.  Being the little competitive brat that I am I didn’t want to slow my pace down so I wove in and out of people and ended up tripping in a pothole and landing face first into a light pole.  I came home with a bruised forehead and scraped hands and knees.

The time I let my ego get the best of me on a mountain.  Poor Rock.  For his second ever race I signed us up to run a 10k up Bear Mountain.  It was an awesome trail run but rough.  Near the end I tried to pass a guy who did that annoying thing where he kept speeding up as I was trying to pass him.  I was getting infuriated and stopped paying attention to where I was running (always a mistake during a trail race).  I rolled my ankle and heard it snap.  Fortunately it wasn’t broken but I had a nasty sprain and my ankle swelled up after every run for six months.


The time I thought I was too good for fuel, or a make plan.  Last summer I had a brilliant idea to go for a long run while Rock and his brothers were golfing on vacation.  I looked up a route but didn’t do much research on what was in the area.  I didn’t realize the route was incredibly hilly and very isolated.  I had planned to run 12 miles, but at the turn around I was dehydrated and desperately needed water.  The only solution was the run to the 8 mile turn around where the closest gas station was located.  I also didn’t bring fuel with me and ended up eating a bag of fruit snacks before running the remaining 8 miles home.  I came home soaked in sweat, with a slight limp, and looking pretty silly.

The time I hand washed my running shorts but not very well.  One summer I was staying with my parents and didn’t have a lot of extra running clothes on hand.  I was hand washing between runs in order to have enough clothes.  One incredibly humid day I was struggling to finish.  I could hear my feet squishing in my own shoes.  A car pulled up alongside me and followed me.  The driver, a young man, was staring at me.  I thought he was just checking out a young woman running on a hot day and came close to shouting at him in frustration.  But when I got home and went to change I saw that my legs were covered in soap suds.  Apparently I didn’t rinse my hand washing out very well.  Pretty funny actually!

I wish I looked this cute!

I wish I looked this cute!

There are plenty of these stories that I could add and a few I probably have forgotten.  I am certain there will be many more in the future.  They definitely make me laugh now and that is certainly good.  We all need a good sense of humor about our running mistakes from time to time.

What is your best running mistake?

23 thoughts on “Stupid Things I Have Done On The Run

  1. I could probably write more about what I do wrong running than what I do right, but I was cracking up at your suds story because I totally have a similar one! I was training for a half ironman last year and a few of my friends and I went out for a 60 mile ride. I had just done laundry and I had clean bike shorts on. It started to rain and I have no idea why, but my pants started “sudsing” (is that even a word, ha!) – maybe the detergent was lingering in the padding of the shorts? The joke of the day was that we thought we were going riding, not to a foam party. Ha!!

  2. bahahahahahahhaahaahahaha dying.
    I think that the suds would be pretty funny, but I also think that I would get really bad rash from the soap. I’m going to have to think of a good stupid running moment. I’ve had plenty of pratfalls, but I”ve been pretty lucky…thus far.

  3. Where to begin haha. I think running is so incredible because it is also beyond humbling. The biggest mistake I made was going into my training for my second marathon far too cocky and I ended up giving myself a stress fracture and tearing my IT band due to under training. I ended up walking the last 6.2 miles of the race. Let me tell you – I’ll never make that mistake again!

    • Oh yeah, running is certainly humbling. We all make those cocky mistakes and running always is there to slap you in the face and remind you who is boss….and it is never us!

  4. Hilarious – thanks for sharing as always!

    For me the biggest mistake was running my first half marathon while still in ‘weight loss mode’. This means having an inadequate breakfast, and only having one Gu (I brought 3) to avoid the extra calories and skipping the Gatorade for just water along the course. Naturally I also went out way too fast, all of which combined for a massive crash … I finished – and also fortunately learned a valuable lesson!

    • Yikes. That sounds like a miserable combo. You know I am a huge calorie counter in general but I have learned that one long run days or race days you have to eat that big breakfast and fuel properly. If done correctly you will burn a ton of calories anyway. Sounds like a rough way to learn a lesson! Glad you are still around racing to tell about it.

    • We were running for so long and thought we were near the tip of the Manhattan. Clearly we don’t go to Brooklyn very often. The views from the Williamsburg Bridge were better anyway so I am glad we did it.

  5. I combined two of these gaffs a couple of years ago. I ran M-22 east out of Glen Arbor on a hot day with one small water bottle. When I reached my turnaround point I stopped to drink from the bottle – and found out it was full of suds from washing it out that morning. Only thing for it was to run back slowly. I was in pretty bad shape when I got back to town.

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