Pregnancy Update 35 Weeks: Slowing Down But Keeping It In Style

We are closing in on the 8 month mark.  It is both exciting and just a little bit scary.  The past few weeks have brought some changes to our house.  For one, we have our nursery set up and we are as ready as we can possibly plan on for Baby Dudek’s arrival.

In the past few weeks my lower back and hips have started to ache and that has changed running a bit for me.  Up until last week I was able to continue running about 35-40 miles per week.  But the heat that set in last week along with my hip and back pain left me not really feeling the running like I was in the past.  So this week I opted for an every other day running plan and backed away from my daily 7 miles.  To be honest, we were also up in Michigan at our house and the area is incredibly hilly.  I think the hills were taking a toll on me.  I was happy to avoid them last week.

I ended the week on Friday with an acupuncture treatment that left me feeling like a new lady.  That was just in time for Rock and I to coach our group long run on Saturday morning.  While I can still run somewhat comfortably, I am no longer able to do the full long run with the group.  They finished 12 miles and I was able to get in 9 for a total of 20 miles this week.

Photo credit to Colleen.  I swiped this from her!

Photo credit to Colleen. I swiped this from her!

As with anything in life, I think it is important to keep our running in perspective.  It is meant to be an enjoyable part of our lives.  It can play many roles for us.  Running is my way to stay healthy and also to keep my weight in check (when I am not pregnant).  But it is also when I get some alone time to clear my head, plan my day, or work out any kinks in my mind.  When running starts to become a chore or something you dread it is important to take a break and step away.  Find some other form of exercise to enjoy for a little while.  And when running becomes difficult due to injuries or other circumstances, such as pregnancy, it is a great time to take a break and figure things out as well.

For me, I realized this week that I might need to stop my daily running and switch to every other day.  I might even need to take even more days off in between and there might come a time when I have to hang the shoes up for awhile.  The key is to not let the pressure of feeling like you have to run stress you out.  It will always be there and waiting for you when you are ready to get back.

Outside of running we have been enjoying some great times together and this weekend was no exception.  Rock’s brother got married this weekend and we had a blast living it up and celebrating the newlyweds.  It was fun to clean up and get out of running clothes for a few nights and feel like a normal woman.


Rocking a sparkling water in a wine glass. It makes it feel so much more exciting!

SummerWedding3 SummerWedding4

Congrats to Mitch and Tara on a beautiful wedding!

How was your weekend?

17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update 35 Weeks: Slowing Down But Keeping It In Style

  1. That’s awesome that you have been able to continue your mileage for as long as you have! I know my back really started bugging me/baby switched position to make it harder to breathe around 36-37 weeks, so I began run/walk intervals. You’re almost to the big day! Life is about to change in a very good way!

  2. It’s awesome you’re still running! I’m 34 weeks and slowing down too. We’ll be back running a lot more miles after our babies are born!

    • I’ve been following your updates closely and am so excited for you! It does make me wonder if my miles and speed will return but you are so right. It will come back! Thanks so much for the sweet comment.

  3. You look so gorgeous! I am continually so impressed with your diligence to keep running through your pregnancy and how you have continued to evolve with it as your body gives you different signals. It speaks volumes about how good of a runner and in tune with your body you are. You are going to be such a good mommy!!

    • Thank you so much. It has definitely been a learning experience and one that has forced me to listen to my body and be patient. Today I was feeling great and really wanted to do 6 or 7 but my back was starting to ache and I played it smart and stuck to 5 miles of easy intervals. I knew that if I pushed too hard today, I might miss the rest of the week. That diligence I think comes with years of running and trusting that tomorrow will be another day. And hopefully there will be years more to push the mileage and speed 🙂

  4. I think you’re SO right, Sarah. Running should be enjoyable, not a chore, and if it’s not fun, do something else! Congrats on reaching the 8 month mark! So exciting! You clean up nice, even while pregnant 🙂

  5. Girl, you are always in style. No question about it. And if it makes you feel any better, I can’t even run every day NOW. I feel like when I’m pregnant, I might just have to resort to being a bubble girl!

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