You Gotta Hold On….

The other day while in Northern Wisconsin I did one of my regular 7 mile runs.  This run wasn’t particularly different than any other run but near the end I felt myself really struggling.  I had a half mile yet to go and let’s face it, that is often when our minds start to wander and we either rally or hit Struggle Town.

These days, my runs present new and different struggles due to the pregnancy (check back later this week for an update).  Despite those struggles I have been lucky to continue with my daily running.  I don’t push myself like I used to but on this one I knew that my body could handle finishing those 7 miles and I didn’t want to let myself stop.

It is important for us to remember that not every day is a training run.  We don’t always need to push our speed, pace, or distance.  It isn’t always a competition.  However, there is something that can always be gained from every session.  I truly believe each daily run presents us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves or our training.

I blame Flo and Carney for this latest ear worm.

I blame Flo and Carney for this latest ear worm.

A few years ago I ran my first marathon and unknowingly qualified for Boston.  I didn’t get the opportunity to run Boston and it has been my goal to qualify again and toe the line of that big race.  My goal has been to find a marathon post baby to get myself back in shape and achieve my Boston goal.

I have to admit that as my pace has slowed with pregnancy I start to question if I will ever get my speed back to where it once was.  When I ran that first marathon I ran strong, but didn’t quite push myself anywhere near my limits.  Yet, now that I am pregnant I wonder how the heck I will find my old pace.  It seems like something from the distant past.

As I struggle with this run I realized that regardless of what my goal was on that particular day, there was something to be gained on a mental level.  Whether you are doing a 5k, a marathon, or an ultra it is almost a certain fact that you will come to a point in any race where you struggle both mentally and physically.  If you are pushing yourself, odds are that you will have those burning lungs and tired, heavy legs.  Your mind will wander and question your ability to finish a race or to achieve a goal you have set for yourself.  And it will be your job to push through that pain or those negative thoughts in order to reach your goals.

While every run doesn’t have to be your longest or your fastest, it can always be an opportunity to remind yourself of how strong you are or how far you have come as an athlete  Those last minutes of my run were a real struggle, just like those last few miles of any marathon will likely be.  And that was when I realized that it was my turn to act like Wilson Phillips and “Hold On.”  I kid you not, when the thought came to mind, Wilson Phillips popped into my head.  And that song was stuck in my mind for days as I contemplated this.


When you feel those struggles coming on or the negative thoughts pop into your head, you truly do need to hold on.  By doing this during your daily runs, you will be able to fall back on those moments during races that come with some difficulties.  And if all else fails you can throw on some Wilson Phillips and sing along to “Hold On.”

13 thoughts on “You Gotta Hold On….

  1. I think something that marathon runners learn in a beautiful and particular way is just this: the beauty of and your ability to hold on. That the war is more than just a battle, and you can lose a battle and win the war, but that every battle won gets you closer.
    Or, as Kimmy Schmidt reminds us, you can do anything for 10 seconds!

  2. You will absolutely get to Boston. I think adjusting to changes in life are always tough, especially when it affects an area of our daily routine that brings us so much joy.

    • Thank you so much. It is hard learning to adjust. But at the same time it is for wonderful reasons. Learning patience is something I think I will carry with me through this and beyond. Thanks again 🙂

  3. You are so strong and smart, I have no doubts you’ll get to Boston.
    This is something I’ve been working a lot more on this training cycle–becoming stronger mentally. I have SO much support and encouragement from friends and family but the one person who needs to believe I can do hard things is me. And I have a tough time with that. When things get tough, I want to really work on battling through discomfort (not pain or injury discomfort but regular fatigue discomfort) and finding some kind of peace with pain–if that’s possible lol! Sorry this turned into a ramble–future blog post jaja!!

  4. You WILL get to Boston and get your pace back! You are doing the right thing by continuing to remain active and run, but honoring what your body needs pace wise. You will be rewarded when you go running post baby! Great job!!!!

    • Slowing down definitely isn’t easy. And thank you for your kind words. I have been enjoying reading your posts about training. I am so proud of you and hope your leg is 100% soon!

  5. You will definitely get your speed back and faster than most because you are still running through your pregnancy. I am amazed by you! How far along are you? It is so hard mentally though when you just can’t go…

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