Powering Up For Marathon Training

Happy Monday friends and happy holiday week for many of you!  Eek, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I’m looking forward to feasting this week.

I have signed up for two spring marathons and I am both excited and a bit terrified.  Coming back from pregnancy has not been the easiest of things to do.  My pace slowed down for nine months and then I went a few weeks without running at all.  Slowly I am getting back to where I want to be.  But the thought of running this pace for 26.2 miles is a bit daunting.

One thing that Rock and I notice when we are marathon training is that we feel tired.  Not just your normal, “I could use a nap,” tired.  We feel exhausted from the inside out.  Training is hard and it truly takes a toll on your body.  I have found adding protein to be a huge aid in getting rid of that slugishness.

When I recently was contacted by Myprotein to try out their products, I jumped at the chance.  I will be the first to say that I am very hesitant to do reviews on my blog.  I personally find that blogs that do a lot of reviews and giveaways quickly lose my attention.  I always get the vibe that they are just in it for the giveaways.  You will notice that I rarely do these types of reviews and when I do, it is for something I am genuinely interested in.


Myprotein invited me to take a look at their website and pick a product that I would like to try.  I immediately asked for the Impact Diet Whey and also asked if they would consider throwing in their nut butter to try.  Imagine my delight when I returned back from NYC to find a big box from Myprotein.  They generously sent me a huge bag of the whey powder, a full sized container of peanut butter, some delicious flavor drops to try, and a few other products.

The trickiest thing about protein powders is finding something that actually has a flavor to it, mixes well, and doesn’t have a boat load of calories in it.  Well let me tell you that I think I found the perfect combo here.  The Impact Diet Whey came in double chocolate flavor.  They recommend adding two full scoops to your water (200 calories) but I found that one scoop was plenty to keep me feeling full and refreshed after a nice long run and still had plenty of flavor.  Plus they sent me white chocolate and mocha flavor drops.  A few drops of that in the drink and I swear it tastes like a milk shake.

Rock and I both tested this out and agree that it is one of the tastier powders we have used.  It does mix well but there is some gummy settling at the bottom.  If I wasn’t lazy and would actually put it through the blender, I think this wouldn’t be a problem.  But I don’t like to deal with cleaning my blender and I no longer have a Magic Bullet.  Sigh.

Next up we tried the peanut butter.  I had just had a conversation with my brother-in-law about the dangers of dogs eating peanut butter due to the addition of xantham gum.  I honestly had no idea.  We use peanut butter as a way to hide pills for Louie.

Xantham gum is put in peanut butter to keep it from settling.  People are turned off when they open a container of peanut butter and find oil at the top and the butter at the bottom.  I think a lot of this comes from the “fat free” craze.  But honestly friends, that settling means you are eating real peanut butter.  We have become a society where an apple that has been preserved with wax is more appealing than an organic one, free of pesticides, that has a brown spot on the side.

I was so excited when I lifted the seal of Myprotein peanut butter and found oil!  I then looked at the ingredients and was super impressed.  One ingredient: peanuts.  I am a huge fan of nut butters for my fueling during marathon training.  They are the perfect combo of fat and protein to keep you going and don’t wreak havoc on your stomach.

 This nut butter was the real deal.  I had it with some slices of apple for a snack and was in nut butter heaven.  This nut butter is chock full of thick pieces of peanut right in there.  You will miss the sweetness of other peanut butters, but that is because this is a true nut butter.  I highly recommend this product.

I have a few other goodies that I have yet to try from Myprotein.  But from what I can tell this is a great company.  Check out their website.  They offer lots of great products and the prices are pretty very competitive.  Plus, they have some deep discounts going on right now.  I have a feeling I will be making an order soon myself.


10 thoughts on “Powering Up For Marathon Training

  1. What a great review! I prefer natural nut butters that separate to the ones with the additives to keep them from separating. I know many people go for the “low fat” option when trying to lose a few lbs, but that isn’t what I usually do. I eat whole foods, full fat and all because they have been less processed than their low fat counterparts. I even use whole milk because I don’t like the process milk goes through to be low fat. I have to check out Myprotein!

    • Definitely check them out. This nut butter was pretty awesome and the price for a big container is quite great. Plus they have some sales going on now. I am happy to see that the fat free craze is on the way out. It doesn’t work like we once thought it did. Fat isn’t the enemy. Thank goodness!

  2. I’ve tried myprotein and reviewed on my blog, and it’s pretty good. I do agree that protein helps big time when training. I only train for half marathons and below, but I do run 40-45 miles a week and it takes a toll on the body. If I have a protein shake after, I feel so much better later on in the day. I love nut butters with real oil and well, real foods in general.

  3. I switched to natural PB years ago and will never go back. Great taste with no added sugar, stabilizers, or cheap substitute oils is worth a little stirring.
    Funny, I just talked with my running coach yesterday. She had a baby in March and is starting to train for marathons again. She admitted to being a bit anxious about how far behind she’ll be vs. her pre-baby performance.
    Which marathons are you running next spring?

    • Thanks for sharing this. I’ve come a long way in four months and feel good. But like your coach, it is scary no matter what! I’m doing the Poconos Marathon in May and Grandma’s in June. I’m excited too!

  4. Great review and I totally agree that I get super turned off by blogs who do a ton of reviews.
    Now, I don’t like peanut butter 😦 but if I did, I’d probably be one of those who eat the disgusting processed kind, lol! Reading blogs like yours and learning so much about diet has helped me a ton though and I feel like lately I’ve been making better choices with my food 🙂 Good luck to marathon training–you’re going to do great like always! ❤

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