A Festive Holiday Cocktail: Apple Cider Margaritas

Well it is official, the holiday season is right around the corner.  Can  you believe that a week from today is Thanksgiving?  And holy smokes, we are doing a Turkey Trot!  I’ve been hit with a doozy of a head cold, and feel pretty out of shape.  It scares me a bit to think about running a “race.”

We just spent the past week in Northern Michigan; one of my absolute favorite places.  We walked in the woods, ran on rural roads, and enjoyed some marvelous weather.  But I am excited to get back home and get my winter and Christmas decorations down from storage.  Oh do I love the holidays!

I already have most of my Christmas shopping done (and then some).  I’ve picked up some great gifts and fun decorations.  Rock thinks I have a slight obsession with holiday decorations.  He might be right.  One step into Target last week and Mary and I ran into some fun stuff right in the dollar bin.  I told her we had to hurry home to hide our new stash!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is hosting family and friends for parties and dinners.  I love cooking and baking fun treats to give as gifts.  What I really wanted to add to the mix was a fun holiday cocktail and I think I hit the jackpot.

I have a bit of a confession.  After long summer training runs, I start to crave margaritas.  Blame it on the salt.  I like to say that my body is looking to replace electrolytes and margaritas seem to do the trick.  I definitely missed my margaritas this past summer while I was pregnant.  Now that summer has come and gone, I wanted to find a fun way to add the margarita back into the mix.

Enter the apple cider margarita.  I did look at a few different recipes, and then went with my own concoction.  I’m sure there are lots of combos out there.  But I wanted to avoid too much sugar (minus the cider).  These are so simple.  I whipped up a few for family last night and they were a hit!

Apple Cider Margaritas:


2 ounces tequila

2 ounces triple sec

10 ounces apple cider

Cinnamon and sugar

Apples sliced


Use an apple around the rim of a glass.  Pour some cinnamon and sugar in a bowl and place the rim of your glass in the bowl to coat.  Add the tequila, triple sec and cider to your glass and stir to combine.  Feel free to add more or less tequila. I also love to add a touch of sparkling water to my skinny margaritas to make them stretch a little farther.


16 thoughts on “A Festive Holiday Cocktail: Apple Cider Margaritas

  1. Yummy. I love the simplicity of this recipe. Margaritas are a weakness of mine, too. Pretty sure you’re right on the electrolyte thing. That’s it. I’ve only tried warmed cider with booze. Will have to give this a try!

  2. your picture makes this look like the perfect fall cocktail! my friend had a party at her apt two weeks ago and made this apple cider-vodka-wine concoction that was delicious. i will not touch tequila, no matter how you dress it up, but i love the apple cider concept and would totally do this with vodka or bourbon or calvados. 🙂

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