Post Pregnancy Update: Back In The Saddle (Sort Of)

It has been just over two weeks since little Mary arrived into our lives.  We are all trying to get to know each other and get used to not sleeping at night.  Why is it that babies like to sleep all day and then stay up fussy all night?!

Last Wednesday I had my first postpartum appointment with my doctor.  She was really happy with my progress and asked me if I had been running yet.  When I was discharged from the hospital I had been told I had to wait at least four weeks before resuming activity and likely closer to six weeks.  I of course told her no but did mention that I had tried two very light arm workouts in the days before I saw her.

I was surprised to find out that it was okay for me to go ahead and start running again.  She said to take it easy and just listen to how my body responded.


My doctor noted that I had recovered remarkably in the two weeks since Mary’s delivery and credited this 100% to my running during pregnancy.  In fact, I mentioned to her that in the days after delivery I started to feel like an elastic band.  I could see muscles returning and feel my body coming back to where I had been.  I was of course sore and tired, but I was starting to feel like myself again, for the most part.

With the go ahead to start running, I opted to start off at the local track across the street from where we live.  I thought this would be a great way to measure how far I could go and also feel comfortable enough to easily get home if anything should go awry.

For my first run back I did a nice and easy 3 mile run.  I felt great and despite feeling slightly winded, my body responded pretty well.  I did note that my hips felt achy and a little “wobbly.”  During pregnancy your body releases a hormone called relaxin that helps your pelvic region relax and expand to allow for delivery.  This hormone affects your entire body but near the end of pregnancy I was really feeling it in my lower back and hips.  This run made it clear that my body still was going to have some issues in this area.

After my run I did start to feel some nausea and light headedness.  I started sweating profusely and had to cut my shower short and sit down on the couch.  It was a little scary.  However, after thinking about it later I realized that I was likely dehydrated and should have made a better effort earlier that day to consume more water before I ran.


We have to wait a few months before we can use the running stroller to team up for runs. But we are enjoying walks together in the meantime.

The following day I was having some pretty good hip pain and very tight quads and hamstrings.  It is crazy how three weeks can take a toll on your body!  However, as a running coach I often encourage athletes dealing with injuries to allow themselves some time off to recover.  I am always reminding them that a week or two off from running to properly recover won’t ruin their training.  Despite my sore legs, I can definitely say that my endurance was still there.

On Saturday I tackled the three mile run again.  This time I left my GPS at home so that I didn’t worry about my pace.  I spent all morning and afternoon downing water and headed for the track in the evening.  I kept to a slower pace and let the tightness in my quads and hamstrings slowly work their way out of my body.  It of course returned after the run but I was happy to report that I didn’t experience any of the previous sickness from that first attempt.

Over the past week I have also added planks back into my morning workout routine and I can already feel a big difference in my core.  Arm workouts have also slowly returned and the combination of all of this is making me feel like myself again.

I honestly give running a ton of credit for keeping me healthy and happy both during and after my pregnancy.  I can absolutely feel how exercising during pregnancy really helps bring you back to your old self after delivery.  And of course, running always makes me mentally feel like myself again too.


Check out this awesome tank I wore for my return.  My friend Gloria sent this to me.  She runs for MDA Team Momentum in honor of her son Harry.  She is an amazing woman and friend.  Check out her inspiring blog and follow her as she trains for her first ever marathon.

16 thoughts on “Post Pregnancy Update: Back In The Saddle (Sort Of)

  1. You are such an amazing mom already! It’s so great that you’re feeling so wonderful already. I went back to walking right away but it took a few months before my body felt back together again. Like you said, this is definitely from running during your pregnancy! And you look awesome in your tank!

    • I LOVE this tank. I am going to post a pic in our TM group because people should be following your lead with fundraising and making great stuff like this. I will say I am having some killer pirformis pain today…..sigh, the body isn’t love me these days 😉

  2. YAY, this makes me so happy to hear you were able to jump back into running so quickly. I’m 38 weeks and still running 3x’s a week so I hope I bounce back quickly. I hope you are enjoying these first couple of weeks with your new baby. 🙂

    • Fingers crossed for you Sara. The running works wonders. I’ve got some annoying hip issues and I’m thinking I pinched something but otherwise I have to say my body just kind of worked its way back. It’s still a work in progress but I am happy with where we are headed here. So happy to hear you are still doing well!

  3. I was more comfortable running with my son (my second pregnancy) and did up to 30 weeks. I ran about 2 weeks after too and felt much better. But yeah, the body changes soooo much post-pregnancy. So many things have come up that never had before…allergies, muscle aches, etc…oh the joys!! LOL! All worth it though 🙂

  4. Okay, did you really just have a baby just a few weeks ago??? You look incredible. Seriously, if I decide to do the kid thing I hope I do even half as well as you did through the whole process. It makes me so happy to hear that you ran three miles in your first run back. That is fabulous! I love how supportive your doctor is, too. I’ve been scared of the kid thing, but in the time I’ve been reading your blog you’ve become a true inspiration to me!

    • It is definitely not scary. I found it to be a wonderful adventure. If you stick with it from the start it is all manageable. My entire doctor’s office is a group of runners. They are doing a Ragnar type race together in a few weeks. When my doctor was not there for delivery I saw two of their on call doctor’s and they both were runners and had wonderful things to say about how I was prepared for everything. It really is an awesome sport!

  5. Great job! Those first few runs post baby can be hard! I recovered so much better with my 2nd and was running earlier / felt “together” earlier too. I had a lot of hip issues during pregnancy but they eventually got better.

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