Streamline It!

My husband Rock, who also happens to be a certified running coach too, is offering up today’s guest post.  Thanks Rock!

Hello Everyone.  My name is Rock and my beautiful wife Sarah has agreed to let me do a guest post on her awesome blog!!!!  Sarah and I are both running coaches and this post is about something that has recently been on my mind.

I will never forget one of the first group runs I led for a team.  It was a group of new runners who were very eager to get started but I almost laughed when I saw some of the outfits they showed up in.

To name a few things I saw…baggy sweatpants.  Extra long basketball shorts.  Beats headphones. Heavy sweatshirts.  Thick key rings jingling in pockets.  Bulging wallets tucked into the waistbands of shorts.
People…”Streamline line it!!!”  I wanted to scream.
Running is hard enough.  Don’t get weighed down by things that will become uncomfortable and cumbersome a mile into the run.  I understand that as a new runner it can be hard to wear some shorter shorts or something that is skintight, but you just have to get over it and realize that in doing so it will make your running easier.  You will also see that you are not the only one out there in a tank top and leggings.
Ditch the heavy baggy cotton clothes and find some sweat wicking stuff that works for your.  Leave the giant headphones at home and get some running ones, (the extra bass is not going to matter at mile 8 but the extra weight definitely will!).
Bring a car key and a house key and put them in a running pack.  A Spi-belt works great or Sarah’s new personal favorite the Flip Belt.  She has been wearing one since her Spi-belt became uncomfortable due to the baby and now she loves it!  Stick a $20 bill in there with an ID and a credit card and call it good.  You don’t need your Costco card to go for a run!
A good rule of thumb is to dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than the air temp.  Once you get going you will warm up and if you have too many layers on you will spend your whole run ditching clothes.  Keep something warm in the car for after you finish.
Before a race I like to get my hair cut and if I have any facial hair I trim it up nice and short.  I think it will make me faster!  I know it’s all in my head but that’s where a lot of running takes place, in your head.  Every little bit helps and whatever makes you feel better on a run I am all for it.
Now I’m not saying ditch everything.  If you like to run with a water bottle please continue to do so.  If you need fuel then of course bring it with you.  But if there are things you can pare down to streamline your running go ahead and give it a shot!
And please let me know what you guys do to help make you feel like you are cutting through the miles like a knife!

18 thoughts on “Streamline It!

  1. Great post, Rock! Even us seasoned runners get too excited about all the gadgets, but they’re only worth carrying if they’re useful! Yesterday I ran for the first time holding water and while I appreciated the extra drink on a hot day, I spent most of the run resisting the urge to throw it into the woods. Not worth the effort! !

    • I totally understand. Check out the Simple Hydration Bottle. They reached out to me last year and I was hesitant to try it. But I think it is by far the best option. It has a little nook built into it and you wear it up against your back either on your belt or your waist band. It actually goes unnoticed for most of the run and is pretty comfortable. A lot of our Chicago runners use them.

  2. OMG the Beats headphones! I see them all the time and just don’t get it. I have these tiny bluetooth headphones and sometimes even they bug me. Why why why wear huge headphones to run???

    And agree on the ^^ bottle. I have one and love it. I freeze it overnight (no lid) and my body head melts it slowly as I run. I only notice it when sometimes the condensation drips. 😉

  3. Hey Rock! Congrats on Grandmas! I am totally with you–pair it doooowwwwn biatches. When I run, unless I am layer for temps, it s about having as few things as possible–I rarely even have a spibelt or something like that on. I don’t know how people run in camelbaks!

  4. I run clutching keys and sometimes a tissue or two. It’s only a fistful, but still annoying. My goal in life is to get my boyfriend/ running buddy to wear a fanny pack but so far no luck. Running shoes with a small drawer in the sole to hold my stuff would be nice, but they don’t exist yet. I don’t like wearing any extras, but maybe he wouldn’t notice if I put a flip belt on him… The hydration bottle sounds perfect.

    • Thanks so much. We read your post too and are sorry to hear it didn’t go as well as planned. I know what a bummer that can be (see last year’s Chicago Marathon). Although I do have to say we both would agree with you on the higher mileage for training. It is just how we tend to roll. Best of luck and can’t wait to hear what you think of Indy.

  5. haha HI ROCK. love that you cut your hair before a race. 🙂 i’m such a minimalist runner, too — i hate carrying anything other than my phone on my arm and a lil handheld water bottle for longer runs. less is def more.

  6. Definitely all about the streamlining! Right now I’m running with my phone on an armband to track my mileage, but even that is a pain. Luckily, my adoring family just chipped in to buy me a Garmin for my birthday! Cannot wait to leave that phone at home!

    • Garmins are huge game changers for running. I still carry my phone for safety reasons but I find that using it in my Flipbelt makes it feel far less clunky. Congrats on the new Garmin!

  7. I’m all for streamlining running! I’ll add dress for the weather too. It’s just got hot here (30-33Cº) and I still see girls and a few guys running in leggings. I’d melt in an instant! I always take water and last year I discovered the the hands free, hand held water bottle holders (don’t know how else to describe them!) and that made carrying one so much easier!

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