We Were On A Break!

Hello friends.  Apologies for my absence, but we have been away for the past few days and trying to enjoy the summer that we missed for the last couple of weeks.  Due to my pregnancy we were not able to get away much this summer or spend any real time at the lake.  So we took the past week off and headed up to our lake house.  Unfortunately the weather in the days leading up to our trip were hot, hot, hot.  But as soon as we arrived at the house, the weather turned cool and wet.  We managed to enjoy ourselves anyway.

Little Mary had her one month appointment and has gained over two and a half pounds and is weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces.  Good stuff!  We have been enjoying showing her around the lake and the woods and slowly introducing her to Louie.


One thing I love about Northern Michigan is the woods.  I grew up there climbing trees and riding my bike all over the place.  It has been fun showing Mary around the woods and Louie might just love it even more than Rock or myself.

Louie is also mad about hanging out on the dock.  Much like me he likes to lounge in the sun, which I find pretty humorous considering he is covered in a coat of fur.  Whatever floats your boat!

9.11.1 9.11.3

On one of our adventures we ended up on the property behind my parent’s house.  In the days before Mary was born there was a massive storm that came through Northern Michigan.  It ripped down so many trees and left thousands of people all over the area without power for days.  It was truly a devastating storm.  On one particular walk Rock took Louie through the trails and when we met up with them later he told me I needed to go check out the trees.  My pictures don’t even begin to do it justice.  You can actually see a path where the storm came rolling through.

Break1.1 Break1.2

I absolutely love running in this area.  It is quite and you can change up your running adventures and run on streets or trails or even cross country ski paths.  It has been a lovely change up for me and the loss of humidity has made running so much more enjoyable.  What a relief!

Besides the running and walking adventures we have just been enjoying small town living.  We visited the local Junior Varsity football game and watched our little friend Aubrey on the cheer leading squad.


We ended the weekend with two great highlights.  First, I was able to run a great 7 miler back near my old pace.  It felt incredible and I almost was in tears when I finished.  For a few weeks I have struggled with my endurance post pregnancy.  I felt like myself again and started to see some real progress.

And then there was the Cow Pie Classic.  This is a great fundraising event held each year to benefit the local varsity basketball team.  You basically purchase lottery tickets and the team marks off an entire dairy pasture into squares.  Those squares are numbered and if the cow leaves a “pie” on your square you win the big prize.  It is a hilarious time and little Mary got to dress as up as the baby cow.  It was absolutely a blast.  Rock even jumped into the festivities and was competing against a group of kids to find quarters in buckets of mud.  I told him I had a few in my purse if he needed one that badly.  What a mess!



Ever been to a cow pie fundraiser?

11 thoughts on “We Were On A Break!

  1. Kudos to you for getting some much needed escape time post-baby. I think we were always afraid (for what reason I’ll never know) of going too far away from home for too long. Enjoy the remainder of this nice weather with your baby!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I’m so glad you were able to relax & get in a few good runs. I’m still waiting to be cleared by my OB but I can’t wait to run this fall!

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