Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks- Or The Time I Got Solitary Confinement

Ok the title of this post is a tad of an exaggeration.  But things are a little less exciting around here (or a lot more, depending on how you look at it).

Last week started out great.  I managed to get 5 mile runs in Monday-Wednesday and then coached a 6 mile run Thursday night.  I did remark to Rock that the Wednesday run might have been pushing it a bit and that the following week I would make sure to take Wednesday off.  By the end of Thursday night my back was starting to really ache and I was looking forward to crawling into bed.


Boo, my last run for a little while!

I was able to coach a bit on Friday morning before a scheduled doctor appointment where we found out that Baby Dudek was trying to make an early appearance.  I was definitely feeling uncomfortable at this point and was wondering if it was more than just my back.  Fortunately the doctor assured us that we were fine but recommended that I not do any more physical activity for the entire week.  Our goal is to get to 37 weeks, which would be considered early full term.  By then I can resume activity once again.

The only bummer was that my parents arrived on Friday for the weekend and I had all sorts of awesome plans for us.  Most of those plans of course involved my mom and I shopping!

Saturday morning I went down with Rock to our team group run.  They had 13 miles planned for this weekend and I have to say that everyone rocked it!  I sat at the start/finish and cheered people on as they left and returned.  It was not easy and I had a lot of long run envy.  But I was just grateful to be there to support our runners.


I played photog for this great looking group!

Sunday was the highlight of the weekend.  Rock’s family hosted the most wonderful baby shower.  It was a gorgeous day and I had a great time hanging out in the sun with family and friends.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people in our lives.

What began as a great start to last week with 21 miles came to a screeching halt.  It is not easy for me to sit around all day and I definitely find myself apologizing for being lazy a lot.  But the truth is, I am happy to do anything to assure the health of Baby Dudek.


Rock recommended that I treat this like when I have been injured and had to take a break from running in the past.  The same rules apply.  Keep your body resting, eat well, and sleep when you can.  By taking care of your body when necessary, you will ensure a faster recovery and be back to running again sooner than later.  Eating well and resting will ease your mind and keep you from feeling awful.  And the most important thing to remember is that your body needs this.

When we are injured or sidelined it is also important to remember that taking time off will not ruin your running or training.  Our bodies are pretty incredible and can manage to maintain endurance for up to 2 weeks.  Our muscles are smart and remember a lot.  I have taken 6 weeks off due to plantar fasciitis and 8 weeks off for Achilles tendinitis.  It wasn’t easy and the first few days back were a tad difficult.  But it is really so awesome how fast our bodies can bounce back when we treat them well.  Fuel your body with great food and sleep.  And when you are healthy make sure to strength train alongside your running.  The combination will ensure that your fitness follows through even when you have to take a little rest time.

What should I do with all of this down time?  What do you do to stay healthy or to speed up your recovery?

16 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks- Or The Time I Got Solitary Confinement

    • Thanks Gloria. On the bright side I feel like I have been getting a ton of paperwork taken care of that I typically avoid because I don’t sit still long enough. And I forgot to mention that my husband is a saint and doing all the cleaning and cooking!

  1. It is so awesome how quickly the body rebounds when you treat it right. It must be hard to watch others running, but this is such a special time and your body deserves the rest. Good company is a pretty reliable antidote to stir craziness!

  2. You have a good attitude about this. I KNOW how hard it can be to rest, but at least it’s only for a week. Listen to your body and you will be back to running with the baby soon.

  3. Aww hang in there! Stay positive! It sounds really silly, but when I’ve blown out my back in the past, I avoid action movies/TV shows and books about running. I get super jealous that I’m flat on my back on the couch and have to crawl to the bathroom lol. Maybe that’ll help you haha!

    • Funny enough my acupuncturist said to avoid action packed movies. She said to stick to light TV and humor. I’m happy to report that the doctor said today that I can resume running next Sunday. So a week on the couch isn’t so terrible.

  4. I take down time to rest, eat well, and do the little things to take care of myself that I don’t always take time to do (rubbing more lotion on skin, doing a skin care regiment, etc). This way I feel that I’m making some sort of progress.

  5. Your body will bounce back easily- from what you said about past injuries, you have some personal experience with it and I can also add to that. I get injured often and definitely know the feeling of being sidelined and worrying that you’re losing fitness. But every time I’ve been forced to rest I’ve come back stronger. I’m certain you will come back from not only your rest now but from your pregnancy as a much stronger runner than you already are – you’re so in tune to your body and that’s the most important thing. So sweet that you still went and supported your run group even though you couldn’t run. I recommend binge watching something on Netflix!! There are like 11 seasons of Greys Anatomy out there or something…😜

    • So funny that you mentioned that. I told Rock that I had some shows I’ve been wanting to watch. But a few months ago I told him I was going to wait just in case something like this happened. Now I have plenty to look forward to. You are so right though, through all of my injuries I have learned that you can come back stronger AND if you do it right you won’t gain 10 pounds like I did with that first PF bout 😉

  6. I wish I had pregnancy as my reason for not running at the moment… I am so inspired by your mileage that you are (were) still managing this far into your pregnancy.
    I’m in a real slump at the moment and barely even able to make it out the door 😦 I half blame the heat (40 C most of the time) but there’s also definite laziness creeping in.
    How do you stay so motivated? I want to be one of those people who get out the door and run when they’re lazy!
    Good luck for the last bit of your pregnancy 🙂

    • Thank you. I admit I took a few days off this past week on my own too. When the motivation dies down I try to switch it up. Sometimes the heat subconsciously makes me lazy. And that is totally fine. We don’t have to nor do we need to love running all of the time.

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